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What is Love?
A Study of the Nature of Reality and How We Shape It.
One of an ongoing series of Articles  
                       ~~Zacciah Blackburn, PhD



We are god.

I could say we are part of God, but as long as we imagine we are separate from the very heart and source-point of Creation, we are not in realization of our full potential and nature.

We are god.

When we enter this realization, all else fades away, and we must come to terms with the intangible realization that there is nothing else, nothing but God.

There is nothing but God.  All is God.

We can rest here, in the One Infinite Mind, but we cannot rest, for we are the One Infinite Mind springing into Life through all Form, every pure thought manifesting into conscious, sentient form, a part of our self, and yet, like the hologram, holding all within it.  It is our thought and action which bring all life into manifest form.

We can rest here, and,  be the One Infinite Mind, or choose to be, to spring into, one reflection of the Infinite Mind in our individual expression of that One True Pure Consciousness existing in, and pervading all life form.  We may remember, but we may forget, then, we are the One Pure Infinite Consciousness pervading All Life.

We are that One Infinite Mind, which pulses across the universe, springing into Life, thriving through Life, and each life form, reflecting back upon itself with awe, the wonder of its own Creation, with great love, the beauty and grandeur it has sparked into Life.  What Beauty.  What Wonder, the grand paradox, the Great Mystery revealing itself to us, through us;  We Are It.

We are the One Spark, we are the One Mind.  Breathing, speaking into existence all we have known, do know, and yearn to know, now.  All in conscious equilibrium, conscious co-existence.
We are the One Voice, the One Mind, of Creation, which makes this so.

We thrive through Life.  Then, yearn for our self, and breathe another into existence.

Through doubt of our one great existence, we breathe life into another, then forget.  We are One.

And we begin, again, the Dance of Life.

Pure Consciousness, and Pure Life Force.

Breathing into, expressing through and within each other.
We become the tangible intangible.  The Infinite form, which forgets to look back upon itself, and realize it is but One Form, One Life, One Mind.

We have forgotten our place, our Self, our One Mind, lost in the ventures of the many reflections of our self, the many appearances of LifeTimes.

We hear the Love calling, or expressing, and think it is our self.  Or, a yearning for our self.

It is.
It is the intangible heart calling for Life to Reveal Itself.  To breathe, again, the One True Heart, the One True Mind.
We hear the calling, and Love is born, expressed through one reflection for another.  The Pulse of Life longing for itself.

What is this Love, calling us to it, and yearning so to send it forth to others in our life?

Perhaps it is Gravity,

The pulse of life drawing life unto itself.  That magnetic yearning to replicate itself, to give Life unto itself, or some part of it, it does not recall is but another part of itself.  It appears separate.

Perhaps it is the Electric Spark charging itself with Life, arcing its own awareness into that pulse frequency of Life, naming itself, calling it forth, birthing it into action, into manifest form, in harmony with its own rhythm and  pulse, its own purpose, to seed life, to feed life, create and sustain it, allow for its expression, then transform it, so that there can be yet another.  And, another.
Come, let us be part of Life.

Let us be in the Dance of Remembrance.
Remembering each other as but a spark of our own Heart, of but the One Heart.
See the glimmer of Reality in each other’s eyes, hear it in our Voice, sing it in our Songs.  The Dance of Life.  The Spark of Life.  The Jewel.  Giving, and Receiving, in Harmony with All Life.  Radiant for all who see it.  Abundant for those who realize it radiates from within their self.

Here it is, the Gravity of It.
Giving, and Receiving, in Harmony with All Life.

And, yet, the two are One.  The Yin, and the Yang.  There is but One.
The seed of one is in the other.  The one arises from the other, and yet, it, gives birth to the one.
The two are One.  There is no other.

One Mind, One Heart, the source point of All.

We can choose to be in remembrance, or we can be in forgetfulness of our true nature.

It is a Dance, it is a spark, it is a calling of Love into action, though, always, it is a calling to remembrance.  Do you remember me?  I remember you.  I stare into your eyes and see but a reflection of this One Cosmos, in Love with Itself, Dancing through another.

And, yet, another is born.

It is the unconditional love, the unconditional remembrance, that we are all of the same Spark, the same Mind, the same Heart.  How could we not love each other?


May we each, remember.

Many blessings,