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To Make Enough:  To be Satisfied   
More from our Morning Reflections series
                       ~~Zacciah Blackburn, PhD




A Morning Reflection:

On this Solstice Morning, we wake, watching each ray of Light enter the Night, until we are overcome with the Beauty of the World, and share this offering, with you.



To Make Enough:  To be Satisfied  

I have enough, I am enough, there is enough, I am good enough. 

These are some of the under-riding currents of emotions and belief encodings which inherently emanate through our field of existence (our biofield, or energy field,) and, guide and persuade us in our dreams, our drives and accomplishments, and our sense of fulfillment in this world.  They should be tangible, guiding principles in our lives.  If not, their opposites, I do not have enough, I am not enough, there is not enough, or, I am not good enough, may obscure and dissuade us as obstacles and illusions in this world, in our perspectives of the world, and our attainments within it.

These first energetic imprints are absolutes, which we are birthed with us, as part of our inherent nature, framed within the constitutional nature of the Cosmos.  They rest within the encodings of our biofield and chakra system.  They can be diminished or distorted through lifetimes of imprints, from this and other lives, with the second set of encodings, which can override or obscure the first primary set with apparent hindrances and obstacles which we have individually and/or collectively bought into through our belief systems or emotional experiences.  In the absolute worlds of reality, as defined by living and past master teachers of the principles of universal wisdom, the universe is composed of that which allows and compels us to thrive, with an abundance of all that we are and need, working in cohesive union with these universal principles.  If it is not working, that wisdom suggests we reflect, or search, within, to distinguish the over-riding principles or beliefs which dissuade us to believe there is not enough.  Other teachings would suggest we simply take the time to feel into the pulse or rhythm of life up-swelling through us, which will bring us into a harmonious flow with this universal underpinning.  We, then, can feel that underlying undulation of Universal pulse ebb and flow through our lives, guiding and supporting us in its abundance and beauty.

Among the many world spiritual traditions, I find that Buddhism, as a living tradition, articulates the nature of reality, our part in it, and how to come to full realization as a living being in this or future lifetimes, as well as any other tradition.  Most of us are familiar with the Buddha’s directives of desirelessness, and, that desire is the underlying cause of our suffering.  In early Tibetan Buddhism, this wisdom often was based in an understanding of the state of satisfaction or dissatisfaction, which may feel more understandable, and achievable, in our lives.

But what do these really mean?  Please, don’t imagine that I am going to read directly from the Buddha’s or Padme’s* mind (*Padme, or Padmesambhava, was the father of Tibetan Buddhism.)  But, I will offer my interpretations of this wisdom, as it has unfolded through my life and studies.

To be without desire is our ultimate goal or method of achieving full realization of our ultimate potential, as stated in Buddhism.  But, how realistic is this, and, how is this achieved?  The state of satisfaction can help us understand and approach this state.  And, in this state, we have all that we could possibly imagine or want within this place of pure awareness, and being.  And, this allows for the realized state to emerge and become an absolute within our lives.

As many of you know, I am a great enthusiast for word origins.  In my early twenties, when I was first channeling sacred writings, I regularly did not fully understand the context of any number of words I was writing.  I eventually turned to a dictionary, that, often, still did not make sense of what I was writing, until I looked at the word origins, the original meanings of the words.  This often made the sentences become complete and insightful.  And, often, deep, rich meaning would arise from within them.  To me, the word origins have become like the “Bija seeds” of English.  From the original meanings, the energy within the words, and the sounds themselves, what is being spoken, make them alive and complete, and hold, or manifest, the essence of what they are, or, represent.

To desire arises from the meaning, “without heaven.”
Now, if I sit and ponder this for awhile, I am complete.  It enlivens the meaning of desirelessness (I am with heaven!)
And, I come to the realization, rather easily, that if I desire something, I cannot have it.
As long as the desire is there, it cannot be attained.  The two are in conflict with each other.  For as long as I desire it, the very inherent quality of the state of desire keeps me from experiencing or attaining it.
Once I have it, once I realize it, I no longer desire it.  Without that desire, I am complete.
And, the state of heaven is our ultimate desire, according to most spiritual traditions, though we may choose to articulate that state in a different way, or choose to call it something else.

I cannot have both, desire, and the object of my desire.

This brings the magic of understanding, that I must manifest that which I seek, from within me.  I must be as if it is so.  I must realize it.  And this, in itself, will make it so. 

And, indeed, this brings in even a richer understanding from Buddhism, for we are part of the whole.  And, indeed, in the ultimate reality, we are the Whole.  So, I was never without it anyway.  “There is nothing to be done,” the Buddha would say.

At perhaps a more practical level, let us look at the object of our desires.  Better living conditions, a more fulfilling relationship, or, a greater sense of wellness or empowerment, might be some common driving goals in our lives.  If I can find a method to peer beneath these, to look at root cause of my dissatisfaction, or what it is I really want, I will usually find that it is a sense of wholeness, of connection, of love, or satisfaction, that I am truly seeking; to feel complete, to feel ‘enough.’  Where there is dissatisfaction, or lacking, or, ‘not enough,’ the object can take my awareness away from my true determination, which is satisfaction, wholeness, or completion.  If we can focus on these principles, the true nature of our desires, and of satisfaction, enough, or completion, we can more readily find the methods to become complete, to become whole, to be satisfied.

