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Sing a Song for the Earth 
                       ~~Zacciah Blackburn, PhD
All that is missing is our holiness.All that is lacking is the wisdom to let it in.All that is missing is the feeling of connection, to the Universe, to the All That Is.
Feel that connection. Imagine it.Let it in.  
It is the feeling, the illusion, of separation, that divides us.That makes us believe we are apart, when we want to feel a part.That makes us feel alone, unwanted, abandoned, betrayed, ashamed, afraid, unloved.It may be based on life experience of unwanting parents, or an unloved child. Certainly we have all been wounded in the adult worlds of relationship and life.We can research the cause, and, therefore, how to heal from the wounds forever.But haven’t we done enough searching for healing?Isn’t it time we find a real answer?And, here we are, in the moment, at the heart of it, wanting to feel love, wanting to feel loved, wanting forgiveness or to feel compassion, wanting healing, wanting to feel a part of something bigger than our selves, wanting to feel alive.  
And the answer of the universe is, let it in. Let in this vast and infinite potential.Let it in. Rest in the knowing of the vastness of Creation. Let it be so.  
Let in the compassion, the caring, the connection.Let in the vitality, the uplifting joyous voice of the Mother Alive.The Earth and all of her wisdom.Rising, like a serpent, up our spine.Let it in.  
Be still a moment.Then, feel the jubilant uplifting.The voice of being alive.Feel the undulating thriving life force of Life.Become a fountain of vibrant life, of that life force itself, meeting the Divine.  
Lift up your heart and mind in communion, to the All you hold as Divine.And, there, you find yourself, speaking with the Christ.With Mary, with Magdalene, the saints, the angels, the Isis, Horus, the Buddha, the Owl, Hawk, Badger; whatever the ally or medicine totem you hold as a key to life. Here, they thrive. In the Divine.  
And, here is yourself, held, nestled, in the Divine.
It requires us to give up our smallness, our lacking, our wanting. 

It requires us to be full, to be whole, complete.Are we looking for happiness outside of our self?Let us find that completion within.  
What is it truly lacking?It is more in our attention than in our worth.Any lack of completion is an illusion.We are borne whole, we are birthed whole, we always have been.All the great masters tell us it is so.(“You are the Buddha!”—Buddha; “Do you not know you are gods?”—Christ.)It is losing ourselves, going astray, our misguided attention and awareness that has caused the suffering and pain. Believing in what others tell us, what others have trained us to believe, rather than trusting in our own hearts, our very own Knowing.  
Every part of our identity, that is not whole or complete, must be dissolved, released, or embraced.Only we know which part needs which solution.To realize that it is not part of our greater Truth, our higher Truth, our true essence.We are whole.We are complete.  
We are part of the Matrix of Life.We are Divine.We are Creator Beings.We are part of Creation.It is our Birth Right. It is our Inheritance.Can we step into that plate? That temple? That template of wholeness, of Holiness?We hold the seeds, the Keys of Life, within us.Nourish those seeds to culmination.  
Nourish those parts of yourself which are whole and complete.And no fruit of another making shall come to you.Nourish those seeds of completion.  
Dissolve your core beliefs of limitation, unworthiness, dissatisfaction, incompletion; fear of being hurt, fear of being heard, fear of beauty, fear of power, fear of no power, fear of belief, doubt, fear of seeing, fear of being seen, fear of not being enough or good enough, fear of being complete.
Discover yourself. Dissolve into your own beauty.

Sing a song of beauty.Sing it to the Earth.Honor yourself as whole.Honor others around you.Honor their beauty and worth, not their limitations and shortcomings.
As well as your own.Become a fountain of uplifting joy.See with your own heart, your whole heart, your whole body, your whole mind; with all of your eyes of perception, all of your ways of seeing and believing.
And Knowing.Trust in that Knowing.Rest in your own Radiance.
And, sing with your voice of gold.Speak with your song of truth.Be lieve. (=Be love.)  
Believe in yourself, your goodness and kindness.Show it to others.Spread these seeds of worth.Give thanks to that above, to that below, and that around, and that within you.Sing a song for the Earth.It will change the planet we live in.Breathe new life into it!Let it be your own!

We wish you many blessings  
and all who guide this work   
©2014 Zacciah Blackburn, PhD