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Zacciah Blackburn, PhD


On Human Caring

        -- Zacciah Blackburn, PhD


The simplest of measures can bring us so far.

On our path to understanding, spiritual development, awakening and enlightenment, some of us get so caught up in the details and methodologies we forget some of the most basic of skills.

Human caring and kindness are at the very heart of every enlightened path.

Compassion comes, if not ever present, when we realize we are all linked, and the suffering of one impacts the wellness of us all.

Compassion and service, as it turns out, is, also, at the heart of so many teachings, which tell us this is the greatest route to end our own suffering, to take on the suffering of others, to transform it, or, at least, to have compassion for the suffering of others.

(Yet, at the very root of compassion, is the act of taking on others suffering!)


As we come through this period of human tribulation, let us be mindful of the need to hold a caring heart out to the world, to embrace others we see, who are suffering, with care and compassion, and not forget our own place in this.  For, few of us have not had our own form of suffering.

Many of us are so locked into it, we cannot see beyond it, and wonder why we must take on so much.  There are answers to this question, from understanding of the very basic nature of karma, to the nature of how we create wellness today, to the act of caring and compassion for others, which will, in fact, relieve our own suffering, if done selflessly (if the motivation is in actuality out of caring or seeking to care for others, and not for self fulfilling wishes.)

During this time of profound change and transformation, we pray for your wellness, for your ability to see through the chaos, to see the brilliant stream of light which flows through all form.  What you focus your attention on, is what will transfix your reality.


We send ultimate blessings of light into your life and practice.