A Newsletter regarding:
 An evening prayer...thanks giving, 11/24/05

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A Newsletter regarding:
 An evening prayer...thanks giving, 11/24/05

Center of Light news, 11.24.05

Greetings on this Thanksgiving eve.

As we pass through this gracious day of Thanks Giving, and enter the days of preparation for the Feast of Dreams, the Winter Solstice, Hannukah, Christmas, New Year's, and so many high holy celebrations, I offer these prayers:

The world is at peace.
There is great joy in the world.
Are these statements true for you?
If not, what can we do to create them as truth?

A number of mails come through my box weekly, often daily, which get my attention regarding world events or human consciousness from a spiritual perspective.
I try to forward a number of these in my "Peace Prayers" list as I feel moved, and when I have time!

Several messages have come through of late I wanted to share with my entire list.  I rarely send them out to the entire newsletter list, as I know many of you feel beleaguered with the many mails you receive, so please bear with me.
The first is a message regarding the power of gratitude, and is rapidly circulating the web, considering the number of times it has passed by my mail box in the past several days.

What better time than Thanksgiving to consider the nature and power of gratitude!
All of the great teachers speak to the power of holding right attitude in our hearts and minds.
The power of prayer, magnifiied by the faith and abundance in knowing it is done, the power of joy in simple daily living, the power of compassion for all human beings, seeing the oneness of us all, the power of gratitude to every living one for every little thing that appears in our lives, all gifts from others, in some form, the power and reciprocity in acknowleding the kindness of others, both seen and unseen...!

The indigenous elders of so many nations are coming forward more and more to share similar messages, of the powers of consciousness, and how we can and must assist in the healing and transformation of this great planet.  It is WE whom must act now.

How are we to create the new paradigm we seek in being in this planet if we are not holding that paradigm within our hearts and minds at this time?

The power of realizing what we are seeking to attain is one of the most powerful tools I know in this world.  Holding that we wish to see.  Embracing, embodying it.  This truly is the key.  Acknowledging it is not outside of ourselves, we must be the keepers of wisdom, of power, of love, of joy, of peace.
If we wish world peace, are we holding peace in our thoughts, prayers, feelings, and actions?
If we wish healing, are we holding the space of wholeness within us?
If we wish abundance, are we holding, truly holding the abundance of life in our own consciousness, or are we sabotaging it with hidden thoughts of lowered self esteem?
If we wish joy, are we in joy at this time, in this place?
How can we ever reach what we imagine or wish for, if we do not hold that very thing within us?

It is time.
It is time to act.
It is time to be.
It is time to embrace and fully embody all we seek within this new paradigm.

That, by the way, is the concept we hold in the All One Now network.  And we hope to be announcing future events soon in our broadcast series.  We wish to further the work of all projects and organizations working to create this new paradigm we hold on Earth.

In relation to that, I find the following website working toward that goal.
I welcome you to view the messages regarding the power of gratitude, to see what is being shared here.  A worthy project, to bring us all a little closer to the power of gratitude, to honoring the deep reverence held within all life, for all life....many blessings:


Gratitude is one of the best tools for rapid acceleration of consciousness.  And it is so easy!  If we simply hold gratitude within our knowing, it will open the door for so much in our lives!!  TRY IT.  It is a CHOICE.  And we alone have the power to make that choice, with every choice we make, with every step we take!

I have in recent weeks seen a series of emails regarding N. American indigenous elders concerned over the potential of severe earth activities in the U.S. and elsewhere, given in vision, and how we must come together as a people to change the potential for severe changes.  I recently sent out news from the Otomi Toltec elders asking for prayers for the healing of this beautiful Earth.  I have just this week also been sent a mail from a Hawaiian Kahuna regarding a potential for volcanic activity in those isles.

The vision held by the Kahuna, and all of these elders, speaks to what I am suggesting.  That we hold the healing paradigm of that we seek, versus being in a reactive stance to that we witness or imagine will be, or has been, in the world, and in our lives.
We will not end war by fighting wars.  Most of us are at least that far along. 
We will not end injustice as long as we are being judgemental in even our daily lives.
We must become the tonic we wish others to take.
We must become the healers, AND the healing waters.
We will not be healed by focusing on ours' or others' suffering, by focusing on those we perceive as less or less righteous than ourselves, or living in fear of what might be.
While not wishing to deny the suffering in the world, or the realities persistent to destabilize peace and goodness for all life, I ask us all to come more and more to the place of fullness within our hearts, to hold and build the eternal light of well being within us, for each other, and for this gracious planet. 
For this, I am grateful.

Build it, and PASS IT ON!!  Give to others that which you seek!

Many thanks to you all.
The message from Hawaii follows.
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Please forward this to all on your list whom might benefit.
Blessings to all.
May we all come to stability and peace within ourselves.
May the Light of Creation prosper within us all.
Zacciah Blackburn
The Center of Light



I have just received a call from another Kahuna like myself to call together Lightworkers and Indigenous peoples across the world to hold the following visualization;

Call forth all Beings of Light and Love from this dimension and beyond, our
Star Family, our Ancestral Spirits, and ask them to join us in surrounding
the tops of the volcanoes HUALALAI and MAUNA KEA with our powerful Love and
Light. Envision the caps of these volcanoes IN TACT and the sadness and
anger of our Goddess Pele calmed and soothed. See our Spirits visiting her
and bringing our Love to her, our compassion for her anguish over the
disrespect and irreverence of this Sacred lands and her volcanoes.  Let our
compassion create a new understanding that will reveal solutions to these
problems that result in human lives being safe from harm, especially in the
Kona area of this island. Let our Love create a Powerful Light of protection and reverse the potential for eruption...see the caps of these Sacred mountains IN TACT and the Goddess Pele receiving our compassion and

Please send this forth to all your peoples...I ask this on behalf of the
Hawaiian people and on behalf of my Ancestral Spirits, to join in this
Legion of Light.

Mahalo nui loa,


This simple form of prayer may be considered for all regions of the world in suffering or turmoil, all regions not at peace, all regions in need of healing. By embodying, truly embodying, that we seek to offer, and planting those seeds of peace and well being, we shall find the end to suffering. It allways begins within.

May all beings be happy.
May all beings be at peace.
May all beings know their true divinity
and live it to its fullness.
May I hold the light and the torch of truth and understanding within my own heart and being. May I carry the love and compassion for others I yearn to see in all. May I be the one courageous enough to stand in joy, in true freedom, and abundance of spirit, and share it freely with all I meet.

May it be so.
And, so, it is.


C Zacciah 2005
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Zacciah Blackburn is a sound healer trained in classical healing, shamanic traditions, and sacred sound cultures, and is practicing in Ascutney, VT, USA, at the Center of Light.   Zacciah facilitates workshops to bring us closer to our personal truth, as well as private counseling and sound healing.  He brings with him a warmth and radiance that exudes through his work.  He invites energies of various sacred cultures to assist us in our work.  He is Director of Education at the New England Sound Healing Research Institute, and is co-founder of the World Sound Healing and All One Now organizations.



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