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The Peruvian Waterfall Blessing prayer  -   a prayer for the Earth and the Liberation of all beings


(Video below)

This offering is a prayer practice based in the Peruvian Mysteries work of the Q’ero peoples of central Peru, considered the High Wisdom keepers of the Andean mysteries.  It is one of my favorite prayer practices, working with the the elements of Water, and the blessings of “all who have gone before us….”  All teachers and wisdom keepers of all paths, all ancestors and elemental ones, all holy ones who have gone before us, who share and send their blessings to us, from the other worlds, sharing their wisdom, teaching, healing, and beauty, joy and light, through the waters of the Earth… letting the waters (and winds today) cleanse and baptize us with these blessings, givien from all those who have gone before us, we receive their blessings, then turn and give our blessings to ‘all those yet to come.’

The prayer and practice are fully explained in the video.

It is best listened to with headphones.  The movie was just taken on our properties here at the Center of Light, In Ascutney, VT, on the Mill River, sacred to us, for all the mysteries it carries and has revealed.  It cascades down directly from the shoulders of Grandfather Ascutney, one of our most prominent Apus of the region, and one of our most prominent guides and teachers in the Earth Mysteries.  (Apu, in this case, means spirit of the mountain.  It is a guardian for the well being of all beings who reside in this region.  We live just under its shoulder.)

This is offered freely to the world by myself, whose voice you hear in the video,

Zacciah Blackburn,

Given on this full moon day, the day after Solstice…..(we shared a Solstice message yesterday also, you may enjoy, if you did not see it….….


December 22, 2018

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