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Honoring Our Mothers
Star Goddess
And the Mother of us All

~~Zacciah Blackburn
The Wisdom of the Great Mother is quite complete.
The unconditional love of the mother is life bearing, and nourishing.
We thank the many Great Mothers among us, whom have given life, borne us as their fruit, nourished us to embody as human beings, given us this opportunity to embrace life, to meet our potential, to grow, learn and share.
May we all learn and honor the lessons and gifts of the many Great Mothers.
If we could all but meet each other with that unconditional love, it alone would give rise to a new world, to new and loving life in the world. It would teach humanity to love and embrace, more than tolerate each other, but to hold each other with loving kindness, giving space for each of us to grow into who we truly are. Think of that compassionate love of the Mother embracing us all, and seek to share it with others in your life.
Luminous Rainbow bodyLoving Kindness, unconditional love is such a powerful tool. To meet the world without expectation, but just love it, as it is, that it might learn the wisdom of the Self, and nourish and grow, ripen unto itself, to follow its own path and destiny, to flourish and allow its own nature to unfurl. This type of love requires the lover to trust within oneself to simply love, let go, and let its fruit unfold. That love, like each of us, bears the seed of Creator, which guides us in its harmonious unfolding. Like the fern and fauna of the forest, there is nothing we have to tell it to do. If we just give it the space, support, and basic elements of life, it will rise into its own beauty and wonder.
May we each learn the lessons of the Great Mother.
She has come to me today to teach me, again, the gift & miracle of birth. What a gift she has given! That miraculous giving of the Self, that another may be born.

It is that which is given to us by each mother. Feel your self be born anew, that you can enter the world, today, whole, fresh, and renewed. You can see with the innocent eyes of the child, to love again, play again, engage the world without the petty expectations and judgments we gather as we age, but the breadth and joy of a child.

May all mothers be cherished and hear our voices of gratitude for their acts of courage and love tobring us into this Earth, to nourish us to become who we are.
Many blessings to all, from the All.
Know, we each are birthed with what we need to pass through this life with skill and wisdom, with courage, love, kindness, conviction, and understanding. If you, for any reason, do not feel loved, nourished, or connected, turn to the Great Mother within you and find that hope, that love, that sustenance. It resides there, awaiting you to remember Her, to re-connect with Her. She is there, within you, as well as all around you. Feel her tender love, yet firm constance within your heart. The closer you come to Her, the closer she shall be to you.

Many blessings to the all, from the All.
She awaits you, the Mother of All Life.
She is part of your genes, the space between your cells, and your inherent knowing and being.
For she, like your mother, has given birth to your soul.
Many blessings.