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Aligning with One's True Purpose.....
Hitting 'the Wall'.... 
(Which is it for you?)
(You do have a choice, you know!)
A Study of the Nature of Reality and How We Shape It.
One of an ongoing series of Articles  
                       ~~Zacciah Blackburn, PhD


So many folks I know are reporting experiencing greater and greater extremes in their emotional, mental, physical, and/or spiritual states of well being.  Take your pick!  The levels of stress, the appearance of obscurations,* or obstacles, in their lives, and many fluctuations in energy and insight flooding their awareness, often in new and magical ways, appear to be bringing more and more attention to these realities many of us face on a daily basis.  
(*Obscurations are those things which bind us, or keep us from experiencing absolute reality, directly.)

What are you experiencing?
How do we proceed from here?

First, let us remember, we are in a time of great transformation.  It is real.  It is happening.  It is impacting each of us in ways beyond our 'normal' perceptions and experiences.  We are in the middle of something larger than our self, asking to become more of our self.
The way this is manifesting may be perceived as 'good' or 'bad,' depending on how we choose to focus our attention, interpret and meet the experiences we are having.  Many of us are taking it 'personally,' when it is more than 'us,' alone.  For many of us, we may be hitting what I am lovingly referring to, these days, as 'the wall.'   'The Wall' is the place the ball bounces against, where the tension in the string we may be swinging upon reaches its maximum stretching point, and either reverberates back, or flings into space, creating great apparences chaos; or, where we, literally, just feel 'up against the wall,' with no apparent place for movement or growth, no 'way out,' or where we meet all of our obstacles, emotional turmoil, trauma, or chao and stress in our lives, in our relationships, in our life work and purpose.  
Others of us are meeting heightened states of 'luminosity,' incredible insight, wisdom, direct guidance from the spiritual/subtle realms, direct experience of revelation states of being, well beyond our 'normal' scope of things.  
Some of us are bouncing back and forth between the two.
Indeed, what is going on?
I have shared so much regarding these times of powerful planetary and invidivual transformation with you before.  I could re-emphasize much of the same.  
Indeed, the key word here might be 'emphasize,' because many of us are being taken to task with the real tasks before us.  The task is simple.  The obstacels may appear hard.
I ask each of us to be massively kind to ourselves, here.
It may be time to we really get it!?
Do we really understand the nature of reality, how it unfolds, and what our part in it all is?
And, moreso, are we either ready for, are already taking, responsibility for the outcomes of our lives?
This is key to this conversation, key to understanding the nature of reality, and key to those who are ready to move forward.
For, ultimately, this is the foundation of reality.  We are creating our reality, with every breath, every thought, every belief, every feeling state, every word, and every action, out of the ethers of space and time.  As is proven, in subtle reality, through quantum physics, our very presence in a room impacts the out come of reality.  Our thoughts, expectations, beliefs, impact it even more.  We cannot extricate our self from our reality.  We are part of all that is.  And, we are impacting all reality at every moment.
We can alter that outcome very easily by our choices and actions.  Many of us do not believe this.  Many of us do believe this, but do not understand why things continue to happen as they do.

Our current reality is the product of prior experiences.  And we are creating this very moment, the outcome of future seeds which will ripen in future times to harvest as our future reality.
What are you planting?  What are you truly wanting in future realities?  And, is that, which you believe you 'truly want,' in harmony with your highest purpose and potential?  If not, why not?  If we need help detemining how to discern that, let us also proceed.  For, many of us go from impulse to impulse, thinking it is an expression of our highest ideals or expressions, when, in fact, it is misleading impulses from lower vibrational aspects of our selves, such as seeking love from others, or seeking not judgment, or seeking security, or autonomy, etc, etc.  These impulses often are not in alignment with our highest ideals, the principles and rhythms of creation, or the true nature of our selves.
But, do we fully understand this fundamental principal of the shaping of reality, and are we taking responsibility for our part in it?  This is an enormous first step, which will empower us with discernment and choices beyond our current state of experiences.
Are there collective forces at play beyond our own part?  Yes and no.  There are collective forces, but either we are a part of those, or not, by our own past choices and actions.  They do not need to impact us.  But if we have contributed to them, they may immeasurably entangled into our own perceptions and beliefs, and the unfolding of our personal realities
And, what about all the 'forces' outside of our selves which may impede our growth and well being?
I say this, if you are experiencing those forces, there are imprints in your own consciousness, which, somehow, have and/or are, drawing them to you.  When you learn, and understand how to hold higher imprints of consciousness, those forces will not have suade over you in any way.  The Principles of Light shall dissuade them.  (See this and other articles on this principle.)

The fundamental reality is, also, at this time, that we are being asked to accept our essential nature.  This is not untrue to any period in our evolutionary spiral, but these are explicit times in which the fundamental questions of who we are, and why we are here, are being 'emphasized!'
If we have met these times, and the greater realizations of our authentic self, with fundamental resonance, or harmony, this shall move us into greater and greater states of harmony, union with the Divine, and essential support in the ebb and flow of the rhythms of life.
Have we met ourselves, our true selves, again, or are we still caught in the illusions of smaller and lesser-than realities, questioning our value and validity as essential beings, contributing to the beauty of the universe, or bound in clouded perspectives of life and grace, eluding our selves with quests for balance and power.  Many of us, though we intellectually may have embraced the principles, simply are not embodying them anywhere near the fullest potential.
Do you accept the grace of who you are as a sacred being?  A divine being?  A Holy Being (That pure, or untainted?)  As a part, an equal part, of Creation?  There is no one lesser than, or greater than you.  There may be those who have evolved over the path more wakefully than you.  But, they are not more, or less than you.  Can you accept this?  Do you realize this?  Not cognitively, but as a visceral reality unfolding within you?  Do you accept the Grace of the Divine within you, which you are?  You are equal partners to that you hold as sacred, Divine, Holy.

