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                       ~~Zacciah Blackburn, PhD


Dorothy and I were taking a reprieve after my return from extraordinary practices in Spain this month.  
We were driving through the backwoods of Vermont, as we often do, loving and exploring the precious wisdom and beauty of this place, bestowed through sacred groves and stones, water temples and sanctuaries, and other sacred sites we have come to so dearly love, and work with.  These places often appear to us, as we drive simply guided, without pre-expectations of where we are going, where we will end up, or what we shall experience.   We had somewhat of a plan, this late Saturday afternoon.  And, I had a reasonable idea of where we were, and where we were headed, and approximately where we should have been at that moment in time.  
Dorothy suddenly said, "I smell a chamber close by....."  

I told her, "I don't think so.  We're still a few miles from the chambers....  At least, I don't know of any right in this area...."  
No sooner had I spoken than I recognized the farm we just passed.  Directly beyond it, no more than 200', was one chamber....this immediately oriented me to where we were, and I realized we were just 1/2 mile or so from the Woodstock Calendar II site, one of the pristine places we work.  I often call it the "Crystal Cathedral" due to the experience I and friends had, when the "Libraries of Knowledge" stored there were opened to us, along with the methodology of accessing them, given by the Wisdom Keepers of this most ancient, precious, sacred site.  

I, also, immediately decided to stop there and make an offering of gratitude, for all that had been occurring, for all the work which had arisen in Spain, all the extraordinary insight and beauty, of which I have been sharing with you in recent newsletters and articles.   
It would, also, be a most appropriate opportunity and time, of me to send gratitude through the walls and floors of this sacred site, to the ancestral lands of Navarra (Basque), where I had just been, making deep connections to the spirit of the land, and those of the Ancestral kingdoms in that dear land, and other regions of Spain, some where I had never been.  It is part of my work to honor these wherever I go, rekindling the ancient ancestral gridlines, which many indigenous elders are doing during this time of Great Awakening, and which I have, literally, been charged with doing by two or more of my own elders in my path, as they have witnessed and honored this innate gift I seem to have.  
We pulled over.It was dusk.
This precious chamber is one oriented to Winter Solstice Sunrise, with alignments to many other astronomical events.  These images are ones taken during an earlier fall time, and one such Solstice sunrise.   I do not have any that capture the light of this recent late October eve.  But, we knew, from the moment we stepped out of the car, there was something different, if not magical, about this experience, about this time.
As we approached the site, and made our prayer offerings at the 'approach' stone, we entered heightened states of reverence, which brought us even closer to perceiving what was about to happen.  
As we finally stepped into the chamber, a luminosity unfolded within it, which was unspeakable.  Indefinable.  Beyond words.     

While nothing like the light in this image, there was a soft golden light illuminating the entire inner chamber.  It was not so much illuminating, as emanating from....  
It was not the outside light penetrating the door, as there was little light left, in an overcast sky, which was more blueish grey light anyway, not golden, or with this quality or power of luminosity.  It was quite apparent it was something more.

I was immediately reminded of the incredible gifts of reverence and humility, precious beauty and wonder given me while in Spain. And, my reason in stopping here.  
I attenuated to the soft glow of light, and more and more became aware of the circle, the'council' of holy beings gathered with us.  A circle of luminous ones, offering deep gratitude, reverence, and beauty, from their very essence.  But they were speaking to us.  Not in language.  In essence.  Essential language is a vibrational experience.  There are no words.  It is through the feeling states that information is given, gathered, transmitted, received.  Some might call it 'intuitive,' but it is more than that.  
It is a visceral experience of transmission and reception of explicit messages and information, or wisdom. It can be integrated and articulated.  Yet, no 'words' can fully transmit the 'wisdom,' information,' or experience.  It is beyond words.  
Our bodies and minds can sometimes 'interpret' the experience through language.  But, it is more essential than that.
We rested there in this luminous wisdom.  Receiving and embodying this sacred knowledge.  This sacred "knowing!"  
Our cells resonated with the joy and love permeating the room.  I was brought to tears with the gratitude of the situation.  I thanked them for all they had done, were doing, all they had brought, have given, were, and are.
I began a spoken prayer, thanking all luminous beings of all realms, for all they brought, for all they have done, in our lives, in this work, through all time.  And, specifically, those who had brought forward the wisdom, touching, and teaching in Spain.  I asked that they convey those transmissions of light between those realms and this, literally, here in Vermont, but in all dimensional expressions of what we were perceiving, and receiving.  In deep gratitude.

The luminosity only grew, or our refined attunement to it, which made it more permeable, visceral, and real.  
After I had completed my prayer, Dorothy spoke hers.
We were there some time, but just knew, it was complete.  It was done.Whatever we had come here to do, unbeknownst to us.  Not part of our game plan when we got into the car.

We both know not to expect what is going to happen.
But this, as often does happen in this work, was beyond any expectation.
This is what occurs, when we enter authentic practice, with authentic dignity, humility, gratitude, reverence, and inquiry into the Greater Mystery to reveal itself.
It does.

With deep gratitude.
And so it is.