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Many continue to report a perception of, or escalating sense of loss of time.
Rather than speaking further to this particular phenomena at this time, we suggest you see or review our previous articles on this aspect of changing perceptions, at:
See: for articles on The Nature of Things and Time As We Know It, etc.

However, on this full moon eve (when writing this,) it is always a tremendous time to reflect on our life, life situations, our feelings, and perspectives.  
We do wish to remind you, we remain under the auspices of the "fruition of energies" spun by the prophetic 6 moons cycle we spoke about in the spring, which ended in April.  This 10,000 year old prophecy reveals this as the time of Awakening, now, before us.  It IS occurring, (has occurred,) there is nothing to wait for, especially not something as far away as 2012.  Indeed, it is only by engaging in conscious practices of mindfulness and awakening at this time that we can plant the seeds to activate planetary awareness at any future time.  This second 6 moon cycle, which we are ending next moon, relates to this specifically.

We are under a full moon at this time.  This is the 5th moon of the second aspect, or "fruition" of the first 6 moon cycle.  The next lunar cycle ((mid Aug-mid Sept, and which begins with the next new moon in two weeks,) is specifically the time of completion of the second aspect of that earlier 6 moon cycle, with another lunar and solar eclipse set to take place August 28 and September 11, respectfully (not visible from N. America.)

This is the time it is said that old and archaic systems, which are no longer serving us, are meant to be released or are collapsing.  Just a quick glance at any news program, and it is not hard to see that political, economic, health care, and so many other fundamental social systems are indeed in turmoil, are ineffective, not functional, in chaos, or are collapsing around us.  Their foundations have been crumbling for some time, but many are barely able to support them further.
They simply do not work as they are currently in place, and this is the time of renewal of such energies.
As the Hathors, through Tom Kenyon, and other teachers & guides, have so eloquently stated, this is a time of chaos, and chaos is organically a time of rebuilding, renewing, or re-organizing systems of creation.  This is not something to be alarmed about, but embraced.

Tom's last report from the Hathors, referred to in his broadcast with us at July 15, was sent out in greater detail by newsletter the week after, and stated emphatically the Hathors now, for the first time, believe we have crossed the threshold.  This was in part, related to the incredible worldwide participation in the "Planetary Djed" and sustenance of ecstasy practices.  In practices in CT Saturday, Tom suggested it is not necessarily an easy road we have to hoe, but he, and they, now say they have much more optimism.  It is "sealed."
Thanks to ALL who participated in those planetary exercises July 8, including those whom gathered with us in Burlington for World Servi

I have emphasized in recent mails, that we must hold and embrace that which we wish to see transpire in the world, in order for it to come about.  We cannot expect ANY OTHER HUMAN BEING to do more than we ourselves incorporate into our daily lives in peaceful, loving, joyous, harmonious action.

I have also asked us to envision that world, and to recognize and honor those parts within us and outside of ourselves which do not resonate in harmony with our vision of a harmonious planet.  As we recognize that which is not in harmony with universal principals or Divine Law, we must let go of those parts of our self and others not in harmony, and not focus our attention upon them, while also not denying them.

We shall witness the collapse of those archaic systems, beliefs, and structures not serving us, or not in harmony with Universal Law.  This is part of what is occurring now, and will continue to do so.  Rest assured, there are those forces which would prefer to keep things as they are.  And will continue to attempt their influence and control until any conflict is fully resolved.  But, what we can do, which may be most beneficial, is recognize those forces within ourselves that resist change and transformation, and embrace, support, and allow the Beauty, Hope, Wellness, Joy, and Rightness of our True self to unfold.  (Again, it does not mean to deny those aspects of our self which do not support harmonious living.  We must embrace and resolve those as well, but it is to no longer allow those aspects of personal consciousness which have sabotaged, controlled, manipulated, and misshapen our lives in the past, to continue to do so!)

There are many alarmists that focus on the negative aspects of this transition on Earth.  Among the many prophecies of this time in the world, there are definitely some which focus on great chaos or suffering for the planet and humanity.
In the first place, prophecies are meant to awaken us to the potential of our actions.  They are not visions set in stone, as to the outcome of our actions.  It IS to awaken us to the reality that there ARE outcomes to our actions, and if we persist in unhealthy and disharmonious actions, we shall indeed merit unhealthy and disharmonious consequences.  HOWEVER, the wise ones Hear the merit of the prophecies, take heed, and change course.  (I recall one leader whom keeps mentioning "Stay the Course," and it has, as one 'for instance,' only led to more suffering for many peoples of many nations, and is building further consequences each day.

Utilizing one's skills of discernment & beliefs to make wise choices is always a beneficial course to steer.  Just because a giant wreck was not in the waters the last time we steered past this shore, does not mean, when we see the keel of a boat capsized in the waters before us, we should not alter course this time....

We may see chaos in the waters around us, now, and in the coming times.  Regardless, there are many practices to assist us in maintaining calm and stability, and, more so, to build conscious awareness, wakeful living, embracing and living in our highest integrity, in a state of true autonomy, authority, authenticity, and well being.  It behooves each of us, if we have not engaged in them, to find and continue spiritual practices which will assist us with creating such well states of being in our lives.  And to build our beliefs based upon the highest discernible principals of Universal Consciousness, as those beliefs shall engrain in our consciousness and manifest in our lives as our realities in the future.

(All of our practices are designed to assist in this way, and we shall be happy to assist in learning such practices.  We have devoted our life to bring forward these teachings, and assisted many in such transitions.  The Inner Ones are speaking more and more vividly about the nature of our existence, and methods to adhere to highest integrity and purity of thought, feeling, and action, to embrace the highest states of wellness and consciousness, and walk with an open and pure heart.)

If you are experiencing heightened stress or chaos in your life, or if you find more occurring, It is not something to be alarmed about.

The real place to pay attention to is our inner landscape.
Not only is the real work in our inner landscape, but It is easiest to get through the outer chaos through establishing real and lasting inner balance and peacefulness.

And, it is by exuding this, that we shall bring about world change.
The reality is, the only reason the world is in such chaos is that we have chosen paths which do not support harmonious living.  We do not live, as a society, in harmony within, and this is reflected in our outer turmoil.  It is nothing more than a reflection of what we are experiencing in the inner dimensions.
As we resolve our inner turmoil, and focus on peace, gratitude, joy, love, abundance, ecstasy, and living in a harmonious manner, our outer world will reflect that.

But during these times of preparation, this next lunar cycle, pay attention to those aspects of yourself waiting to be released, renewed, or any part of yourself no longer serving you, which is ready for transformation.
Simultaneously, look for real states of joy, peace, beauty, surrender, embrace of the Beloved within, caring, appreciation, and ecstasy.