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News release, 4/2/09:


Zacciah Blackburn is, perhaps, one of the best known and most highly respected holistic practitioners and educators in the state of Vermont.  Blackburn is Director of the Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies, in Ascutney, where he offers trainings in personal spiritual development, a 3 year school in the therapeutic application of sound healing practices, and sacred journeys into natural power sites, and ancient sacred sites of New England, and the world, incorporating powerful and moving earth healing rituals and ceremonies.  He also offers private therapies.  He is Director of Education for the International Sound Healing Network, a community of over 600 individuals interested in developing further understanding of the nature and use of sound as a healing modality.  Sound has been incorporated in practices of healing, spiritual transformation, and acknowledging and accessing the Divine, in cultures worldwide, since the beginning of known history.  Basically all modern music is an evolution of this knowledge.

On April 18-19, 2009, Blackburn will be presenting the workshop, Transfiguration:  Embodying the New Consciousness, at the exquisite All Souls Church in Shelburne.  This program, like much of his work, guides participants into exploration, discovery, and development of the true nature of who we are as spiritual beings.  Blackburn utilizes esoteric practices of several spiritual traditions in which he is versed, to assist in those explorations, as well as the art of Sacred Sound Transmissions, which is a method of tapping into the unseen worlds of what some spiritual traditions would call, the pure realms of light and sound, to channel these through his unique 4 octave voice.   Participants in these practices often report that the combination of awareness practices with the sounds cascading down from Zacciah’s voice creates a highly personal visceral experience which is “life transforming,” often described as one of the most unique experiences in their lives.

This program, Transfiguration, speaks specifically to the nature of higher consciousness which composes our own unique spiritual form, and offers methods to recognize that, and draw it into our more mundane lives.  Blackburn reports that we are in a unique period of human history, spoken of by prophecies and elders of cultures world wide, as a time of incredible change and transformation in the human psyche.  Elders of many indigenous cultures, from the local Algonquin peoples, to the Hopi of the American southwest, the Maya and Toltec of Central American, to the Q’ero and Kogi of South America, speak specifically to this time and age of great prophetic change, often citing hundreds to thousands year old prophecies.  It parallels prophecies of the Bible, Vedic writings of India, Nostradamus of Europe, and so many other cultures which point specifically to this time in human history as a time of enormous change.

          Blackburn suggests that most cultures, worldwide, recognize and honor each of us as unique spiritual beings, who must honor and explore our own unique divinity, or part of Creation.  Those cultures often have rites of passage which both honor and offer their young, passages into this understanding, as they enter adulthood, and methods for furthering this understanding as they mature, to enter more awakened, or enlightened,  states of consciousness.  We, in the West, have forgotten much of these ancient teachings of our indigenous past, but are re-examining it as we seek deeper meaning in our lives.  This time correlates to end of the Hindu cycle of Kali Yuga, the age of darkness, in which we are, ‘the furthest from God,’ as we move back into Light, to the Maya Long Count Calendar, which prescribes 2012 as the end of one grand cycle, and the beginning of another, to the Christian prophecies of Revelaions, the Apocalypse, which literally means, “to lift the veils.”

          Blackburn believes this is indeed a time of “lifting of the veils,” but not of the horrific doomsday of some cultures’ beliefs, but a time of immense growth and change, rooted in our individual perception of reality.  By peering into ‘the other worlds,’ as many shamanic cultures call them, we can see into that greater reality, to incorporate it more readily into our lives and practices.  Blackburn’s practices offer unique opportunities to peer into that reality, where, he says, we can get a greater glimpse of who we truly are, and why we are here at this time.  Most people, Blackburn suggests, find that this discovery is stunningly beautiful, that we are indeed so much more than we commonly imagine, or have been led to believe.  Basing his teachings in the ancient esoteric understandings of Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism, Christian Mysticism, indigenous beliefs of North and South America, and the even more ancient teachings of Egypt, he states that we find common threads to the nature of our humanity, and our origins, and methods to discover for ourselves, who we truly are, and why we are here. 

Blackburn further states, that, “short of any dogmatic or authoritative approach, self examination and exploration are the tools which give us true knowing, and true belief.  This is steeped in the ancient Gnostic methods of so many cultures, which based their entire lifestyles upon these principals, incorporating their understanding, for instance, of true “knowing”, and ‘healing’ upon their actual meaning, of which many of us in the west have lost a grasp.  True knowing, even as defined by Daniel Webster, is “that which is derived from direct perception,” (from one’s own perception or experience.)   Healing is derived from ‘wholeness’, and ‘holiness.’  (Check your Webster’s!)  It is discovering and embodying our own holiness which actually brings us to the root of our true being.  This is the nature of true healing.  And, each of us must come to that true knowing from within our self, from our own experiences.  We cannot pass it off to any outside authority.  We must discover the source of our knowing within us.  And incorporate it into our daily lives, with authenticity, honesty, humility, and integrity.”


Blackburn’s practices are designed to bring us into this authenticity of being, of knowing, of wholeness, within our self.
More information can be found at his web site:

Or by calling his offices at 802.674.9585, or e-mail


Web page siting this particular practice:


Professional Associations:

  • Founder, Director, the Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies
  • Board Member, Director of Education, The International Sound Healing Network,
    • (formerly, The New England Sound Healing Research Institute)
    • Director of Conferences
  • Director, Co-Founder, World Sound Healing & All One Now Network
  • Board Member, Sound and Music Alliance
    • newly forming organization setting national standards of professional ethics and efficacy for the industry
  • Board Member, Associated Psychotherapists of Vermont
  • Advisory Board, member, Healing Music Organization
  • Member, Sound Healing Association
  • Honorary Board Member, The "BORYNA" Foundation Center Of Sound and Music Therapy, Poland
    •  The World Congress of Sound and Music Therapy


Zacciah Blackburn
The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies
Ascutney, VT  05030   USA

The many realms of Zacciah's trainings into the Illumination of Consciousness, including the Egyptian Mysteries, the Earth Mysteries, with  Indigenous trainings, and other program formats, and the Professional Sound Healers Trainings, will provide ever more revealing journeys in both professional explorations and more personal transformational opportunities, for those wishing to pursue the Mystery as revealed through use of our own awareness, guided exercises, esoteric energy practices, and Sacred Sound Initiations.

We welcome your requests for additional information regarding these programs.

Zacciah, and Staff
Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies




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Zacciah Blackburn is a sound healer trained in classical healing and shamanic traditions, and sacred sound cultures. 
Zacciah is Director of Education for the New England Sound Healing Research Institute,  &
Co-Founder of
the World Sound Healing & All One Now Organizations.

                                                                           Zacciah Blackburn,  The Center of Light

P.O. Box 389, Hidden Glen Road, Ascutney, VT 05030    USA           

Phone: 802-674-9585   Fax: 802-674-9586 

 E-mail:      Home Site:


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The  Center of Light in Vermont
Zacciah Blackburn
220 Hidden Glen Rd.
P.O. Box 389
Ascutney, VT  05030  USA

Phone: (802) 674-9585
Fax: (802) 674-9586
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