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Wake Up!
                       ~~Zacciah Blackburn, PhD  
                                      07.22 - 08.14.16  


Message from the author:  I have recently returned from practices for 6 weeks in Europe, with much time in Spain.
This included a good deal of personal and ceremonial time with Grandfather Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, Head of the Guatemala National Council of Elders and 13th Generation Mayan Priest of his lineage.  He has been spreading his message, based in the Mayan teachings, that it is time for us to awaken.  As I have been saying, the Time is Now.  He has inspired me to carry that torch onward!

Wake up!
It is time we wake up.

Let us claim the right of our Divine inheritance.
Let us cast off the veils and shadows of doubt, of confusion and illusion, of despair, of self-absorption, and claim the ownership of our lives and of our pursuits!
Let us cast off the daggers of self-annihilation, of guilt and remorse, of sadness and uncertainty, which keep us from the realization of our fundamental goodness!
Let us Stand in the light of the Sun, and cast it into the world from within our own Illumined Heart.
Let us gather in this Light with all of our Relations!!

Stand up!
Wake up!
Let us join the community of souls doing their life’s work, furthering the evolution of this Earth within the Realms of Creation and not outside of it, as if we were separate and not a part of this Gracious Whole!
Let us stop standing alone, then pretending there is no one with us.
Let us find our community, and find our Selves within that community!
They are all around us, perhaps waiting, like we, to claim our dignity, and, to share our visions.
If we cannot see them, it may be because we are behind locked doors, afraid of what stands before us.
Let us unlock those doors, and come out of our self-inflicted darkness!

Come out into the sun.
Illumine yourself.
Embrace it.
Embody it.
Emanate the sun from within our own hearts!

Step out of the closets of fear and self-exile.
No one else is before us.
And yet, many have passed this way before.
And each of them tells us, 
All arises from within.
We are our own savior.
“We are the Ones we have been waiting for.” (-Hopi)
No one else can do it for us.
We can and do and shall help each other.
Come out!
Wake up!
Stand among the community of Angels!!