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All Nature, All Life
                       ~~Zacciah Blackburn, PhD  

For the serious participant in, or student of life, it is highly beneficial to understand the nature of the “Dharma,” which is, fundamentally, the laws of the Cosmos, the right way of living, or, the principles of the Cosmos in relation to the Self.
What are these principles, and how do we define the Cosmos and the Self, and the inextricable relationship between the two?

The Cosmos is fundamentally all of Creation, which would include all levels, and/or all realms of Creation.  Everything in existence, everything in manifest and non-manifest form.  As to the Self, notice it is the “Self" with the capital S, thus not the lesser self which does not realize or recognizes its place in the Cosmos, nor its full and complete connection to or relationship with the greater Cosmos, at least not in its whole, but, instead, that Whole Self which is in direct relationship to the Greater Cosmos.
The little self, by nature, defines itself in separation from the whole, as an individual entity, though, in reality, even “individual” means “indivisible,” thus our common sense of an individual self is not complete.

In Buddhism, it is shown that the root cause of our suffering is a sense of that separation.
This is a principle reason Buddhist thought offers a pathway through selflessness, or an understanding of a connective-ness to the Whole.

The True Self is the awakened mind, awakened heart, awakened luminous body or being, in right relationship to the Whole.  It understands we are, already, a part of, and, interconnected to every living thing of the Cosmos.  This is integral to most Wisdom Schools and Indigenous teachings as well.

Who that Self is, and what our relationship to the Cosmos is, and/or, our greater purpose in being here, is the nature of our life pursuit.  As we come to realize the interconnectedness of Self and Cosmos, how life unfolds in perfect unison and harmony, and, as we embrace this, the principles unfold even more vividly in our lives, with each choice and action confirming that, and arising from that place of unity.

No matter what we think will make us whole or complete, no matter what we feel our current goals and aspirations are, or what will bring us happiness, satisfaction, or a sense of success or fulfillment, our true and complete life purpose is in the realization of who we are.  And, that is a total and complete child of Creation, with all the inherent rights and responsibilities in that.  We are co-creators, generous, joyful, loving, compassionate, and greatly powerful beings, whom have lost our sense of right, of place, of beauty, of magnamity, of worth, and of responsibility to create in loving, kind and compassionate ways, in harmony with the heart of, the principles of, Creation.  When we surrender fully to that relationship, the Cosmos itself streams through us, and we become even a greater part of the Whole.  Then we get an even more magnanimous view of the Greater Self.

The nature of “Dharma” has evolved through the centuries, to come to be understood as a moral code by many, but it is the relationship to the principles of the Cosmos, which are the guiding tools.  These include the principles of cause and effect (karma,) polarity, vibration (attraction,) relativity (correspondence,) rhythm, and transmutation (mind.)  A quick search of the “7 Natural Laws” or “7 Principles of the Universe” will bring you to in depth explorations of what these mean.  Or, pick up a copy of the classic “Kybalion,” an early 20th century text of these ancient principles, as composed by “the Three Initiates”, of the ancient mystery schools.   The principles may defined or named differently among different schools, but the common tracings and meanings remain.


"The Principles of Truth are Seven; he who knows these, understandingly, possesses the Magic Key before whose touch all the Doors of the Temple fly open." — The Kybalion. 

In most modern cultures, we are, as a whole, so lost, most of have little clue of our true or Divine nature, or the grandeur of it. Some of us have a cognitive understanding of this, but few have a visceral, living perspective of our vast beauty and joy of self.  Some of us think we have a sense of it.  But, few focus on the Realized state.  What we focus upon draws it to life, gives it life.  And, the more we focus on the tainted world or its little self, our little problems, which seem so huge to us, but, really, are quite petty compared to the problems of this world, the more we believe it to be true.  We give life to our wounds, suffering, sorrow, or aggravation, but focusing on their petty truths.  I do not mean to make light of the the suffering we each have experienced, but to make Light of the pathway to move from that sorrow.  We create it with our own focus and seeding on that smaller path.  Keep in mind the lower world would like you to remain. 

But the Greater World is rejoicing in your Presence.  And it realizes, in your Presence is an authentic Luminosity, caring, goodness, and joy ready for you to Realize.  Nothing has to be done other than to focus on this reality.

The joy is, the more we focus on that Greater World, the Greater Cosmos, the True Self, the Beauty Way, the Pure Nature of Reality, and the inherent good in all things, this becomes our reality.  The more we focus on it, the more it affirms and supports our life choices and actions, and the more it flows into and through our life in inherent success, fulfillment, satisfaction, wholeness, connectivity,  and completion.

Let us choose this Way.

Many blessings in your life and Pursuit.