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From Our Series:  The Illumination of Consciousness
Programs for Personal Spiritual Development and Evolution of the Soul



Embodying the New Consciousness

Awakening our true Nature;

Holding and Sustaining Illuminated Realities.
Healing, Altering Consciousness at core levels of our Being: 
Personal, Planetary, Ancestral, Cellular.


Teachings on the Nature and Authenticity

of Human Consciousness
Calling upon the Sanctity of all Humanity
Awaken to our True Divinity
to assume our Divine Heritage
to take our place as Co-Creators of the New Reality
In Acts of Deep Personal and Planetary Transformation


Sacred Initiations, and World Service
April 18-19, 2009
Sat - Sun
  at the exquisite
All Souls Church,
Shelburne, VT
          Program description follows
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We are in a time of immense awakening,
culturally, socially, politically, economically, spiritually.
The continuum of mind/body is no longer an incongruous concept, even in modern medicine.
We are each being asked to come into a full alignment with, awakening to,
and entering of, a sacred relationship with who we are.
In this program, we shall enter into direct communion with the deeper nature of ourselves,
and the subtle realms of being where the 'holy ones' dwell.
They shall work with us directly, to attain to, to reach into, and to draw into our form, the highest,
purest aspects of consciousness which we are fully able to embody.
Come, and join us.

Who are we?
Why are we here?

These are two of the most important questions for each of us to answer...., as human beings, to explore and resolve.
Most of us misplace and spend our vital living forces in pursuits of mundane survival, pleasure, or personal accumulation, without merit, understanding, pursuit, or fulfillment of, or through, our truer, higher nature.
We have few role models who can bring meaning to our contemporary lives regarding our spiritual nature, yet the majority of us are consumed by the emptiness of modern society.
Even with new hope in our new leadership, in the current climate of near collapse of our lifestyle and social infrastructures, the
questions become especially poignant.
Until we understand the nature of who we are, and why we are here, upon this planet, in this body, most of us shall be unfulfilled in our purpose.  And, we must enter, and embrace this understanding, from a place of stability, and orientation to our embodiment here.

The Buddhists, and many other esoteric schools, would say that we are here, simply, to become enlightened, to understand and embrace our 'Buddha nature', our 'true nature,' or 'pure nature.'
Many Eastern cultures, from the Taoists to the Hindus, understand, and offer in depth practices to come into awakened, or illuminated consciousness, enlightenment.

Many in the West speak to this, but few have attained a truly enlightened state of being.  Few probably even understand it.
Many, now, also, speak to the coming of 2012, the New Age, the Ascension of Humanity, in terms which may or may not understood, but often give little understanding to others.  Yet, many cultures speak to these times as a long-ago prophecied time of great awakening, and incredible transformation of human consciousness.  What are these prophecies speaking to, and what do these terms mean.  What is the origin and deeper esoteric and indigenous understanding of these times.
Many imagine 2012 as some magic window; the end of time, or the planets align, or, the sun, Earth and galactic center, and we simply pass through, to the other side. Then we collectively emerge as an enlightened society?

However, the elders and prophecies of many cultures speak specifically to these times, and offer various keys of howGrandfather Commanda to attain to this awakened passage. 
It cannot be done by simply sitting back and waiting, or watching.
It is a participatory practice.

We must each do what we have come to do, and become an active participant in our own awakening.
Indeed, it is quite logical.  We cannot enter into a collective awakening if we do not each enter into our own personal awakening.
It requires more than simply meditating and listening for guidance from the other side.

And, we must each do our part in creating this new awakening, a new humanity, embodying a new consciousness, which is, in fact, as old as Creation.  "There is nothing new under the sun," the Old Testament states.  And, indeed, there is not.  These awakened states only appear new, fresh, because of our 'newness' to each moment.  And, indeed, this is one key to our awakening.  To remain new and fresh to each moment, to be reborn, as if 'through the eyes of a child.'  But it is not a one time experience.  It is entering into an awakening which constantly perceives the world vital, new, fresh, re-emerging.  To enter life, and each moment, without spoil, without judgment or bias.  Only then can the Mystery reveal itself to us.

