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 The Council of High Holy Beings

                                                     ~~Zacciah Blackburn, PhD

The Council of High Holy Beings is something available to every human being.  It is a council of numinous beings composed of various levels of guides and teachers, ascended, ancestral, and Creator beings, dwelling in the subtle planes of existence, which include personal and collective guides.

They may appear to us individually or collectively.  One's own degree of evolution in this life or others, development of skills of spiritual adeptness, & dedication to service in the spiritual evolution of others, or the Cosmos, may define the quality or level of luminous ones whom we may experience.  

There is a great deal of information available to you in each key phrase just expressed.  It may be beneficial to read this several times, until you feel you find value and understanding in it.


The easiest method I have discovered to gain access to this Council of High Holy Beings is simply to put my awareness there, in the highest, purest realms of existence I can imagine, or embrace, or even higher than I can imagine.  I use every degree of understanding I have to align with, embody,  and manifest the vibratory emanations of these Holy Beings.  Those of you in my practices have heard me talk about them, though I rarely refer to them by name.  Indeed, it is these Holy Beings whom I channel in our Sacred Sound practices and Transmissions. 

I simply call them my guides, or elders, or I speak to the Tibetan term of the 'Samboghakaya', which, in some interpretations, means, "The Pure Realms of Light and Sound, Where the Holy Beings Dwell."  It is that numinous realm, where attained beings reside, in service to the greater humanity, and cosmos. 

This image I have posted, above, is known as  the "Assemblage."  It represents Tibetan wisdom, and practices of 'self generation,' to assume the posture, the purity, the integrity, of the emanations of pure light and sound emanating from these wisdom carriers of the subtle realms.  The branches of the 'tree' represent the various lineage traditions.  I use it to represent the various lineages of multiple cultures which one may be associtated with, from this life, and others.  You may carry associations with ancient cultures you have no direct knowledge of, yet carry 'access' to those wisdom teachings, due to your initiations and practices in past lives, etc.  Many of us have, or are awakening to, these inner knowings, often times without knowing where they come from.  This can scare us, in terms of the 'not knowing,' with fear of judgment or ridicule from others, issues of shame or persecution we experienced during those earlier times in which we sought to share our knowledge and power, or due to issues of self worthiness, in which we cannot imagine we would or should have such knowledge or power.  Indeed, we must be just making it up, or fooling ourselves.  Most of us do not understand, acknowledge, accept, or embrace the qualities of knowing and power we bring with us into this life from other times and places.


You may have access to the Creator realms, to the angelic realms, to spirit guides of the "Star Nations" as the indigenous cultures would call them, or other realms of existence of Holy Beings who guide or teach you, who reside in your field of being due to past lived experiences, you may not even be aware of.Most of us have access to vast realms of knowledge and discernment beyond our normal cognition or experience.  And, we can access them, readily, through simple mindfulness practices.


In my own practices, this is exactly what I do.  I use various techniques, often taught by these Holy Beings themselves, to align with their energies and emanations.  It is all vibrational.  I align with their vibrational essence, and sing a note.  Or, I sing a note to invite them in, to invoke them, then align with their essence as I perceive them in the room, and sing those notes.  Those of you who have experienced my sound practices, can feel, hear, or perceive the changes in the textures of voice as various beings come into alignment with me through the practices; or, I with them.

Of course, in this case, 'the room' may have a broader definition than our standard 3-D perception of the space we are in, as well.


I will guide each of you in the room with me, to hold your awareness in a way that you will come into resonance with them, or the energies or deep esoteric practices they bring us, and this will be a catalyst to bring you into the altered states you perceive so readily in our Sacred Sound Practices.  It is through the art and science of 'entrainment' that you so readily enter these high, transformative states.  These pristine vibratory emanations help guide your awareness and consciousness into the altered states they, the Holy Beings, are guiding us through, or inviting us into.


In my own practices, I most often use the third eye, heart center, crown, SoulStar center (or Ba), above the crown, or the Monad center (above the Ba.)  EIther of these will assist me to gain access.  It is through my 'tuning into,' 'entraining to,' or 'matching' their vibrational state that I enter their realms of consciousness.  It is beneficial to understand that we are only talking about aspects of our OWN consciousness.  Indeed, they (the Holy Beings,) often remind me that I, we, are one of them.  It is that we have not understood, and have not prepared to take our rightful place as awakened, ascended, holy beings, claiming our own spiritual illumination, inheritance, power, and authority, which keeps us from understanding or experiencing this. 


