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The Moment is Coming:  12/21/2012

                                                     ~~Zacciah Blackburn, PhD


Aligning with the Earth and Heavens                 *

The moment is coming.  Many of us have been waiting upon this. 

Dec 21-22 is the much spoken of Grand Alignment of Earth, Sun, and the Center of our Galaxy on the day of Winter Solstice.  While Winter Solstice is historically a time, world wide, for celebrating the annual Birth of New Light, this is a time of birthing of a Great New Cycle. 

It happens once every 26000 years.

The Maya and other Elders have shared a great deal about what this means, what to expect, how to align with these beneficial energies, pouring from the Heart of the Cosmic Mother, and what is to come.


We shall engage in Grand Alignment practices Friday night and Saturday day.  The Friday night practice will be explicitly to align with the Heart of the Earth, Sun, and Galactic Center, and infuse the profound energies available to us through this Window, this Gateway of Great Opportunity & Potential.  The Maya elders say that all of human endeavors from the last 26,000 years of this Great Cycle, meld into a single moment, a single point, a single potential at this time, to merge with the potential of this Grand New Cycle, during this Window.  We shall meet, and merge with these profound potentials, with clairvoyant vision of what we choose to create, planetarily, at this time.  Saturday, we will continue in that alignment, migrate with it deeper into our awareness, integrate it, and formulate methodology for manifesting the New Reality, the New Dream of Heaven on Earth. 


How can this be so?

It is far more than any one moment in time.Don't be confused if the world does not 'appear' different the morning of Dec 22, or Dec 23.  The process of manifesting in the physical dense, especially at a planetary level, can take time.  It is a process.  Our work at this time is about cultivating awareness, and creating and planting seeds of New Growth, that can be nurtured through this coming time, until it is ready to take root, and eventually bear fruit.  For some, it will be more immediate than others.

It takes time.  Yet, it, also, requires our conscious and consistent effort to manifest it.When we understand the process, and know and conscioously choose what we are carrying, we can constantly germinate these seeds into manifest consciousness, manifest action, and manifest reality.
Friday evening will be devoted to a good deal of music and sacred chant.That will be followed by our primary Friday evening practice.
Saturday will be fundamentally about the entire gestation of energies into manifestation.Come prepared.  We shall be providing information on how to do so.  

We are asking for those who truly wish to contribute to the manifestation of a New Reality upon the planet to join with us.  You may be a novice or advanced practitioner.  Your intention of purpose, and clear and willing heart, is all that is needed.  Anything else you bring is simply a bonus.  We shall guide you through all necessary information, and instructions and practices.  We seek your genuine vision and voice.  We ask that you spend time preparing for this before arrival.

The Saturday afternoon practice will be fully about each of us, in a collective Wheel of Light, manifesting our highest intent, prayers, Vision, and purpose, for the highest benefit of this Great Earth.

We will be joining with thousands planet wide.  As well as, an incredible host of Gifted Beings in the other worlds who have been working diligently for this Time, for some time.  It is the collective will of like minded beings that will be the catalyst for New Growth.

Join with us.

Many blessings in your life and practice.