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The Path of Healing

All is Holy

                       ~~Zacciah Blackburn

I am Holy.
Everything is.

We are Holy Beings.
We always have been.
We arose from the same source of Creation as all other things, all other beings, even those we might consider most Holy, or more Holy than ourselves.
We are All Holy Beings.  Birthed of the same place, the same Rights.
When we realize this, we sink into the syncopation of All Life.

All Life is holy, as it is created, and as it arises even now, and always has been,
from the One Mind of All That Is.

Life is a cycle, a breath.

And, when we enter its syncopated rhythm, we step into that Rhythm of All Life.

All Life is Holy, arising from the One Mind.
We are part of this.
When we realize this, honor this, we are able to recognize, and thus perceive, this rising of All Life

in its syncopated rhythm.  It is a pulse rising and falling all around us, within us, within all life.

We are part of it.  We can see it.
And then, in this, our hearts and minds support all life.  And, thus, All Life can support our heart and mind.  We become unified, a part of each other.  Though, more simply, we realize what already is.
If we feel unloved, unfulfilled, disconnected, or dissatisfied, it is because we are not recognizing or honoring this unity of all life.  It is the recognizing and honoring it that allows our hearts and minds to perceive it, for we are gathering in that place from which it arises.

It may sound like I am talking in a circle.

But, it is a rhythmical pulse.  A syncopated rhythm.  One causes the other.  If we step out of the Pulse of Life, we cannot perceive it.  And, thus, we may not believe it, especially if we have not yet experienced it.  We can only perceive it by stepping back into it.  It is the only place it exists.
Then, it is all around us.  It is within us.  We are unified within the pulse of life.  There is no doubt.

It is like stepping out into the beauty of nature, resting in its pulse and beauty.  We feel it.  And, when we allow that pulse to arise in us, we feel more complete, more alive.  It is a syncopation, an entrainment, which assists us to arise within it, and thus we feel and are fulfilled by it.  We feel that pulse of life, that natural beauty, both around and within us.  
We realize we are part of Life.  And all we did was step into nature.  Some nations call this the Beauty Road, or the Beauty Way.

This is fascinating, since one word for ‘healing’ in the Dineh language of the SouthWest means “Return to Beauty;”  beauty above, below, all around me, and within me.  Beauty all around. 

It is important to understand that the Nature around us is exactly the same Nature within us.  They both are of one source; they both obey the same laws.  The beauty we see in Nature, we have within.  It is why we feel so alive and full in nature, why the beauty of nature brings us into such a rich uplifting, a deep state of peace, balance or enlivening.  
Once we recognize and honor this beauty within us, we can honor it all around.

And, here, again, we are in the pulse.
The pulse of life.

The Rhythm of All Life.


It is the path of healing,

The path of wholeness,

The path of Holiness.

We are all Holy.
We are all Whole.

I am Holy.
Everything is.
When we realize this,

We are whole.

We are healed.


And, it is done.

It is so.

It already is.