Many of us doing this, and are experiencing greater and greater states of luminous being and wisdom, harmonious flow within our lives, joy and abundance.  Many are not. 
I remember the "Seven Moons Prophecy," a 10,000 year old prophecy which came to us from indigenous elders of the Northwest, in spring of 2007.  As we were gathering to "Meet Our Divinity," in a program in Huntington, VT, the elders stated, that the prophecies revealled, that over a 6 lunar cycle, the stages of meeting our Divinity would unfold, and, those who were not able to meet their Divinity would experience the 'falling away of all structures that do not serve us."  They stated that our work was part of that prophecy unfolding.  
And, that cycle, indeed, unfolded as the stock market soon crashed; economic, political, medical, educational systems, many infrastructures of our society, it became more and more apparent, were meeting severe challenges, as they were not truly serving the needs of the people, as they were intended to.  
"Those structures that are not serving us will fall away."
  And, moreso, the internal structures of our belief systems, relationships, and so much more, began to crumble, where they were not founded in the greater harmonic resonance of Creation.

Yet, it appears, even moreso today, this cycle continues. And, if we find ourselves being met with obstacles, stress, chaos and discourse in our lives, it is likely we need to stretch deeper into our illusions of belief and emotional trauma which create the discord, to dissolve them, and stretch more into our luminous nature, to experience and manifest this more fully in our lives, in harmony with the greater principles of our lives.  And, with our greater (Divine) purpose.
Some of us are confused by what this is.  Some of us have large resonant gaps between what we think what we want, and what is actually in service to our Divine nature and purpose.  And, this, also creates discourse.
By attuning to our higher purpose, and allowing that to unfold, to be in service with that, allows the obstructions of life to dissolve in the Light of Creation, which unfolds in our life as we enter service unto its higher vibrational essence.

It really is that simple.  
The quest for Divine Purpose is being 'emphasized,' as we come more and more into our ideal.
It is what we focus our attention upon, and invest our energy in, that manifests in our lives as our reality.
It is a daily practice, to align with and manifest our luminous nature and purpose..
I find, more and more, from the many conversations I am having with clients, students, colleagues, and others in our general population, that many of us are simply not practicing what we already know to do, and to be true.
It is in our knowing.
It is in our cells.
It is in our DNA.
It is not outside of our selves.
We have, and know, all that we need.
We know right action.
We do not need to deliberate or argue with it.
We Know It.
It is part of our selves.
It is encoded within us, as the "original instructions,' as the elders would tell us.
If we but rest in the luminous nature of our selves, we would reside in this harmonic crystalline structure, in harmony with the matrix of life.
It is our essential nature, the luminous ones of the world's wisdom traditions would say.
And, we are luminous beings.
We are beings of great light and grace, with wisdom beyond our imagination, beauty beyond our common experience of beauty, even for those already beyond superficial aspects of identification with beauty.
Most of us have not met the true essence of our incredible grace and being as great Luminous Ones.  More than that, the powers of Creation we hold, as co-creators, is beyond most of our imagination.  Many of us think we have attained it, or seen it.  But as the Elders say, it is beyond most of our imaginations.

I have just had an experience in Teotihuacan, Mexico, among the great pyramids of the Feathered Serpent, the Sun and Moon, and the constellations of stars and planets held in harmonic equilibrium through the very form and structue of the pyramidal complex and "Avenue of the Stars," that is beyond most of our belief systems.  I will share more as time and guidance permits.   I am being asked to create a core group of healers who will journey with me to Mexico in August, 2015, to re-establish some of the core resonance of the Star Beings who planted explicit seeds of consciousness, to hold resonance for the truth of our Self Knowing to unfold.  It is time.  These beings are here to liberate us.  I am being asked to channel their teachings.  And, I have dedicated myself to do so.  Watch upcoming newsletters to receive these teachings.  And watch for articles on upcoming programs regarding this, as well.  Please, also, share these teachings with others who may benefit from it.

Our essence is an incredible state of grace and being as great Luminous Ones.
We are more knowing and powerful as Creator Beings than most of us can imagine.

Remember it.
Remember who you are.
Remember why you are here.
Call it forward.
Call it forward now. 
Step into it.
Call forth your power of Knowing.
Call forth your Knowing of your own Power.
It is not power over.
It is a power that comes in collaboration with that which is True and Eternal.
That part of us can never be altered or harmed.
It is more of a power that comes by dying to our unknowing, our mis-beliefs, and mistruths.
Doing so with humility and grace.
To become that which we Truly Are.
In alignment with the Greater Purpose we, our selves, have created.

It is time.
Be Who You Are.

Blessings to all.
Zacciah B