It is as the Hopi Elders have so illustriously stated, "IT IS WE WHOM WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!"


This is in large part what they are talking about, as are so many (indigenous) elders.  We are far more than we have understood, imagined, or realized.  The High Elder Don Alejandro of the Maya High Council states what is about to occur, is 'more than we can imagine.'He, too, is talking about this.  We are far more than we have realized.  We are going through a Great Shift that will embody, literally, 'more than we can imagine!'

Yet, we can realize this, and this, indeed, is what the entire nature of this New Cycle of Time, is about.  12/21/2012 is the gateway of this new time.  It opens the door to a tremendous opportunity to embrace and embody our higher essence.  It is about realization of our true nature.  By realization, I am not stating that we simply come to understand this cognitively, but that we come into ACTUALIZATIONof our true luminous nature, self realization, entering, embodying, emanating our true nature.  Becming, Being who we TRULY are, beyond most of our imaginations, as elders like Don Alejandro point out, to help us understand, there is more to do than most of us realize.


It is through practices such as we will be doing this weekend, 

PREPARING THE VESSEL, that our intent is to clear our lower fields of being, and awaken and align with this highest possible potential of our true essence and holy nature, that we can perceive and embody this highest, purest wisdom of our own numinous self.  It, also, allows us to more readily come into and experience these fields of emanations of pure wisdom and blessings generated from these higher states of being where the Holy Beings dwell.  Yet, this is our true, authentic, natural state of existence, as well.


I may offer practices such as The Soul Star Initiation, which serves to awaken our highest seat of spiritual illumination and essence.

As we learn to align with our own true essence, it helps us to come into greater alignment with the higher essence of these pure beings.  We can feel, even see, their tangible emanations of Light, Wisdom, and Blessings descending into our more permeable existence.

We then fully understand that these emanations are available to us at all times.  (I have spoken about this many times, such as in our recent article on the Grace of the Heavens.)

We each have our own personal guides and teachers.  Yet, above even these, are higher emissaries of Light, in service to the Greater Planet, and Cosmos.  As we come into alignment with our own Higher Essence, and Purpose, we are more likely to enter and discern fields of resonance where these high beings reside, and discern even more rarified states of grace, luminosity, and wisdom.  Those of you who have entered these states understand the clarity and empowerment which occurs when we enter and experience them.  By experiencing them, it assists us to come more fully into alignment of them, that we can, one mindful step after another, embody them, until we fully get it, and turn on the switch of Creation, of Being that which we are.


A Simple Practice

To assist those of us who may be ready to experience this, I will outline one method I use to enter these heightened states.  Please understand, that what is required is,

1- that we elevate, purify, and clarify our own awareness, our own consciousness.  The more we can enter and sustain these states, the more they become our everyday reality.  This means practices of clarification, mindfulness (see other article,) and purification will assist us to enter them.

2- That we seek to align with what we perceive as their states, (such as the 'Samboghakaya', the realms where the highest, purest, holy beings you can imagine exist.  By matching these two frequencies, we enter the gateway into their realms-- bringing our level of conscious existence into theirs.  In the meditative state, this may be a short lived experience.  Yet, the more we practice, as with anything in life, the more we acquire the ability to sustain it!The Tibetans do this by practices of self generation, which I mentioned earlier, in which they invoke a high holy being, such as Mother Tara, or Avalokiteśvara, into their awareness, then take meditative steps to align with, embody, and awaken that part of themselves that is like unto that part of the 'other.'  We become Tara.  We awaken the Heart of Compassion with ourselves.We often use chant and invocation for these purposes, that each of us in the practice room might experience the pure emanations of a Tara, a Kuan Yin, or other awakened luminous being of the subtle realms.


In these times of Great Transformation, the Great Shift, we are being aided and guided to enter and sustain these states.  The Cosmos is collaborating with us in this.  The wisdom keepers of the Prophecies share so much about this.  (We shall share what we can during this practice, about this, as well.) 

And, while we may call it Ascension, it is in reality, about bringing these higher, purer states of being into our every day lives, and integrating, manifesting them, here, in our every day thoughts and actions.

It is through this, that we shall Create the New Reality

For this practice:

Enter a state of meditation.  Focus on stillness, emptiness, or coherence.  Take some time to establish this feeling state; entering deep and abiding stillness, emptiness, or coherence (positive feeling states, such as gratitude or appreciation, peacefulness, or unconditional love.)  Begin in your overall feeling state of your body or energy field.  (Allow your awareness to become mindful of what you are feeling, perceiving, through the feeling states of your body or overall energy field.)


