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 Standing in One's Power
Meeting the Self
More from our Morning Reflections series
                       ~~Zacciah Blackburn, PhD




A Morning Reflection:

As we wake, with the Beauty of the World, 

we share this offering, with you.



Standing in One's Power
Standing in one's power,
standing erect,
one feels the surge of life force meeting the light of knowing.
The wisdom to take a course of action, the will to complete it.
Life force, knowing, the merging of the two into our Power.
Power is an interesting thing.
It, and the understanding of it, are so corrupted in modern society, and probably has been for thousands of years. 
Power, in contemporary society, tends to equate to the ability of one thing (or person or society) to have force over another.
The true nature of power is a totally organic and inherent trait; and, it is inclusive and in service to the Greater Whole.
It is not at all exclusive or have anything to do with getting one's way over anyone or any thing else.
It is about standing upright within the self, in one's own luminous knowing, essence, and being.

It is, and comes from within.  It thrives from one's own knowing.
One's own knowing, as derived from Daniel Webster, is 'that which is directly perceived.'
It comes from our own perception, our own trust in our own facilities of perception and discernment, and from this, leads to our ability to accomplish that we choose to engage in, as well, the ability 'to do,' though 'doing' is not a necessary part of knowing.
Yet, our 'knowing' gives power to our choices and actions, as it is derived from within, not from others or anything outside of ourself.

Knowing is power.  But true power, and true knowing, comes from more than that.
First, 'knowing' is 'power.'  Literally.  We have heard the old adage, 'knowledge is power.'  But, more distinctly, from Webster (Webster's Dictionary, or Merriam-Webster,) in the root origins, the original meaning of a word, we come to see that 'to know' means 'to be able,' and 'power,' also, literally, originates from the same derivation, 'to be able.'
So to say that knowing is power, knowledge is power, literally, is to say 'to be able' is 'to be able.'

To be able.  To be able rests in one's knowing and potential.  To enact, to engage, to accomplish that we choose to engage in, takes more than just one's knowing.  It requires the life force, the will, to attend to it.
This brings us to the esoteric wisdom of the very nature of every act of creation, which is the coupling of life force and consciousness.  From this arises the creative potential, and manifestation, of All Life.

We can keep in mind that doing is not necessary, that, while resting in one's potential, knowing I am able, and not taking action has its own power.  Standing up righ within this knowing, we feel that potential.
But, to be able to accomplish something, to reach a goal, to awaken our potential, to step towards something, takes the insight, the idea, the template of thought and wisdom and merge it with the energy (the life force) to make it so.  (Wisdom, in Tibetan wisdom, is the perfect union of the enlightened mind with the compassionate heart.) 
It is this union of consciousness (knowing) and life force which brings manifestation or accomplishment into our life.
This is the activating and gestative powers of male and female in perfect union, wisdom and life force, which we all carry within us, and creates the potential of all we manifest, all we become and sustain within our lives.

Take a moment with me.
Stand upright.
Feel the surge of life force rise in your being as you stand in your knowing.
Just allow this.  Be, in the moment, feeling the upright nature of consciousness and life force within you.
Let go of everything else, any doubts or worries in the world, for just this moment, and feel the pure light of consciousness, and the pure life force, within you.
It is there.
There is nothing you need to do, but to allow it, to focus your attention upon it, no matter how little or how brief, just feel, perceive, know that it is there.
You might simultaneously hold aware in your upper brain centers (around the third eye region of the brain,) and in your body, especially in your heart, spine, or abdominal and/or pelvic regions.
Feel the surge within your body as you bring awareness to it.  Imagine or sense the luminosity of your light of perfect wisdom radiating out from within you.

Your knowing is your truth, 
your essence is your knowing, your being, your luminous self, 
the knowing of who you are,
the knowing you are able.
Stand there in this resonant light.
Feel the surge of knowing rise within you, to meet this light,
This Light of Consciousness,
met with the Life Force that pervades all life, in order for it to thrive.
These two powers are always within you.
The two of them, in union, give you the will and power to create that which you choose to invest your life force in.

If you do not perceive it, 
What stands between you and your knowing?
If there is anything in the way, in the end, it is your own perceptions distorting you, your field,
it is your own doubts and misbeliefs, 
though you may feel it is the impact of others, the wounds, misjustice, or other misfortunes you have suffered in the world.
If you do not know or cannot imagine this light and life wihtin you,
or, that you are whole; it is these thoughts and beliefs, or others like this, no matter your life experiences.  It is that which doubts your goodness and purity of thought, 
which doubts you are worthy, or deserving of any such thing;
of love, of success, however that is measured in your psyche.
What is it you truly want in life?  What is you feel you truly deserve?
Whatever it is that you feel will feel complete you, or connect you, it is often something outside of our self we imagine will fulfill us, or resolve our problems.
If it is our doubt of being complete, our doubt of our own wholeness, or our connection to life as a Whole, these can easily be resolved by simply altering our focus.
A state of Wholeness is inherent within every living being.
There is nothing we need do to receive it or deserve it.
It is simply allowing our own inner truth to unveil.
Literally, to unveil.
It is the veils of illusion which distort our perceptions of our truths, and can easily be dissolved.
Work with us.
We have spoken many times about the nature of healing and wholeness.
The literal meaning of 'healing' is 'wholeness.'
The literal meaning of 'wholeness' is 'holiness.'
The meaning of 'holiness' is 'that which is not tainted,' or, 'that which is not violate.'
This 'holiness' stands within the realms of the same definition of "pure consciousness," which is defined as our inherent state in Eastern mysticism (specifically, Buddhism and Hinduism.).
So, cultures East and West stand in common perception, in common "knowing" of our ultimate, of our highest, of our inherent state of being.  It is here.  We just have to perceive it, trust in it, without doubt, let it come forward.  We just have to 'know' it.
Another great master teacher said it thus, "the Kingdom of Heaven is within you!"  

