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Zacciah Blackburn, PhD  

                  The Key Word is Healing

Sound is the vibrant atmosphere we add to the held perspectives of Essential Knowing and Being to create a field of healing.
Awareness, intent, approach, posture, attitude is the method, coupled with wisdom of the heart, held in the knowing of our conscious being .
Holding sacred space, emanated from within the Knower, creates key resonant fields of essential being, that permeate the room and atmosphere, and the recipient  receives, bathes in and ‘understands’ that, not necessarily from a place of cognitive knowing, but from visceral essence and being that we all ‘know,’ we all ‘have,’ we all Are.

                  Consciousness is the Activating Principle

It is the act of entrainment to higher principles that  will bring your clientele into states of healing and grace.
In order to understand this, we must bring ourselves into these states.
These are the key essence and ingredients of these teachings.
The Tools, the Instruments, are secondary to this ‘knowing.’

You are the act of healing, because you hold healing integral in your essence, in what you are emanating into the world, in your knowing and in your actions, as you step into the world, as you step into the space of therapeutic healing, as you carry yourself in your every thought and action.
You can come from a place of wanting and wounding, or you can step into your knowing and power.
The choice is yours.

                  SOUND is the Carrier Wave

But, if you are not ‘healed’ within your own essential being, it will be more difficult to assist another into the nature of healing within themselves,  as one carries the other.
“Healing” is key.
And we will begin with what is healing.
It will be the principle carrying us through these classes as we discover how sound can assist us as an elemental tool of understanding and a carrier wave of that healing process into the room, into the atmosphere, into the very core and cells of our client’s being.
Sound is the carrier wave.
Our consciousness, therefore our own state of healing is the light that ignites the fire of healing in others.

                  The Key Word is Healing

Be prepared.
You will receive more than you imagine, if you are ready for this.
And the more you ‘prepare’ your inner place, your inner ‘sanctum’ of healing for these teachings, the greater the outcome will be.
YOU are the driver and carrier of these teachings.

YOU are your greatest resource to receive and carry forward these teachings, and more.
If you are willing, if you will be present and available to the highest good, the highest ideals to permeate your consciousness, to awaken within, you will gain access to the Infinite Potential of Universal Wisdom.  You will stand in the place where the Creator Being began the template of wisdom and knowing within you, and be able to draw from that place, what the indigenous peoples of the Americas call “the Original Instructions.”

                  Consciousness is the Activating Principle

We all carry these seeds, the Instructions.  We all originate from the same template of Creation.
We carry individual cells and principles, but we arise from the same Core.
These teachings arise from that core essence, and carry through them,  waves of determination into your essence, to re-awaken you, re-invigor you in the core teachings of Elemental laws and nature of creation, and how to use them with sound implements to achieve the goals you are seeking in your life, and in your practice.

    Self Realization is the core and essential path.

The closer we come to that state, the more we will help others.
Where we have not achieved that state, entering and holding the highest, clearest, most pure principles of Creation will bring us closer to that truth, and help others achieve it.

     Sound is the key elemental (life) force
            to carry it into essential being

This is not your typical sound healing class.
You have entered the Advanced stage of the teachings now.
Because you are here, because  you were called, you will receive all you asked for, and more, for this is the nature of how the Universe works.
Let me be clear, I am not here to name the principles or faces of the Universe, as, within an infinite universe, there are infinite names and faces, but to distinguish the key essence of who we are as spiritual beings infused into matter in what we call the human state, and to use this understanding to propel us into our own personal evolution and growth as healers.

                  The Key Word is Healing

If we wish to be a healer, we need to walk the path ourselves.
Therefore, we use the path of self awareness, self healing and self realization as the pathway of teaching, of this training.  
We will implement that with key knowledge of musical instruments used in sound therapies, some for centuries if not eons of time.
We will implement it with our voice, even those who believe they cannot sing.
And, we will implement it with understanding of components of the human energy system, such as the chakras and meridians, as well as the science of how sound works, of how to create sacred space, and how to apply these principles in a therapeutic field of understanding and application.

      Consciousness forms the template of our Knowing

You can imagine this cannot be done in 4 days.  
And this is why I have broken down the key elements into four 4 day programs, in just the first year.  
Those who want the fullest and richest understanding and experiential field to grow into adept or advanced therapists, will continue through year two and three.
I greatly look forward to engage in these trainings with you.
Let us begin.

        Sound is the Continuum of Elemental Being
     The Akash, the sub stratum of Life