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The Black Dakini Practice

The Black Dakini Practice

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A high quality single practice from our February "Turning the Wheel" CD set. 

This practices comes with a simple explanation.  This is a practice for deep cleansing, healing, and restoration.  The 'Black Dakinis' refers to a Tibetan term relating to "Sky Beings" or allies in the subtle worlds of pure consciousness, who remain near our plane of existence, to assist humanity in its spiritual evolution.  The Black Dakinis are more loosely interpreted, as those beings of the realms of the "Divine Mother" who have potentized abilities to cleanse and release us from the obstacles to spiritual growth, insight, and transformation, and to align and nourish us with the deeper aspects of our true essence, in alignment with our authentic nature, and the authentic nature of the Cosmos.  The spiritual wisdom of many cultures' traditions offer us the "Dark Mother," whether it is the Black Tara of Tibetan Buddhism, Kali of Hinduism, the Black Madonna of early Christianity, the "Bear" medicine of indigenous shamanic cultures, or Sekhmet of Egypt.  All are the cultural allies and representatives of the Divine Feminine, here to cleanse, purify, nourish, align, and protect the highest states of realized being.   (Not available in multiple CD purchase specials.)