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Silence is The Key -- The Garden of The Heart

Silence is the key signature of the heart.

From that arises all things,
feelings of arousal, 
in relationship, in life,
feelings of gratitude or grief
coherence or dissolution
feelings to radiate
to dissolve
to resolve.

The mind penetrates the heart with its wisdom.
Depending upon how well we have developed the mind, we seed the heart with clear or unclear impulses, mature or immature.
If our wisdom had not matured beyond 2 year old behavior, then we are stuck in that mode.
If we have developed keen insight, then we are likely to implant keen seeds within the heart.
We then cultivate those seeds until they ripen.
And we see the culmination of those seeds at harvest time.
Now is the time of harvest for many of us.
Are those fruits pungent or sweet?
Bitter or delightful?

What do we wish to harvest in our lives?
To the wise ones, the fruit we wish to harvest will determine the seeds which we plant.

What we emanate within our own heart will determine who we are, who we will become, and what legacy we leave behind.

The good thing about the heart garden is, it is easy to weed.
If we have not planted good seed, we can weed it, till it, even fertilize it with the compost of our sorrows, remove the rocks and stones to line it with, and diligently choose the seeds of compassion, forgiveness, healing, contentment, peacefullness, passion, love and joy, even ecstasy, which we wish to nurture and ripen, to harvest in next year's garden.  Carefully choose the next crop you wish to ripen.

Diligently sit in your garden this fall, contemplating the garden you wish to pre-tend for next year.
In silence, sit with the sounds and offerings of your inner landscape.
Let arise from deep within the temples of your heart, the seeds you wish to sow.
Prepare the soil.

Spring is here sooner than you know.

Blessings in your harvests.
Though the nurturing of the garden is the part I love the most.

From silence, all things arise.



Zacciah Blackburn
The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies