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This new moon pierced my heart this New Year's Day, as it set, resting near Venus and Mars, on the horizon.

It called me to reflect on these times of wisdom and transformation.
It is a special time.

There is much to be conscious of.

It has special meaning to me.  I see the reflections of it in the sky, and feel its pulse deep within me.  I recognize the pulse of life we all must feel, just as Venus or Mars must touch most of us now, certainly those of us who saw it.  But within the intangible, it is there for all of us.  It is a transitory year.  A time of choice and reflection.  Indeed, it is that time of the year.  The turning within of the dream time, taking time to reflect on who we are and what our purpose is.  A time to manifest our seeds of intention for the coming year, ready to plant them as the sun warms the Earth into Spring.  Imbolc, in just a few weeks, is the turning point toward that spring, when the Earth’s heart begins to melt under the sun’s embrace, her juices begin to rise as sap in the trees, reddening their faces.

Much is on the line for each of us.  We have seen it in the external world.  Are we honoring it in the internal?

This is a time to honor the inevitable flow of life, the invisible cord which weaves it way through each of us, and binds us to the Whole.  Do we honor it?  Do we recognize and take the time to be with ourselves and each other, or are we thrown astray by the appearances of the world that shroud us in disbelief, but are not the eternal truths, and, are not so real?  The appearance of illusion is upon us.  The shadow kingdom would like to throw us its veil.  Do not be illusioned by those not standing in their own truths.

Find yours.

I always loved the Grandmothers voice, as she speaks of the appearances.  What appears real, what appears as obstacles; they are just appearances, just shadows, and apparitions.  They are shadows, like those we love to see upon the moon, reminding us to look deeper, within. 

The Light stands before us.  We can choose. 


Shadow or Light.  What is your perception?  What do you focus upon?
And, what is our prescription?  What will heal?  Shall we find healing or harm and remorse?  Shall we touch the strands which touch each other, or let them loose?  Let us find our community and voice.  
The cycles are upon us.

May it be a blessed New Year to each and every one of us.