In our culture, in our families and our society, many of us have been taught the beliefs that there is not enough, or we are not good enough.  It can take time to pierce these illusions.  But, they are not truths.  They are based in a false sense of reality, which may be encoded in us generationally, as well as through lifetimes of misuse or abuse of our natural states.  But, beneath them, is a greater truth of pure and absolute resonance which is in harmony with universal resonance.  We must work to find methodology to dissolve these encumbrances of misbelief and mistruth, and turn our focus upon the higher truths of our inherent nature.  To focus on, or, to realize the highest truths, or ideals, does complete this equation.  When wrestling with these truths some decades ago, I was fortunate to have the guidance to focus on ‘Pure Mind,’ to “Be Pure Mind.”  This understanding was a turning point in my own path to realization, and remains a key mantra in my path.  It is what I am.  What we all are.  And we can focus on such mantras as, “I am Pure Mind,” along with others:

I am Whole.

I am Complete.

I am without desire.

I am with Heaven.

When I can hold myself in this state, in this place, the riches of the vast empires of the Heavens are bestowed upon me, the diamond realms of light, wisdom, and grace, cascade down upon and through my crown to bathe my entire essence with the True Knowing of this realization. 

I am Whole.

I am Complete.

I am with Heaven.

For many, this alone can bring completion and satisfaction.  Allow it to be a mantra that resonates with these key elements of truth, the ‘Bija seeds’ of their inherent qualities voiced within them.  And, with the inherent imprints of, “I am enough; There is enough”, resonating through my field.

Yet, I know some of us would like an even more practical application of this understanding, in our everyday lives!  So, let us look more at the nature of satisfaction.  And, the wisdom that might arise from this reflection.

Satisfaction, in its origin, means to ‘make enough.’

Ahh, now there is great insight just in this word meaning!

To Make Enough.  Where am I not making enough?  What am I not making enough of?  I immediately am thrown back to the song of the endeared prophets, “And, in the End, the Love you Take, is equal to the Love you Make.” (-the Beatles, Abbey Road.)
There it is! They had it down.  Even ‘way back then.’  The Law of Creation, The Law of Attraction, The Law of Cause and Effect, all wrapped up in this simple phrase.  What we call Karma, in Eastern mysticism, as well as Ayni, the Law of Reciprocity, in Peruvian Mysticism.
It is the law of Creation.  It is all about how we make and create our own reality, our own Satisfaction.  In the end, we must take responsibility for this.  If we want it, we must make it.  Cause and Effect.  It is a simple order.

So, are we creating our Satisfaction?  Are we making enough?
If not, why not?
What is keeping us from it?

Really, let us ask ourselves, what outside of our selves is keeping us from it?
First, I might ask, are we taking responsibility for our reality, and the outcome of our choices and actions?
If we are not satisfied, can we not step into our power and simply make it so?

If we cannot see into this simple reality, we may be lost in the illusion of powerlessness, and the belief that it is someone else creating our reality, or the mistruths, the misperceptions that ‘there is not enough,’ or, ‘I am not good enough.’  These are mistruths, because they are not based in the absolute reality of our grandeur as realized beings, loving grace-filled beings, descendants of Creation, who resonate, in our higher planes in these absolute expressions of abundance and joy.

What is keeping us from realizing this?  Perhaps it is what we are focusing on, what we are wanting, desiring.  Perhaps we are focusing on these lower vibrational states where we have been taught to believe there is not enough, or we are not good enough, rather than our true essence or potential, where we not only deserve ‘it,’ but we are ‘it!’  Perhaps we are not able to create a brand new Mercedes (though I feel that is an absolute possibility,) ……. at our doorstep, this instant.
But, by understanding this fundamental principle of cause and effect, of responsibility for our actions and our own satisfaction, we can turn the tide of dissatisfaction in an instant!  To realize that it is a state of satisfaction that is what we truly want, and, which makes us feel whole and complete, we can simply choose, in this one moment, to feel satisfied.  What is keeping us from it!?

When we take responsibility for our satisfaction, just in this one moment, we take responsibility for what makes us satisfied, and, in turn, for our Wholeness and Completion.  And, we spin the Wheel, the Wheel of Life.  The Wheel spins the tides of emotion and reality, of time and space, and the realms of Infinite Potential, to the place of our liking, to this place of our satisfaction, should we allow it, should we choose it.  And we can choose what makes us satisfied.  What makes us complete, what it is we truly seek. 

Should we emanate it, should we become, no, be that which we seek, should we choose to be satisfied, we find it already is so.  Because I believe and manifest it, with no doubt in my heart!**  We are what is sometimes called, the Wish Fulfilling Jewel.  We need only hold in our awareness that jewel we seek.  And be that jewel.
What is that jewel for you?
If it is a literal diamond of wealth and abundance, that is achievable.
But, let us understand where this process begins.
We must hold the diamond of abundance within our psyche, within our power centers, within our field of Knowing, in order to produce it.  There is enough.  I am enough.  (“If you have NO DOUBT in your heart….” -Mark 11:23.**)

So, we must say:

I must become the emanation of abundance.
No, I am the emanation of abundance.
I have it in my field.  I am that.  I am satisfied.

Now, I am complete.
I am without wanting, without desire.
I am in Heaven.

I keep saying, it is that simple.
Others, in their psyche, may say, it can’t be that simple.

And, for them, it may not be.
For, the powers of Creation, the Laws of Cause and Effect, hear that powerful storm of lacking and disbelief, and rage through our field of existence to create just that, that which our beliefs and emotions sow.  It is what we want, which powers the storm.
It is what we have that relieves it.

It is what we are that tempers the field of our existence into a pristine diamond of love and cherishment.  Can we cherish life?  Can we cherish the joy of being as the diamond of our abundance, and the jewel of our existence?
Once this is done, the diamonds will be seen all around us, like the diamonds sparkling in this field of pure snow in the late day sun.


Many blessings to all,

Zacciah, and those who walk with him.