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Time As We Know It

~Zacciah Blackburn


As we sit upon the precipice of this sacred full moon, the presence of the moment swirls about me.  The nature of time, again, comes into focus.

We have heard much ado about Time recently.  Time is altering.  Time is shifting.  Time is speeding up.  It is almost time for the Great Shift, the New Millennium to occur, in 2012, that magical gateway pointed at by so many in the Maya Calendar as “The End of Time as We Know It.”   Some say it is the End of the World.  Some say it is the Beginning of the New Age.

The Maya simply say it is the end of one era and the beginning of a new one, though they have much more to say about it (listen to Maya Elder Mercedes Longfellow speak about this time cycle from a Maya perspective in our archived interview with her at


But, back to the present moment, standing beneath the grayed sky of clouds under this full blue moon of May, 2007.


Listening to, feeling, how alive, and how present I feel whenever I am amidst the grandeur of nature, I realize how often I allow, instead, the swirling of time about me. I begin to realize, it may not be that time is speeding up.  Rather, we are being asked to be present.  To fully embrace the fullness of whom we truly are, unlimited beings of immense consciousness and power.  To be fully present, requires us to give up our thoughts and stress of distant times, whether past or future.  To be fully present, is to Be Here Now, as the Hindu mystics and Richard Alpert so kindly informed us.

It is not that time is speeding up, but that we are feeling the pressure to Be Here Now, to be fully present, without the stress of toomuchtodointhismoment.  Our cognizant genes are asking us to step up to the plate, to release the old and archaic ways of doing things.  One of those archaic ways is Time As We Know It.  Time As We Know It is a construct of the western mind.  It is the ticking tocking of the clock and the many errands and demands we have placed upon ourselves, and built upon this linear time reality.  It may not be that time is speeding up, but that we are becoming more fully aware of the need to be more fully present, and how fully out of harmony we have built our lives within that linear construct of Time, just as most of the things Western Society has built is out of harmony with the nature of Creation. 


Instead of being present during the day, we wake up, do all there is to do to get ready for the day without really soaking it in, enjoying each moment, embracing it in gratitude, or being fully present.  We worry there is not enough time to get ready, and rush about the morning.  We drop off the kids, worry about getting to work on time while talking on the cell phone in the middle of traffic with 12,000 or 120,000 others doing roughly the same thing.  We go to work, worry about the kids, do something extra we don’t have time for which the boss asks of us, we pick up the kids, worry if the boss is happy with what we did, take the kids to soccer, while talking to our spouse on the pone, then rush to get the dog to the vet in time, while worrying about the dog.  We haven’t learned, or been taught well to enjoy each moment, to be in peace, to act in gratitude and harmony.  We rush off to pick up the tickets to the concert Sat night, and the flowers for the rehearsal dinner tomorrow night.  We rush home with barely time to check e-mails, worry about getting to the rehearsal dinner and what we’re going to wear, and no time to clean up, fix dinner, and be ravenous for the evening.  Then we worry about the evening. 


By simply shifting to being present, to doing what we are able, and letting go of what we are not, by making simple conscious choices of mindfulness and happiness, which bring us into unifying harmony with universal consciousness, we resolve the dilemma.  I understand it may sound like an immense undertaking, but the reality is, it is the easiest.  It is the path of least resistance.

Time As We Know It is a mental construct.  It is not based upon reality beyond how we have chosen to perceive it.  The Powers That Be, having chosen this Time as The Time for the unfolding and Celebration of the masses, the Time of the Ascension of Consciousness, or the Embodying of All We Are, depending upon whom is defining it.  We must face it, and embrace it, if we are to make the shift.  I say forget 2012.  It is not about 2012.  It is about NOW.  NOW is the time to embrace the shift we wish to see occur in humanity.  NOT in Humanity, but In Our Self.  WE must, individually, embrace, embody, and emanate the very state of consciousness which we hope for humanity to embrace and embody.  We must do it now.  It will not happen to humanity until it happens to us.  It is about being mindful, being cognizant, living in integrity, in a state of peacefulness, in a state of gratitude, in a state of Joy.  It is not that we cannot engage in any activities we choose during the day.  But in living in the Now, while we do it.  Being present.  Embracing and embodying fully who we are in our fullest nature.  Acting upon that which fully serves us, and our community of family, friends, community, and creation.  And letting go of that which no longer serves us.


The Time is Now.  The choice is for Each of Us to make.  I wish each of you many blessings upon the journey.  Enjoy this Time of Meeting Ourselves Again, as the Incas call it!  This time, which is upon us, NOW!  Many blessings.

 Zacciah Blackburn