We stand on the precipice of something here.
Our own knowing and completion.
Our own worthiness and deserving of these simple truths.
We are Whole.
We are Complete.
We are Holy.

Say this, (below,) and feel it resonate within and throughout your body.
Take a breath, which each phrase, and let each phrase be whole and complete unto itself, before moving on to the next one.
Stop whenever you are ready, and come back to it as often as it serves you, or others (please share if it has meaning or impact for you!)
(Please, also, feel free and empowered to do this with your own words and phrases, as it best serves you, this is just to give you a template to work with!!  Doing so over and over can facilitate an even deeper 'knowing!') 

"I am holy."
"I am a holy being."
"I stand in Light."
"I am Light."
"I stand in the Principle of Light."
"I am the Principle of Light;
it permeates every cell of my being.
It is Who I Am."
"I am Light."
"It is my essence and my salvation." (The realization of the supremacy of infinite Mind over all; liberation from ignorance or illusion.
"I am One with All Things."
"I am part of the Whole."
"I am worthy of deliverance."  (Liberation, to set free. 
"I am worthy of my destiny."
"I am ready to fulfill my destiny, and my life purpose.  May they be One!"
"I am worthy of being a child of God, of Goddess, of Creation."
"I am a child of the Divine."
"I am ready to receive my inheritance."
"I do so now."
"I receive my abundance, my joy, my breath of Life!"
"I am part of the Whole of Life."
"I am one with the Universal Creation." 
"I am a child of the Divine."
"The same Light which fashioned the universe, thirves in the cells of my own being,
fashioning a universe within me."
"I must care for and carry this universe within me, within the Principles of Light of which I am born."
"I carry this universe within me, with the Light with which I am, and, was born."
"I am a child of the Garden of the Universe."
"I carry this Garden within me, and I thrive within it, here, in abundance!"
"I am a child of the Garden of the Universe."
"I see it in the World around me."
"I am part of the Universe of Knowing."
" I am part of the Essence of Being."
"I know my part in this Holy Place."
"I am Part of the Whole of the Universe."
"I stand ready to take my place."
"I am in my place."
"I am here."
"I am ready."
"I am in my purpose."
"I am complete."
"I am at peace."

Now, step back, rest in this a moment.
Take your time in this, again, with each phrase unto itself.
Feel the surge of Life and Knowing rise within you.
Feel it pulse in your heart, feel it glow in your third eye and upper brain centers, even out into your whole body, and field of being, into your tissues and cells, but beyond that into your whole energy field and vessel.

Let the pulse and the glow of heart and mind merge, resonating out; and, rest in it.
Let these, pulse and glow, the rhythm of life force, and the emanation and glow of pure light, move, and merge, in perfect and sacred union within your self.  Allow it to rise and flow as it chooses to, like the ebb and flow of Life, of the Tides of the Ocean.  
Then stand with it, knowing Who You Are!
Even if it is not 'conscious' knowing, allow the felt sense of KNOWING, permeate your body, your essence, and your being.

"I know who I am."
"I stand in my own knowing."
"I know why I have come."
"I stand in my Life Purpose."
"I stand ready now to pursue and perform that purpose."
"Even if it is not 'known' to my brain, I know I carry it in my cells."
"And, I let that knowing, that purpose, permeate through me."
"I allow that, and that alone, to define my thoughts and actions in this world."
"I devote myself to unfolding, and to upholding, my life purpose!"
"Even when I fail, I come back to this, again and again!"
"It is that which I know."
"It is Who I Am!"
"I choose, in my own way, to discover and unfold this essence of Who I Am."
"For the benefit of my own evolution, but for the benefit, also, of All; of the Whole World, and for All of Creattion."
"As I discover Who I Am, I stand firm in my Purpose herein."
"I feel the surge of Life and Light rise within me; I feel it merge, and permeate throughout me, and emerge to radiate without."
"I am Whole, I am Complete."
"I am One."
"I am unique, and a part of the All That Is."
"I stand in my Life Purpose."
"I Am that which I Am."

May your knowing unfold.
May it be complete.
May your power rise and surge through your every choice and action.
Each choice, each action, taken from this realm of knowing, will unfold with the wisdom, and heart of the Universe supporting you, indeed, thriving through you.  For you are part of it.

Blessings to all who hear, who feel, who Know this.
Stand, now, in your Power.
Stand now, in your Knowing.

Blessings to all.
Zacciah and those who move through him.