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                       ~~Zacciah Blackburn, PhD


Recently, I experienced new layers of revelations into the nature of reality.  These revelations have shown me, in new and vigorous manners, both the nature of pure consciousness, as well as new understandings, in a very different and more direct way, the fastest, clearest, and most efficient method of clearing our karmic indebtedness, and realizing our true nature.

In the highest realms of consciousness, there exists what is called by various names in various esoteric wisdom cultures, Pure Consciousness.  Regardless of its name, its constituency is that of pure consciousness not embodied, or aware of anything outside of itself.  It is the pure consciousness of creation, the mind of god, the heart or creation.  It is known, as I said, by various names in various cultures.  It, often, is the first emanation of creation.  In Vedic wisdom, it is known as Purusha, for instance.  It is sometimes called Parashakti, though I understand this to be the second emanation of consciousness, or Life Force, which permeates the universe.  It is the union of Pure Consciousness and Pure Life Force which springs all reality into manifestation.  This is the heart of the teachings of the Sri Yantra, in Vedic wisdom. However, this is just one culture’s expression of this reality, used to clarify the nature of the expression of Pure Consciousness which “I” entered.

It is important to realize, when one experiences this state, there is no “I” which is separate from the All.  All is all there is. 

In this state of Pure Consciousness, the mind is left unto itself to witness and create all reality.  To the normal ‘western’ mind, this state of being might tend toward psychological incriminations of some form of delusion, or insanity, versus the revered states of divine revelation it would be recognized as, in many other parts of the world.  This is, in large part, because the western mind does not incorporate this level of understanding of reality.  However, should we invest in the teachings of many world cultures, we would find a body of wisdom supporting this level of revelation and realization, as well as deep cherishing for anyone embodying it.

In this level of experience, the “I” becomes the all-pervading I.  There is no other.  No other mind, no other self.  When an ‘other self’ becomes apparent, it is when the mind steps down into the illusory world of separation and duality.

It is in this world of duality, when we imagine our self not to be the One Mind, in which we begin to experience life as we more commonly know it.  The very fabric of our reality becomes based on all choices and experiences we enter, within this fabric of being.  We are in complete autonomous control of the experience.  However, we tend to not realize this, as we create, imagine, or ‘recognize’ greater and greater separation from the Source.  It is this illusion of separation which creates the ‘fall’ from Grace, the fear that we are not part of the Whole, indeed, the very doubt that we are, the Whole.
Our life unfolds with which choices we make.

We tend to spiral down into ever deeper arcs of belief, or, in actuality, disbelief, which we might commonly call the “3D” world, away from our heart of hearts, our One Mind of All Creation.
It is here, that the experience of karmic indebtedness is created, and shared.  With every choice we make, away from Oneness, from belief and understanding of the Greater One Self, we witness ever deepening beliefs and experiences of separation, and, eventually, suffering.  If we invest in this “3D” world as the greater reality, it becomes it, and we lose all sense of Self, and Self Awareness.  The 3D does make it challenging, through its ‘gravitational pull,’ to not let loose of its beliefs.  But, it is our choices, and the magnetization of the outcomes of those choices, which is the foundation, and the fabric, of Karma, and the 3D appearances of reality.

The only way out of this pathway of separation, is through recognizing the One Mind which weaves through us all.  No matter the illusion which unwinds and binds us here, in 3D appearances, there is but One Mind, playing a great play through each of us, permeating our reality and existence, the Purusha, or Pure Consciousness.  The deeper we enter 3D grace, the less this vivid One Mind becomes real.  At some point, it seems impossible.
We are all born of this One Mind.  We are all part of it.  We are all It.

Every emanation of every thing is birthed of this One Experience.
It appears most paradoxical, and yet is not.  This is the ‘neither real nor unreal, both existing and non-existing’ descriptive of the ‘Highest Tantra,’ of the Heart Sutra, of Buddhist teachings.
We can change it (our experience) at any time.
I remember the first time I stepped out of this ‘3D’ experience into the vastness of Space, and the One Essence.  While the lesser parts of me could not believe the experience, the greater part of my consciousness was surrendering, and dying to the Greater State.  I had not seen it yet, but was swirling in a counter rotational motion, through deep and infinite space, through all realms and dimensions of consciousness, through what I imagined to be all gods and demi-gods of those realms, until I came upon the One True Source of All Creation, Infinite Light flooding my body.  I was given a choice to make, and I was not prepared for it.  I backed away from the Infinite Expression of Love and Pure Luminous Being, because “I” could not believe “I” was that part of it, or, in actuality, that “I” was “that.”
In some ways, I could say, that I have been backing away ever since, while paradoxically looking for the method of experiencing and embracing it, in ways that did not seem so self annihilating.

The truth is, there is no annihiliation.  But it appears so to the ego.  For the ego is invested in the illusion of separation and individuality.  Yet, ‘individuality,’ get this, in actuality, means, in its root origin of meaning, ‘indivisible.’  To be an individual, is to be indivisible, with the One.

The slow and tedious method of changing our experience karmically, is by recognizing we are all emanations of the One Mind, and to, simply, do good to others, as if the other was our self.  Wow. Now doesn’t that remind us of one of the great quotes of one of the great master teachers of our lives?  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto yourself.”

There it was before us, this whole time.
It is the understanding of the Great Masters.
Spoken in different tongues, different cultures.

We are One.

In Buddhist teachings, is the Mahayana, the Tonglin wisdom.  In Peru, it is the Law of Reciprocity.
We are one.  And, by doing unto others, for others, we initiate the Law of Reciprocity, and the wisdom that we are all of One Source, and, indeed, in final essence, One.

And here again is the delusion of the ‘western’ mind, which thinks this to be bunk.
We tend to not believe it is possible, or so.  
But, it is the One Reality.

We do unto others as we realize each is but an aspect, a reflection, an expression, of the One Mind, the One Self.  Indeed, that is all that is pouring through us.
We purify our thoughts and actions, correcting any debilitating errors which would hold or bind us here, karmically, by our own shame or guilt, here in this realm, while helping others upon the path, in any way we may be able to generate kind action.  This frees us from the illusion of separation.
While, there is only one binding agent.  That is our own thought, our own guilt, fear, or shame.  We need no forgiveness from others.  Just our own endless compassion, and realization.  As the master would say, with NO doubt in our heart.  
Ho’opononpono** takes on ever deeper significance and meaning, as we look for that aspect of our self, within our self, which expresses the act we see outside of our self which needs forgiveness.  It is, indeed, nothing but Our Self we see in every one.
There is no Other.
Can we yet imagine this yet?
And, thus, there is no other to forgive.  There is only Self.  And, as we step into Self Forgiveness, we realize even that is an illusion.  There is no act of corruption.  For we are nothing but Pure Consciousness.  We are the One.
Can we imagine this?

Once we can realize we are but the One Mind, we are free from all else.
And, we realize we are a true Creator Being.
We have stepped into our role, as Creator.  
And, can now manifest it, in whatever dimension of expression we choose to reside.
All that remains, is the enormous realization of the Purity of Consciousness, which can only express, and act, within that realm of Pure Essence.

There is no God but God.  God is all There Is.

Many blessings, to each of my companions on this sacred journey.