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 Resurrection:  Self Generation:  Loving Oneself
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                       ~~Zacciah Blackburn, PhD




A Morning Reflection:

On this Easter/Full Moon/Solar Eclipse Morning, 

we wake, with the Beauty of the World, 

and share this offering, with you.



Resurrection:  Self Generation:  Loving Oneself

On this Easter morning, it seems appropriate to speak of something within the context of the season.

And, while  'resurrection,' (to lift up again,) is an abundant theme of the season, the concept of loving oneself, and of 'generating  enough,' has arisen this week as an offering for reflection and contemplation, from those who guide this work.  May this be received as an offering to you.

Of course, with the coming of spring, the rising again of the sun across the mid-heavens, with the richness of a full moon on  Easter, and the amplifications of a solar eclipse, we are called to look again at the values and wealth we carry, as we prepare to awaken the seeds we have been incubating over the winter of dreams, to bring them into fruition.

Let us see what each of us carry......

Loving Oneself:  Generating that which we perceive

Most of us know the importance of loving ourselves.  I am not speaking of a narcissistic self-love that puts us, our needs and wishes, above others, but of the act of unconditional love, which, generously, and realistically, should permeate our lives into the lives of others.  Of eventual paramount importance, it  becomes apparent that if we are not loving ourselves, we are depleting our lives, as well as our love of others.
As, we cannot truly love others if we are not loving ourself, if love is not permeating out through our lives.
The very properties of love, its very mechanics, means that we must love from the core of our being, it must permeate out, emanate out from within the essence of our hearts, and penetrate every cell of our being as it is radiated out into the infinite worlds around us.  This is the fundamental nature of unconditional love.
It is love.
This is all we need to know, care about, understand within the essence of this conversation.
To love oneself is to love another, for we are radiating that love unconditionally into the world.
Everything we see and perceive is encompassed in that love.
It radiates out like the light of the sun, enriching everything in its path, unconditionally, because, that is fundamentally, who we are.
We are radiant beings of light, interwoven with other beings of light in an infinite wave of love, compassion, and bliss.  If we are not perceiving it, it is because we are not generating enough love within ourselves to realize this.
If we feel we are not receiving love, the actuality is most likely that we are not generating it into the world around us, through our lives, choices, and actions.
(See my recent article on "satisfaction, and, to make enough.")   
We are the only block to our own resurrection (lifting up again,) or realization (viscerally realizing who we are and what our relationship to this Cosmos is.)
When we are focusing on the inherent generating principle of the heart, we feel the coherent waves of generosity , love, and compassion, unwaveringly permeating from our hearts, and penetrating everything around us, again, without condition.
Just as the sun does not choose whom to shine upon.  It simply shines, because that is the nature of who it is.  And whomever wants it, basks in that beauty of the sun.  It does not judge or choose who should or not receive it.  (Peronal love becomes a different story, of whom we choose to love, and interact with in relationship.)  Thus, is the nature of our heart.  And it is an abundant, infinitely charged, radiant source of energy, life, love, compassion, radiating into the world.

I am immediately reminded of star maps recently arising from the world of astrophysics and astronomy.   Galaxies are composed of  hundreds of billions of stars, and our known physical universe is composed of at least a hundred billion galaxies, ever expanding out (in our current perception of the known universe.)  These galaxies of stars gather in clusters, and create an interwoven network, much like a web or fabric, as seen in this computer generated representation of that.  (NASA image to right)
It is amazing to me, that this is an extraordinarily close representation of how the nerves in our brain, also, gather in fibrous networks (image to left.) Are these not almost identical, this gathering of nerves in our brain, and the gathering of entire galaxies in clusters, in our universe.  I cannot help but to hear the voice of Thoth, the "thrice great," speaking the idiom, "As above, so below!"

This is a clue as to how the mind of God works, one might say!  It is as if the sun of our solar system is but one star in our galaxy, one nerve in the cluster of cells in the nervous system of Creation.  And, then, what are we in that cluster of cells?

And, on a human level, at a subtle level of light form, if we were seeing the luminous threads of our subtle networks of existence, these images might well represent the way we would see clusters of humans congregate, in families, in sects, in social circles, in the work place, in states, nations, and the world, the inter fibrous web of life gathering, the matrix of life on earth, gathering like the nervous fibers of the brain, and the universe; we, humanity, being somewhere between  this microcosmic and macrocosmic level of existence.

Think upon it for a moment.   As we open our hearts to the infinite love pouring out of them, we interconnect with the like hearts of similar beings, through the resonant field of ourself and others.  By generating love within ourselves, we connect to the web of All Life, just in this manner.
And so it is.
Our inherent nature, already connected, already interwoven, if we but place our awareness on the generous love pulsing out of our hearts!  It has been spoken and written by the great teachers and elders, for eons.

