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Self Love; Self-Generation:  
The Easiest of Choices 

                       ~~Zacciah Blackburn, PhD  12.18.13


 The Hathors have been working a good deal with me, of late.  And, one of the areas of clear choice they have reflected is that of Self Love.  
The Hathors are masters of the frequency, wisdom, and dimensional understanding, of Unconditional Love.  

They hold out immense states of free and unconditional love for all who choose to focus upon, allow, and receive it.  They are emissaries of this state, or dimension, of being, of Unconditional Love, which is inherent in all of us.  
It has brought up the ever present question of the depth and qualities of Love available to all of us, as well as where we might fall short, especially in the areas of Self Love, and Self Generation (an esoteric, and 'high tantric' term I will define in a bit.)  
As they stand before us, generating rich and luminous states of love saturating our bodies, and emotional fields, it is impossible to not peer into, if not have dissolved, anything and everything refraining one from holding the same state of realization, and pure emanation.  

What might possibly keep us from these high states of being?  
While it may be true at any time in our lives, to be distracted by the hectic lifestyles of our times, and our ultimate responsibilities and choices in this life; during this Holiday Season, it is so easy for us to focus on all the other people, and other things, in our lives; all the shopping and gift giving, card writing, and caring;  the dinner parties, office parties, family gatherings, and all the places, groups, and things to gather with and do for others, often whom we dearly love, or at least truly care for.  And this does not even begin to tap into the many other 'responsibilities' we perceive, or hold, in our lives.   
It is a prime time to forget about generating self love, care, and acceptance.  It can be 'easy' to get lost in the hectic needs of our societal needs and responsibilities.  Indeed, when we get lost in the haze, glaze, and buzz of doing, doing, doing, it is very easy to fall short of meeting our own needs.  Fundamental ones.  We are not talking about being selfish.  
We are talking about nourishing the base root of our being, and/or receiving nourishment from it. 
And those of us who are especially caring and attentive to the needs of others, often are the ones most lacking in self generating practices of love and nourishment!!  
Just as the root of a plant receives nourishment from the Earth, sustenance, and support, we, too, need to ground into our essence, and its deepest source, and let that base nourishment flow through us.  As many a prophet has spoken, how can we possibly love others, if we cannot love our selves in the midst?  This is how we actually generate love for others, as a vessel within, and through our selves!  Indeed, that love needs to flow through us.  So, if we are not part of the equation, are we not sorely missing the Love?  Indeed, it may not be love we are giving at all, but a need for acceptance, approval, or love from others we are giving, in the name of Love, and not even realizing we are not actually giving it!  
In this case, we are EXPENDING ENERGY, but may not truly be loving.  Indeed, if we are expecting anything, ANYTHING in return, it is not love.  It is something else.  And, that may be why we often feel we are falling far short of being loved and accepted by others....because we are not freely or fully loving them, or, even loving or accepting our selves!  (This is not to be confused with giving endlessly to those who do not respect qualities of harmonious relations, nor the nature of reciprocity.)
Love is a free flow of life force for the benefit of all.  It may be focused upon one 'individual,' but please keep in mind, that even within this constraint, the actual root meaning of 'individual,' is 'indivisible.'  Thus, by loving the individual, we are loving the indivisible nature of All Life, which flows through and thrives within every 'indivisible' organism in all of Creation.  We are loving the reflection of the Divine through 'an other,' whom mirrors some root aspects of our self.  
Indeed, it is that root aspect of self that we most cherish, the true 'Divine' nature of our self, which flows through All Life, every organism, including our 'individual', indivisible essence.  We may not be aware of it, but it is fundamental to All Life.  
It is that love, that essence, we are cherishing, lacking, yearning for, if we are not complete:  the beauty, power, generosity, loving kindness of the unconditional Self, the highest essence of Self, which we yearn for, which will make us complete.  Many of us have fallen victim to believing some one else, anyone else, can complete us.  While there are 'intangible' fulfillments of the dualistic world which can be formed through the formless union of the two, the One is what makes it complete.  (Bear with me if that is a confusing statement.)  
Love, is a generous, abundant, free-flow giving, which requires little to no effort, and generates deep states of self worth, abundant joy and plentiness, and pleasure that can easily escalate to the point of bliss or ecstasy.  All it really requires is an open heart, for Love is the foundational nature of the universe, and flows naturally and freely when there are no constraints upon it.  It arises from deep within our core, and the core of every living thing around us, to saturate our entire existence with its existence, and essence.  
It is the core abundance which drives that self love and awareness, pure awareness, and thrives in, and through, all things.  
It is the illusions of 'less than,' of powerlessness, feelings of unworthiness, or fear of that power of being our self, which drives those illusions that we are not complete, not whole, lacking something outside of self.  It is fear of not being enough, not being good enough, not having enough, not being worthy, or worse, judging our selves as even less than this.  But, it is not true.  We are deserving of more than the love and affection we feel lacking from others.  We are deserving and able to receive the love and adoration of the Universe in its Completeness.  We are much more than, and much more deserving, than most of us realize!  
I used to say, 'Who cares if our mother (here on earth,) does not/did not love us, when we are being held in the arms of the Divine Mother of All Life!?'  -- We are!!
We are abundant.  
We are Whole.
We are complete.
We are Divine creatures of Divine origin, expressing through this unlikely edifice of human existence and experience.  
We have the power and ability to make our selves Whole.  To make choices and dreams come true.  To experience a rich and abundant life of joy and completion.  Beyond most of our current dreams and aspirations.  We are more than we realize.  Much, much more!  All of the Luminous Ones are sharing this with us!  WE ARE MORE THAN THAT!
We are WHOLE!  
We are COMPLETE!  We are extraordinary beings of BEAUTY, JOY, and LIGHT!  
If, we could just let go of the pain, fear and confusion which appear to keep us from feeling complete, within our selves, it could be so easy.  
Just rest in, and feel it.
That beauty, that joy, that love, peace, and light, which is our true essence, and nature, is the easiest of all to attain.  It is more a method of ALLOWING it, than doing anything to make it so.  It is WHO WE ARE!  It is easy to let all the reasons and perceptions of time and place in our lives get in the way of realizing it, of perceiving it emanating through our daily lives.  But, the truth is, it is, actually, much more easy to allow it to be so, than to deny it, with all of the pain and suffering that comes from doing so.  
To allow our Selves to just Be, to just shine through.  
Just, stop the action of disallowing.  
And, rest, in peace.  

