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I hope the New Year is blessing you with its tremendous radiance & strength!  Imbolc, and Brigit's fire, is nearly upon us!  The warmth of the sun, even through these coldest of days, is becoming apparent.  The sap is already beginning to rise in many plants.  Prepare yourself!

Many changes are upon us.
Many elders and teachers are asking us to prepare.
Begin to embrace and embody the changes you seek to make.  Know them as being, already, a part of yourself.

Take time to reflect upon the goodness you are, that you hold.
Realize your higher truth can outshine the other aspects you have learned to 'be,' and have been taught to imagine you are.
So many of those in the other worlds tell us we are so much more than we have imagined, so much greater, so much light!

Step into who you are.

In recent months, I have been working more with words of power, affirmations, what I like to call 'acclaimations,' or, hekau.
I find it richly invigorating and stimulating to remind ourselves, to be ever mindful of the deeper nature of who we are.
It also assists us to supplant the depleting thoughts and beliefs so many of us have implanted in our mind and being, to replenish, and rebuild, literally, the neural network of our being!
I welcome you to join me.  

Take some time to yourself.  

  • Quieten the inner landscape of your being.
  • Take a few deep breaths.  Settle in to the inner tapestry of feeling, awareness, and abundance.
  • Light a candle.
  • Light some incense, sacred herbs, or aroma candle.
  • Put on some uplifting music.  (I am currently listening to Snatam Kaur & others, in Heart of Compassion.)

Breathe it in, be with it, and slowly announce, and receive, words such as these into the core of your being.

  • Let them reside, be with you, sink, and resonate deep within.
  • Let them arise from within your center, or plant them as seeds in the fertile and nurtured garden of your soul.
  • Let arise words of your own keeping and being, what is suitable for you at this time.
  • Or freely borrow from these.
  • Allow them to stir your own languaging if you choose.
  • Many blessings.

May we all come into the power of peace and well being.
May we all experience the joy and serenity of our own divine nature.
May we all discover who we truly are.
For it may not be til that time that we can cast aside the differences in our splendor,
but revel in the beauty of our uniqueness and similarities with the same breath of awe.
Many blessings:

  • I am ready to accept my own lightness and truth in my being.
  • I am ready to accept my own power and abundance.
  • In a sacred way, I receive my power and abundance.
  • In a sacred way, I reside in my lightness and truth.
  • In a sacred way, I come into harmony with all beings, with all life.
  • In a sacred way, I am an emissary of light in this world.
  • In a sacred way, I choose a path of well being; of fullness, and complete awareness.
  • In a sacred way, I see through the veils of illusion, see into other worlds, the power and beauty which resides herein.
  • In a sacred way. I embody the fullness of my being, that I might be the sacred carrier of wisdom and divinity which I am.
  • In a sacred way, I take part in the universal unfolding.
  • In a sacred way, I reside within harmony and well being, with all living things.
  • In a sacred way, I am that I am.

Take a few moments to sit with these words, resonances of power, with in you.
Walk more gently as you emerge back into the Garden of your life, in well being.


  • We invite you to enjoy a vigorous & enlivening WEBCAST INTERVIEW with Zacciah
  • Some of my own journey into awakening, and:
    • the Harmonic Convergence
    • awakening of the Divine Feminine 
    • what we can do to help us evolve in our own time and practice
    • what is occuring right now, elders' prophecies
    • Earth awareness, and so much more
    • How to approach sacred sites.

A healthy conversation into the nature of consciousness, and of our times:

These are powerful and transformative times.
I find so many of us are so caught up in the powers of the moment, we too often forget to take the time to move with the moment, to be present, or to transform!  So many I speak with are feeling the collapsing of time, the stress of too much to do in our lives; we often forget about being present, taking time for ourselves, to nourish, to be, to discover, to be in joy!

It is easier than we imagine, to be fully present, to be awake, when we have allowed ourselves to be 'locked in' to what is seemingly occurring, or seemingly important in the moment, but what is really depleting us, obsolete, illusory, or illusional.
Does it nourish us?  Does it feed us?  Does it enliven us?  Is it part of our passion?
If the answer is yes, we are on track.  But if not, we need to find the pathway to self discover.
When we cannot slow down, be fully present, or experience the greater states of knowing, it can take our mind away from realizing how easy it is, how full and beautiful we are, and our experience is; to be in our joy and passion.
It does not mean we do not meet challenges in our life, but that we meet them with joy, with wisdom, with clarity, with grace of who we are!

If you need some time, or help, to take those moments, to come into deeper reflection or awareness of who you are, of why we are here, of what is occuring at this time in your life, and planetarily, of what to plant more fruitfully in your life, I highly encourage you to come to one of our programs.

Inevitably, the vast majority of participants find these programs not only deeply stimulating, but profoundly moving, enriching, and life transforming.

Take a moment, reflect on them.  Feel which one appeals to you.  And, step into it.

We offer them in a sacred way, in service, from higher guidance, to assist us, each, and all, in this time of great transformation.
Many take us right where we need to go, into self illumination, into service for our greater good, and into planetary service.

We invite you, joyfully, to join us.
We look forward to joining you in the journey.

Many blessings to all.  
Shalom, Salaam, Absa, Shanti, Vrede, Pau, Sidi, Mir, Waki Qiwebis, Peace be with you.
Zacciah Blackburn
and the Staff