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The Time of the New Spring

Ecstasy or Chaos?

                                                     ~~Zacciah Blackburn, PhD


In my last article, I spoke to the coming spring, and the energetic realities we are being asked to face, to give up that which no longer serves us.  I am reminded of the Astrological Alignment of 7 aspects in Pisces, and the Full moon approaching.  These, as one astrologer I quoted informs us, is the source of great opportunity, but may come to us as challenges, obstacles, hindrances, depending on how we face and perceive them.


This choice is always with us.


I have spoken about these 'waves' of energetic shift we have been encountering for years!


It is with great compassion, I hear and feel the stress and chaos many are experiencing at this time.  Some are taking it really personally, not realizing there is a much larger phenomena occurring, and having great difficulty finding their way out of the chaos or stress they are feeling in their lives.  The compacting of time as we know it. 


We are in a time of planetary shift.  "The End of Time as We Know It," as the Maya prophecies have told us. 


It is a time of need of new ways of perceiving, new ways of being, new ways of growing.  New ways of being.  The old patterns, beliefs, and perceptions no longer hold valid.  As long as we insist on continuing in these old patterns and belief codes, we shall tend to experience stress and chaos.


I pray you each realize this, and take this knowledge alone, to look at the larger picture of what is occurring.  By doing so, those of you experiencing more stress than richness in your world, in your life, in your experience, can 'soften' your awareness, your judgment, your self incrimination, and the 'perception', the 'appearance,' of challenges and obstacles in your life that 'appear' to keep you from your greater truth, your greater passion, your greater whole, health, wellness, and abundance.


Everything that keeps us from imagining we are perfect and whole, and everything around us is unfolding exactly as Creation planned.


Yes, we have incredible power of choices that directly impact the outcome of that reality.  It may seem a paradox, but the two work simultaneously in a grand scheme of unfolding, the Passion Play of each of our lives!


There are other forces greater than we might imagine, at play, which are asking each of us to face the music....the music of the spheres, of the heavens, (of the Crickets, those who know that chorus,) of the fundamental Rhythm of Giving and Taking in Harmony with All Life, as I have mentioned the elders speak to this, and have taught practices to work with this undulating Rhythm which underlies and moves through All Life!


Those who know it and utilize this as a tool of understanding and meeting the uncertainties which may be arising in our experience, the incredible sense of urgency our 'lesser' lives make of things, rest in the assurance and abundance that Heaven in synchronous union with the Earth and All Life around us, with our every movement, thought, and deed.  Watch for those synchronous signs, especially those of you who live in a natural enough environment to experience nature around you, of a bird call, a whift of wind, a shaft of sunlight, a sparkling cloud, a power ally showing up (a fox crossing the road,) just at the moment you have a thought or feeling that speaks to a greater truth in some aspect of your own life.  This is one of the many ways that Life itself speaks to, through, and all around us, in so many synchronous moments.  The more we notice and pay attention to them, speak with them, give thanks to them, we empower them to continue for their voices to be heard.


There is so much more.  So much Grace and Beauty pouring down upon us; all around us; through us; at All Times.


It simply is a matter of what we place our awareness and attention upon.


There is more Beauty, more Joy, More Ecstasy, more Abundance, more Ease and Growth than we realize, if we are experiencing stressful and chaotic times in our lives.


I was just thinking about this just days after my last article, about spring calling us to 'let go!'  The ice unfreezing on my brook.  Then, just days later, a great blizzard brings snow falling from the sky, coating all with great beauty and elegance.  I rested in that, and saw no contradiction to what I was speaking of in terms of spring unfolding.  Instead, I saw the heavens asking us to take a moment, rest, reflect.  Take in the Beauty and richness of the universe.  Allow the Grace to fall upon us, pure snow crystal by pure snow crystal, coating us with the elegance and purity of Nature, of All Creation. 

What a gift, what a joy. 

As I was out that

day and the next enjoying the great beauty of this gifting, I rested with it, so deeply, breathing in the aroma of pure air, the vital breath of life!  Wow!  I was so rejuvenized.  By the breath of life!  The synchronicities of Nature, of the perfect Union of Heaven and Earth.


This is the time we are entering, in the annual cycles of Heaven and Earth.  And, honored by Traditional Peoples around the planet, the next stage in the wheel of life unfolding on the planet, the turning of Spring into full, ripe, beauty.  The mid way point between Spring Equinox, which we just passed, and the Summer Solstice in 3 months, is Beltane, literally, the melting point of Heaven and Earth, the point at which the energies enter synchronous union.  The male power of the sun and heavens enters and fertilizes the ripe and waiting womb of the mother Earth.  Her flowers are all blossoming, the leaves are unfolding rapidly.  The Beauty is abundant.  This is the first week of May.  Many celebrate it on May Day, but, energetically, it is around the 4-7 of May each year.  And we will be celebrating this with our Matrix of Ascension program, with the Blessings of the Waters of the World Ceremonies and more.  We welcome you to join us there, to find method of entering sacred union with your own higher soul, essence, purpose, and integrate that into a living purpose here embodied on the Sacred Earth.

I am witnessing so many people making transitions.  I don't know anyone who is not effected.


What is the greater story, the greater reality, the greater way in which we might rest, perceive, and receive the abundance of joy and beauty around us?


In Native Wisdom, the "Return To Beauty" is, literally, the definition of the "Path to Healing."  It realizes that Beauty is in everything, everything around us, above and below us, and everything within.  Many of us too easily see the Beauty around us, and ignore the messages of Beauty within.  If we live in a thick metropolitan area, we may not even see the beauty around us, as humanity has done such an excellent job of stripping that beauty from our creation of urban environments.  It is part of why I highly encourage you to find places in retreat, in wilderness, or at least nature, where Nature can speak and share how to return to this path of Beauty, of honoring all within and without.


Regardless, how many of us can stand before a mirror and authentically say to our selves, "You are BEAUTIFUL!  I LOVE you!  Jjust as you are!  You are so rich and beautiful a being!  I celebrate in you, with All of Creation!"


This is the pathway of "Return to Beauty."  Of understanding and honoring all around and within, the resonant harmony of Creation, our part and purpose in it.  We revel as a conduit of Creation, we do not cry because we cannot find the pathway or the connection. 


Where we are unable to find that connection, is where we tend to find the loss of love, the lack of resource, the lack of security, structure, or beauty in our lives.  Finding methodology to enter union, RELATIONSHIP, with Heaven and Earth, in synchronous union, is the path to restoration and beauty.


The Q'ero Indians of Central Peru have mystical initiations into their 4th Level Priesthood, to enter this quality of relationship with the Living Energies of Heaven and Earth.  We will be offering their Hatun Karpay practices in Vermont this summer, their method of awakening the "seed of our potential," to enter living relations with the elements of life, and grow into a 'flower of blossoming joy, in the garden of creation."  These are the Karpay initiations, the initiations into the 4th Level Priesthood of the Q'ero/Inkan traditions.  Their prophecies say that when enough of us have this ability to relate to the Living Energies of the Cosmos, we will awaken to our higher realized form. 


Blessings to you all.