By understanding the nature of who we are, and what we wish to attain as ascended beings, we open the doorway to understand the pathway of attaining it.   We can then more easily understand HOW TO attain that.  
It always helps to understand our destination, if we wish a clear road map of how to arrive at it.
Indeed, without that understanding, we are simply stumbling through the darkness of our existence.

Come, and join us, as master teacher Zacciah Blackburn guides us through ancient sacred practices to come into discovering, embracing, and embodying, the 'true nature' of our being.
Utilizing the art of Sacred Sound Transmissions, Zacciah guides us into deep initiatory chambers of our own inner being, and the greater cosmos, what the Buddhists refer to as the Samboghaya, "the lands of pure light and sound."  Here, we meet those most beneficial to our own awakening, and come to ever deeper understanding of who we are, and why we have come, at this time; why we are here.

After touching those awakened states of our being, we shall then enter into greater understanding of methods to sustain these awakened states, and why they are often transient states for so many of us.  Why are they here one day, and gone the next?  It is with constant vigilance, practice, deepening & devotional choice, to our own divine nature, and all we hold as divine, that we enter the pathway.  Yet, we must first discover those true chords of our being.

By entering and holding our core essence, the harmonious resonance of our true nature, we can focus our awareness
and intention in methods which resolve dissonance or distortion we may still cling to, and we experience in the world around us, from ancestral imprints to collective patterning, to cellular resonance.  We shall engage in practices which can literally transform consciousness as it is held in these imprints: ancestral, collective, cellular, even resonances we know as genetic & DNA.

In our final practice, we shall have the opportunity to engage in world prayer service, offering our new understandings to the body and consciousness of the Earth, and all those living herein, who might gain benefit from our prayers, even transmuting the distortions and suffering in the greater field of human consciousness, through our actions.

It is time.  It is time for us to elevate to the states of our true being.  It is time we elevate to our true nature as a humanity.  It is time we enter in service to assist the collective whole, those who are ready to journey together.

Come, we invite you.  With blessings, from the sacred core of our being.

Registration, Accomodations, Directions, and Meal Information 

We shall be offered the opportunity to enter into ascended states of liberation and understanding, to peer into the Realms of the Holy Beings, the Illumined Ones, of all Lineages gathered.

We shall have the opportunity to partake in deep healing rituals, with caregivers of the other realms many of us have not met before.  The great healers of ancient times.
We shall drink of the nectar eternal, from the Key of Life, opening ourselves to Sacred Union, and to the Initiations of the Illumined Ones gathered.

We shall be offered a new level of service, to carry these Illumined States forward, to bring the Vision of Awakened Being, into our Reality. 

We are powerful Co-Creators. 
Are you ready to partake of your role in this New Earth?

The Elders of so many cultures are telling us, the Time Is Now.
Do not wait for some magical time in the future.
It is up to us.
We are the caretakers and creators of the New Reality.

Come if you are called.
Come if you are ready to serve the Awakening of Humanity, one human being at a time.

Many Blessings to All.

See specific program information below, and additional program notes on the nature of this program here and here.


   The pathway to entering and sustaining illuminated states of awareness

Spiritual High Alchemy, and Personal Evolution

With Master Sound Healer & Intuitive Guide

Zacciah Blackburn

Information:                802.674.9585

Early Registration Discounts Available

Saturday, April 18, April 19, 2009
10 AM - 6 PM
Sat;   9:00 AM - 3:00 PM Sun.

$195. if registered and paid by March 1, 2009;

$250.  thereafter.
at the exquisite
All Souls Church, Shelburne
, VT
(near Burlington, VT)
Zacciah will also offer a short presentation and sound meditation in the church service to follow our program, at 5:00 PM.

 Registration, Accomodations, Directions, and Meal Information
(if you wish catered meals, please pay with your registration)
scroll down, or click here

It is time that we enter into, and awaken, our highest awareness and nature of our Soul.  Many speak to the year 2012 as the year of awakening of humanity, of transformation into the new world, a new reality, a more full or complete aspect of our being.