Slowly, allow your awareness to begin to settle into, and to focus within your heart, then, when you feel ready, move to your 3rd eye.  Take some time in this stage of the practice.

Once there, focus on a soft glow of light around the third eye (imagine it if you do not perceive it.)  (If you have not done meditations like this before, you can see our in -depth explanation of this practice of 'the Illumination of Consciousness," in our Art of Seeing practice and article, here, to help you with a deeper awareness of it, to more fully enter the states this will allow you to perceive & experience.) 

Slowly, ever so slowly, taking your time, move your awareness through the crown, and then into and through the Ba/SoulStar (often perceived as a golden sphere of light about 1 foot above the crown.  This is your seat of highest, purest wisdom, of your highest individuated self.)   Above this is the collective and then rarified realms of unified consciousness, entered through the Monad, a seat experienced usually 1-3 feet above the Ba, but can be quite higher.  It is through this seat we can gain highest insight into the highest realms of consciousness.

This famous painting by the esoteric schools which evolved from the Schools of Theosophy and other Western Based traditions, actually symbolizes these three states, of self realization, self actualization of the Highest Essence of the Ba, and the Monad realization of God Consciousness.


Slowly move your awareness through the Crown and SoulStar/Ba center, til you experience this high luminosity above you, in the Monad.  You will eventually move into and through this gate.  It is a doorway into these higher subtle realms of perception and being.  Use your subtle feeling senses.  Use your imagination to imagine what it might feel like if you do not directly perceive it.  Indeed, those of you in clear skies the next two evenings, could spend some time late in the night to experience the luminosity of the full silver moon above your crown.  This can replicate the feeling you might have of the subtle, pure essence of pure, clear light emanations descending through the Monad.  Or, imagine a full moon there, several feet above the head.  You want to use this feeling sense of the luminous moon or light source, or other silvery golden clear lighted orb, as a gateway into this other dimensional world of perception.


Simply imagine clear, pure emanations of silver white/gold light emanating from, descending from these highest, purest realms you can imagine or perceive.  Rest their in them for awhile.  Slowly align, and lift your awareness through this silvery orb as if it were a gateway, as if you were moving through it into another realm of being, until you truly experience the emanations of light from this realm.  You may feel it opening, expanding into a greater circle or dome of light.  As you enter these higher fields of emanation, imagine or sense a group of luminous forms, often peering down at you, welcoming you, as you enter higher, into this realm, meeting, and eventually greeting them.  Keep in mind, as you enter these realms, things may not appear as they do here in the Earthly realms.  And, the quality and method of communication may be for different than we are used to.  Use every feeling sense to align with the emanations of light you perceive from this realm, and from the Holy Beings you perceive or imagine there.  Notice all that you feel, allow it to be so.  This is important, to give it permission to occur.  Allow it to be so.


Simply rest in these uplifted states, or interact with these luminous ones as you gain perception of them, even asking questions.  But, be mindful to use more of a feeling state to ask, instead of getting lost in the cognitive process of questions you may 'want' to ask.  This can lower your state, and lose perception.  If this happens, just move your perception without cognition back into this higher vibratory state.  A very beneficial way of perception of the potential of gifts awaiting us, is to enter and express feeling states of gratitude, as you feel yourself lifted higher, noticing the emanations of these other beings, and coming into alignment and attunement with them.The Great Gifts and Mysteries which can unfold can be well beyond our imagination, if we allow them, give permission for them to take place.  This, also, as I mentioned, can be key to the experience.  Give permission to your self to experience it.

If you have difficulty entering these states, practice.  As with any skill, it simply can take practice.  Give your self time.

And, come to our practice this very next weekend, designed to help us enter such luminous states, and experience them, allowing ourselves to align with our own luminous wisdom, and embody it, Preparing the Vessel to fully awaken and embody our highest essence, that we may be a vehicle to assist in Creating this New Reality, of which we are upon the precipice.  We, indeed, may be engaging with this very practice.  It is one of many potential practices awaiting us, as we Prepare the Vessel.


2012, and it means,  is here.  Have you prepared?  Are you ready to hold the template of New Embodiment?


Many blessings in your life and practice.



--Bliss is not an object of our consciousness, it is pure conscisousness.

                  ~~Vedic wisdom