At another level, the act of loving ourself takes on the personality of our chosen incarnation.
How do we love ourselves?  
Or, do we?
It is totally up to us.
But, many of us have chosen,  often sub-consciously now, to not generate love into the world, to not generate love of our selves.
We have hangups (what are yours, if any?) of self love, of self esteem, of not feeling well enough, of not feeling enough, of not feeling there is enough, of not having enough, of lacking, of not being loved by others, of feeling unloved, even unloveable, or thinking that this is the key to our happiness and fulfillment; 'if someone else would just love me, I would be fulfilled, I would be happy, I would be complete!'
"Why won't anyone else love me?"
"I am unlovable."
"I am incomplete."
"I am not worthy of being loved."
"I am so sad."
And, thus, our unworthiness, our loss, our sadness, our grief, our misconstrued evaluation of heaven on earth becomes lost in the mis- perception that another must love me, for me to feel worthy or complete.
This is, in actuality, more often the root cause of the very problem as we perceive it.
Because, if we are not generating 'enough love,' for our happiness, for our completion, we cannot generate the magnetic attraction to someone else who is loving enough, complete enough, worthy enough for our love.
Our loss, our lack of, generates the opposite condition.
It sends the signal into the universe that "I am not worthy," of love, of abundance, of being complete.
And, the universe, worthy and benevolent as it is, insures our signal is magnified, completed.
And, thus, we struggle for love and completion in our hearts.
When, in fact, if we would be take on the role of 'love generator,' we would not only generate enough love into the world around us to feel complete unto ourselves, we would attract those very other 'love generators' into our lives whom would make great partners, community members, etc., (our 'sangha,' or spiritual community who loves and supports us in our goals and pathways of spiritual growth and evolution.)
It seems contradictory to the grieving mind which feels and focuses upon the loss of love of others, or upon how unworthy we must be because we cannot find someone to love us.
Indeed, the easier logic would understand, if we cannot love ourself, how, why would anyone else find us worthy of their love?  The very logic would suggest we, who know ourself best of all, should be so loving toward ourself.  Or, if we are not worthy of our own love, how could we possibly be worthy of someone else's love.

I ask you, I implore you, I compel you to love your self, or to at least find the obstacles to your own self love, so it may begin to generate into the world around you.
Indeed, in reality, as spoken by so many generations of teachers, we are already generating the principle of light and love within us.  If we are not experiencing it, it is simply because we focusing upon another principle, another perception, of lack, or unworthiness, rather than our true essence which is, right now, radiating into the world.  If we would be focus upon it, we can perceive it.

Here is a simple practice of self generation.

Bring awareness into your heart (your heart center, chakra, in the center of the chest.)
Begin feeling into that heart center.  
Notice what you are feeling.
Acknowledge whatever feeling state you are in, but let the practice be to feel deeper and ever deeper into the infinite spaciousness of the heart center, until you can find that golden sun, deep within it, generating light, love, life into the world, into the vast spaciousness around it.
Spend some time to feel into this space, and into the generation of light and life force arising from within the heart.
If you cannot feel it, imagine what it would feel like if there were a golden sun generating light, life, warmth, generosity, compassion, unconditional love into the world around you, or the space around that sun.
You might imagine it, literally, like the sun, or any other star, radiating light and warmth into the vast space around it!

Feel it generate light.
We don't have to tell the sun how to do this.  It does  it of its own accord.  Of its own nature.  It knows  how.
Just put your awareness and belief into this action.

Feel the golden sun radiating out from within your chest. 
Move your awareness deeper and deeper into this golden radiance.
Feel its qualities of light, of warmth, of transcendence, of transmutation (changing any substance it meets into fuel for its fire of life, or simply transforming it immediately into light itself;) feel thoser qualities of the unconditional love (love without measure, without judgment of form,) of compassion (willingness to engage with any force not of its own kind, and find the kindness within it,) and similar virtues of coherence radiating into the world.
Go  ever deeper into this love generation.
Melt into it.
Meld into it.
Surrender unto it.
Give your self to it.
Allow it to be.
Let it be one.
Let it be One with the nature of evolution, of life itself, of all of creation.
Feel the fibers of life stretch out and begin to interweave with the fibrous tendrils of other luminous beings in the universe whether they be human, star beings, or other life forms.
Feel the ebb of love flow out unto the web of life.
Generate love.
Make enough.
Be satisfied.

Now you are complete.
And, as you share this love without judgment or measure, with others whom you come in contact with, notice how you rise again.
You rise unto your full form, unto your full self, unto your full place in the universe.
You come again into the richness of life, unto its abundance.
You meet others with the vast richness of light, also.
And those who do not have it, who do not yet realize it within themselves, will be attracted to you, like moths unto the fire, wanting this light and warmth.
It is up to you to generate enough, to share your wisdom of the heart.
In our culture, they may mistakenly think you are generating something more 'personal.'
Do not let them make that mistake.
Assure them  this is free and universal love meant to permeate the planet, is free for all to take, but is not being generated for them, personally. 
For the personae is the 'mask' of illusion.
It is felt apart from the whole.
It subscribes to the illusion and  belief that we are separate.
And we are not.
We are reweaving the fibrous web of life into the world again, indeed, into the universe.
They are welcome to that, but we are not generating for their personal need, but for their baptism in fire and light, that they might 'rise again' into the ethers of their own illustrious and luminous being, the essence of Creation, the nature of our existence.
Here we are, One, All, risen again into the portrait of self love, the vehicle of baptism, transformation, resurrection of life, in which we all are (an equal) part of that Creation..

May we all be born again,
in the fire, the love, the light of our own hearts,
at one with All Life,
with all beings.

Many blessings to all.
Zacciah and those who walk with us.

By the way, 'belief' means  to 'be love.'
So, by all means, believe again!!


©2015 Zacciah Blackburn, PhD