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Video: Practices for Healing & Transformation 2: Vast Blue Sky

April 6, 2020 

This is our second sound meditation practice video in this series of practices for this time.

These videos are designed to provide extraordinarily simple, effective methods to enter deep states 

of relaxation and revelation.

They are known historically for doing so, providing a state of self-nourishment, self-liberation and self-illumination.

The "Vast Blue Empty Sky" practice is based on Tibetan wisdom, and specific for these purposes, as well as to align to our inherent nature, connect to that nature, and, fundamentally, to the principles of All Life.

In these extraordinary times, we are offering these free videos to learn meditations that can give us clear space, release from anxiety and stress, dissolve obstructions of chaos and fear, and the whole gamut of human emotions that keep us from evolving spiritually:  pain, suffering, grief, guilt, anger, shame, greed & self indulgence, and more.

The practices focus on the innate state of being, in pure, clear, light, that can illumine and enlighten our life and life situations.

We pray they bring you infinite benefit, and all beings may come to illumination.

Many blessings