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We Are In Heaven (and many of us don’t even know it!) 

--Zacciah Blackburn 

Have you ever considered this?  Or, better, realized it.
We are living in Heaven.
Why have we created it any less? 
We are living in Heaven.
The Creator/Creatrix, and all it’s manifestors have assisted in creating heaven on earth….or, perhaps, earth in heaven.  What is heaven? 
It is still some conceptual kingdom with a guy on a throne up there some place?
Hopefully, we have grown beyond that. 
But what is it?  Where is it? How do we access it? 
One of the most talked about prophets on the planet stated distinctly, in two different conversations regarding the subject, that “The Kingdom of Heaven is Within,” and, “The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand.”
Without getting into scholarly debate over the meaning of these, it suggests to me that one of the most highly respected and revered spiritual teachers on the planet believed it to be an eminent thing…not some distant or post mortem experience. 
This is my experience. 
Creation unfolded in a mysterious, complex, and miraculous manner.  Whether you feel that it unfolded by sheer chance & happenstance, or with intelligent guidance, over 4 billion years, locally, or 5600, look at the NATURAL creation around you.  I emphasize natural, as I believe once the hand of man got involved in the evolution of things, we got a little carried away from the core nature and harmony existent in the natural or celestially inspired unfolding of Creation.  
Whether on a desert island, a lakeside oasis, wooded glens, or arid plains, I have not been to a place on Earth relatively untouched or unspoiled by human development, where I have not felt the beauty, wisdom, intelligence, joy, peace, and unconditional love of the benevolent forces behind Creation.  Now understandably, I may not survive in my natural element easily on a scorching desert floor, a 27,000’ mountain peak, or above the Arctic circle, for that matter.  Though there are those people living in those regions, and some find them most heavenly, I do not especially see that those were the prime areas intended for human survival.  
Nonetheless, every place I step, where humanity has done little to intervene, I feel the spirit and wellness of Heaven present.  
It is my experience, and belief, that all was and is Created, naturally, in a manner befitting the heaven we live in. 
It is only the human experience which subdues those qualities I may then yearn for or lust after. 
It is a state of mind. 
If I choose to recognize, honor, and revere the Beauty of Creation, I will live in the bounds of Heaven. 
If I choose to nullify my existence, or the existence of others, with ongoing conditions of shame, guilt, remorse, anger, fear, pride, hatred, unacceptance or intolerance, I may truly disqualify myself from the existence of a heavenly state. 
Indeed, many great teachers have suggested over and over, that we are all Divine Beings, living in a state of Divine Grace, and if we are not experiencing that, it is merely an illusion built out of our own ignorance, suffering, attachment, or delusion.
ONCE we have understood, and choose to give up all that we imagine separates us from a state of Heavenly Grace, we shall experience it.  It exists here, just as the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand, or Within. 
We can experience both ways.  It is just before us.  It is completely within us.
Touching either will guide us to the ecstasy of union of all that is within and without. 
By moving our awareness to a fertile beach, explore a thunderstorm with our children or grandchildren, amaze ourselves with the wondrous beauty of a dragonfly darting over a pond at dusk, a moth draped over our doorscreen, or a beetle crawling upon the crevasses of a piece of bark in the wood, we enter the fertile plain of heavenly consciousness.  It exists and resides within each of us.  And, we live upon a most fertile rock thrust deep into the spaces of heaven, cavorting about a golden sun, amidst galaxies and universes of other suns and stones. 
Heaven is among us.
Heaven is within us.
Heaven is before us.
Sit upon the porch and watch a subtle waterfall from clouds on the horizon, stunned by the evening pinks of sunset, or sunrise.  
Sit upon the avenue of stars over your home, wherever you live, and thrive.
If you cannot see them, get your loved ones into the car and drive until no city lights are evident out your back window, turn right until the road dies, and lay in the closest field or pasture after midnight on a clear and moonless night. 
Heaven is among us.
It is up to us to create it among we ourselves.
If we have not created heaven, if we have chosen to move our life and lifestyle away from the pearly gates of mountains and arid vistas, then move again.  Move to a place that does not sustain hunger.  Hunger of the mind and spirit are as unlivable as hunger of the body. 
Move to a way of life that does not sustain pollution and toxicity of the planet. 
Move to a way of life that does not elect cold and irreverent leaders, whom do not understand the unity of humanity, under one nameless Creator/Creatrix, with many thousands of faces and names since given, since time began. 
Stake claim in reality.
Do not blame others for what you yourselves have yet to see or live, or accomplish. 
WE LIVE In Heaven. 
Heaven upon Earth.  Earth within Heaven. 
What formless creator created a world not part of his or hers? 
What silly religion imagines Earth is not part of Heaven, not part of the Heavenly Creation?  Who imagines that Heaven only exists within the subtle worlds, the after worlds, or places apart from our own Heavenly Existence? 
Whom believes this apple tree was not created by the Creator?
Is it even logical to imagine an Almighty Creator did not Create All That Exists?
Then it is time to imagine we must revere all of Creation, for it stems from that Creator. 
It is Time.
Heaven Exists.
It is Here. 
Won’t you join us? 

 Zacciah Blackburn