The time is now.  The awakening has occurred.  It is time to step into our true role and authenticity as human beings, as beings of Divine Inheritance.  The Allies, the Ancient Ones, the Powers of Consciousness who join with us, often in unknown ways, in our journey here upon Earth, shall step forward to assist us to bring us into a greater and more awakened state.  We shall be offered the Nectars of Life, the Key of Life, to bring our true nature into greater alignment with the All That Is, to touch our deeper self, to drink of it, to lift ourselves into awakened consciousness, that we might remember, and dwell more fully, in our daily lives, in this state.

In the end, the Choice is up to us.  We must choose the world we wish to live in.
It is time.
We must Dream the New Dream.

The program will entail disciplines in High Spiritual Alchemy and Personal Transformation.
no prior experience is necessary.

Notes for Preparations for prior programs, may be beneficial in preparing for this program, also.
We will update & send these notes to program participants at a later time.

With the guidance of those gathered:  the great ascended ones, the Council of Ancient ones, the Hathors, the Archangels, and Melchizedek lineages, we shall add our torch of transformation to the global fires for transformation.

Those whom have not yet attended our programs, will find this a most profoundly moving experience.  Those whom know what to expect, may yet find, again, more than expected.

These programs are for those truly ready to enter and explore deep states of affinity, of connection, and commitment to their own authentic being.

Additional information may be added at a later time.

We look forward to sharing in this program with you.

Many blessings to all.

See additional notes for potent information regarding these times of Re-emerging in our articles section.
See our article on the Nature of Egyptian Alchemy, as well as the nature of Sacred Sound Transmissions, for general information on the nature of these programs.


We are offering discounted  program fees for early registration.  See amounts above.  You may register on line at:
or call our offices Monday-Friday, 10 AM - 4:30 PM EST.
Or, mail or fax your registration information, check, or MC/VIsa credit information.
(See link above for add'l information)
fax 802.674.9586
Make Checks payable to "The Center of Light"
Mail:  PO Box 389
Ascutney VT 05030  USA

The program is being held at the exquisitely beautiful All Souls Church, Shelburne, VT.  (near Burlington)
(See directions below)

You can web search inns, hotels, or motels, in Shelburne, VT, S. Burlington, VT, or, Burlington, VT.
Shelburne is just south of Burlington, with numerous quality inns, motels, and hotels within a short distance.

Catered meals are available.
Local Restaurants are plentiful.

You can choose to bring your own lunch, join us in a delicious catered experience, or go out to eat.
Tea, coffee, water and some snacks are available all weekend (feel free to bring a snack to share!)

Catered Meals:
 Lunch, $14. each, Dinner $25, all 3 for $50. 
PLEASE REGISTER for meals with program registration.

We must have your paid reservation for meals by 4/15 if you wish to insure inclusion.

Lunch Sat
falafel with warm pita bread
tahini sauce and assorted fresh vegetables
cucumber feta salad
fruit skewers with yogurt dip
Sat. dinner
homemade crackers and assorted cheese plates
chicken or tofu curry
basmati rice
homemade rolls
spinach salad
vegan chocolate cake    
Lunch Sun
carrot ginger soup
turkey or vegetable wraps with quacamole and humus
cookies and fruit


291 Bostwick Rd
Shelburne, VT 05482
Fax: 802-985-3819

  1. From the North or South via (I-89),
    1.  take exit 13 onto I89
  2. Turn left onto Route 7, south to Shelburne (about 9 miles)
  3. Make your way through Shelburne Museum (on your right) and turn right at the light onto Bostwick Road
  4. Continue on Bostwick Road approximately 1 mile past Wake Robin (on left) to bridge
  5. IMMEDIATELY turn right once you have crossed the bridge onto Bostwick Farm Road
  6. Follow signs to All Souls (1st driveway on the left) and follow the road to its end.
From Burlington, proceed to Rt 7 South, take steps 2-6 above.
From Middlebury, NY state (Albany or N or W), take Rt 7 North, proceed to Bostwick Road in Shelburne, VT, and take steps 3-6 above.


Watch for notes on our other and future Illumination Programs:
 including Purified Tantric practices in

Awakening the Lion

In VT, Feb 20-22, 2009, and Switzerland in a  5 day retreat in 8/09
Other possible programs in Sedona, AZ, Greece, Bali

See additional information and other programs in "The ILLUMINATION OF CONSCIOUSNESS Series" here.


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