Take a moment to your self.  

Here is a simple practice of "SELF GENERATION!" which can empty us of all but gratitude, joy, abundance, love, and peace.  The choice is yours.  Which do you want, choose, and deserve, right now?    
We send rich blessings in these times of great joy and peace.  They are all around us, if we but take moments a day to realize it, and hold gratitude for it (see above, one of those many moments of each day....
Moon over Vermont, ©2013 Zacciah.)   
Much love to each of you.  
From Zacciah, and the council he works with.  

Self Generation is art of activating the aspects of Divine potential within us, through reverential states or alignment, with those we view as holding those states.  So, if I believe Jesus, Mother Mary, Magdalene, Tara, Buddha, or any of the great saints and teachers hold a fully realized state of Divine Love, Compassion, Peace, or any other such state, I can call upon their essence and being, to assist me in realizing that potential within me.  It is considered a 'high tantric' practice; meaning, it generates states of self realization through union with another.  It is a common mis-perception in the west that 'tantra' is equivalent to 'sexual' practices.  It is not.  That can be a part of tantra, but tantra is about union, in order to become realized.  It takes many forms.  And we have taught many such practices here, many of which can be found in our articles pages.
Take some time to come into a restful, peaceful state through meditation or mindfulness.  
Slowly begin to draw to mind the idea of, the ideal of, or the characteristics of some 'holy' being, whom you revere as one holding realized states of perfection, compassion, beauty, unconditional love, or similar wisdom, which you would like to embody more fully.
With every restful breath, go into deeper and deeper consideration of this one you hold as a sacred or holy being.  If you know mantra or chants related to invocation of this being, they can be useful to quieten and focus the mind upon those aspects of that one, or ones.  
Begin to imagine them (he/she) with all of your mind, and with all of your heart.  You can envision them, but it is not necessary to 'visualize,' and this can take away from the power of the practice.  What is most useful, is to use your feeling senses to feel or imagine what it would be like, to have them, in all of their loving presence, sitting, or resting, before you.
Continue to breathe ever deeper into this imaginal state of their being, just before, or above you.  Keep doing this, until you can 'realize' them, as if they were real and tangible, sitting, resting, or standing just before or above you.  Continue doing this a little bit longer, beginning to breathe, more and more, into their essence, and breathing it back into your mind or heart.  Do so more and more continually, with less and less effort and resistance.  Receive their essence, feel it; what is it like to have the beautiful luminous radiance of Yeshua, Gautama (the Buddha,) Tara, Magdalene, Mary, or others just before you?  Breathe it in.  
Imagine it to become more and more tangible.  Let it be so.  
At some point, breathe them directly into your heart or mind, as completely as you are able; allowing their essence to ignite that tangible essence, or potential, of your self.  This is the process of "Self Generation."  
Allow it to be so.
Rest in it.
"Tuck" this experience away some where where you can easily return to it, time and time again, throughout the day, before bed time, and for at least the next several days, if not weeks to come.  You should be able to generate a state of effortless to make this connection.  
At some point, later, while in this state, use it to reflect upon parts of your self, as you perceive them, or your life experiences, which seem less than this, less whole or complete, and ask simple questions of your self, as to why you allow these less 'whole' states to exist, where they come from, or how you might better resolve them, or integrate these 'more whole' states into your being, and life experience.   We offer these practices with great love and respect.  We are deeply honored to be part of the community of humanity, intentionally stepping into a more and more evolved form of our being.  
We dearly welcome those, who seek refuge, companionship, community or communion, help and assistance, to come into more complete states of realization, or greater states of healing and resolution, to join with us, in our many practices and journeys, intended to awaken our greater essence and origins in this life.   We wish many blessings to all,  
and, through these HolyDay times, 
many blessings.  

Zacciah, and company
We wish you many blessings  
and all who guide this work