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WHAT IS HAPPENING:  Letting Go of Chaos
                       ~~Zacciah Blackburn, PhD   11.10.13


Full moon over Montcayo, Zaragosa, Spain, 10/18
 Last week I spoke of the current dance of Sun and Moon, with full lunar/solar eclipses at play, and other astrological alignments occurring as well.
These are having an ongoing impact, as we approach the new moon and solar eclipse this coming weekend.  
Beyond even this, though, I wish to remind you, that we are in time of incredible change, planetarily, that impacts all of us, both personally, and collectively.  It is beyond any one of us.  It is extraordinarily beneficial to keep this in mind.  As we move through one wave after another of cleansing, uplifting energies, in which the Universe is, fundamentally, asking, please, come, be a Part.  Be a Part of All You Are, All That Is.  We are asking you.
Asking you shed your overgrown skin.  To let go of all that is not serving you.  All that has gone on before.  All that makes you feel unworthy.  
All that weighs you down.  All unresolved grievances, tragedies, traumas, fears, and losses.  All shame and judgment brought on by others, but especially yourself.
Let go of all of that.It is not serving you.It is holding you back.
Let go of all belief s
ystems that do not serve you.  Those learned in this life, and those encoded genetically though generations, centuries, eons of misbeliefs and mistruths we have lived amidst in our societies, that are not based in the Principles of Life, of this Greater Mystery of the Cosmos.

I was reminded of all of this just this past week, as I stepped outside of my back door, and witnessed my beautiful and beloved Catalpa tree its fall dance, sheddingits 'skin.'  It has a one day dance, in which, in the spring, almost all of its leaves open in one day, most of its blossoms, similarly.And, in the fall, practically all of its leaves are shed in one day.

This was that d
Here I was, once again, seeing the magical wisdom of the Cosmos reflected in the daily wisdom of the Earth.  This sacred tree, honoring the path of life, letting it all go.  All that it was beyond, all it no longer needed.  All that no longer served it.  A continual drop of leaves, throughout the whole day, a perpetual rain, until almost none were left.  
What a gift to witness this.
And, what a teacher, to remind me to be so humble, to be so true, to let all this go which does not serve me.  I, truly, was brought to gratitude and humility by this simple lesson.  Just let go of what is not serving.

All of the stress and chaos is being caused by this time between worlds.  We have been in one, we are entering another.   A high
er state of consciousness, a greater state of Being.  The Earth has already shifted.  The Cosmos is supporting it through waves generated through the Heart of our Galaxy.  Even science reports such things, though it does not know all it is reporting.  (All supported in earlier news.)  

We are entering a heightened frequency.  Until it is stabilized, we may experience chaos and stress in our lives.  But we can reduce it tremendously by the choices we make.  By FOCUSING our awareness and attention on those higher states.  Of who We TRULY ARE.  In alignment with the greater Principles of Life and Light.  As the Elders say, in Harmony with All Life.
We have spoken deeply about this before, we have shared many meditations in our articles and news, and certainly in our practices, to assist those in need, or who have found the community of support so beneficial, when engaging in these practices.
That which we focus our awareness and attention upon, is what creates our reality.  
That which we focus our awareness and attention upon, is what creates our reality.
May we each, humbly realize, that we are part of Creation.  That we are part of the mechanisms of Creation.  The more we come to realize this, and take responsibility for what we have created, in our own lives, the more easily and readily we can make choices to alter our reality, to bring it into greater Harmony with All Life.  
It is through our choices, individually, and collectively, that we have come to where we are.  It is through those same choices, from this moment forth, that we create what occurs next.We are told over and over again, we do not realize how much each thought and deed impacts our reality.  
We are told we cannot even imagine how great we truly are.  We are told we cannot imagine what is about to take place on this Great Planet.We are told we are all a part of it, and what choices we make, here, and now, is what will create the final outcome for this Great Planetary Shift.  
It is UP TO EACH ONE OF US, to make mindful choices, to enter Light, to embrace it, to dissolve the encumbrances, to give up the differences, to enter compassion, and forgive others, and ESPECIALLY ourselves, for all we have 'perceived' that we have wronged.
It is up to each one of us.
We are far more beautiful and powerful beings than most of us imagine.
We are immense beings of Luminous Wisdom and Potential, with extraordinary powers to Create.One Luminous Master once said, "Do ye not know that ye are Gods?"  Another said, "Do you not know that you are already Awake, that you are already a Buddha?  It is only your illusion of separation that causes the suffering and dissatisfaction, which does not allow you to directly perceive it."
We are whole and magnificent beings.
May we come to recognize it, and join in the Luminous Procession of Holy Ones of All Realms, waiting to embrace us, as part of that Family of Creation, sons and daughters of that Most High, that Most Holy, that most Whole. 
Let us gather our Nebulous thoughts and actions, and conspire to Create form and manifestation, that will permeate our Lives, our Homes, our Families, our Society, our Planet, all of Creation, with Beauty, Joy, and Harmony.
In a Sacred Way.

May it be so.
Many blessings.