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One of an ongoing series of Articles  
                       ~~Zacciah Blackburn, PhD
A Morning Reflection:
The more we speak from the place of our own inner knowing, greater dimensional being, and truth, the more the veils that separate us from that deeper essence, deeper knowing, will be lifted.  It is a simple process, like an affirmation.  Yet, it is more than an affirmation.  It is a declaration of something that already is, something that is Known.

I enter a higher threshold, 
A higher dimensional gate.
I enter union with myself, 
And the mysteries which have been guiding me in my life. 
I embody my truths. 
I enter the truth of my spirit 
And feel the Resonance of Life. 
Through this threshold, my choices are unified, 
Built from the ground of inner peace and well being. 
I see the threshold of chaos, and can feel it. 
I choose not to go. 
My path is clear now.
There is no other. 
Joy, peace, beauty, abundance.
The Community of All Beings. 
There is no other choice. 
Unless I chose to take it. 
I rest, in peace. 
Blessings to All 
Zacciah and Those Who Walk with Him