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December 21-22, 2012

What it Is.  What to Do. 
(Words on the Alignment of 2012 with a meditative practice)


                                                     ~~Zacciah Blackburn, PhD




December, 2012, is upon us.

Congratulations.  (And, Blessed Holidays, Holy Days, to you all!)

If you are embodied upon the planet at this time, you, likely, also, are here for a special purpose. 

It is time.  You hear me saying this over and over.  It is because it is.

Some of you are tiring of hearing it, no doubt.  I understand.  It is a mantra worth repeating, so that we understand.

It is time.

It is time for your purpose to unfold.

If you have any concept of 2012 as a prophetic time, whether from Biblical, Mayan, Quechuan, Algonquin, Ojibway, Lakota/Dakota/Nakota, Hopi, Cherokee, the work of Nostradamus, Cayce, or any of the many other traditions which point to this time as prophetic, it is time. 

This is the time those prophecies have pointed to.  This is the time many of us have been waiting upon.  And, a time many of us have come here to participate in.  To assist in creating and guiding humanity into this new reality.

But, is it simply a day that passes, or, a magic pill we take, that brings about world change, and self realization?

No, I am sorry my friends, it is not. 

No, it requires diligence, mindfulness, and action.  It is a time of unfolding action, and the consequence of those actions.  It is a process, and may be days, months, and years before that unfolding reaches completion.

It requires conceding to higher wisdom, our own true authority, and that which our own true higher authority of Self aligns with, the Heart of All Creation.

They are in alignment.They are in balance.

If we do not realize it, we only have to allow it to be so, to focus purely upon that, to hold that intent, and incorporate it in our actions, until it unfolds.  Until we realize it always has been so.  It may sound simplistic, yet all great teachers have alluded to this reality.  You are the Buddha.

Are we, in our every day way of thinking, being, feeling, acting, doing, in alignment with that higher purpose, ideal, and Destiny?

What is it we each have come to do, and must do, in order to create this new world, this new reality, we each have been dreaming of, imagining, perceiving is real and about to change the planet? 

What have you been dreaming and imagining?

It is in alignment with your highest ideals, choices, and actions? 

It is not just a cosmic force at play, though, in my interpolation of decades of work with the nature of Self Realization, with the forces of Creation and higher guides and teachers, they are certainly collaborating, if not interceding, at this time (see Council of High Holy Beings article if you are not familiar with this aspect of my work.)

And, one grand part of this particular season, in the saga and evolution of humanity, is this alignment taking place with the Sun, Earth, and Heart of the Galaxy on Solstice evening.  Indigenous cultures place so much value in this, for the Heart of the Galaxy is the 'local' Heart of the Cosmic Mother, in this cultural view.

To come into alignment with this Grand Alignment, we only need put our awareness there.  To be fully present and available to it.We will be doing this in our Solstice practices, but here are things you can do, leading up to this time, and in your own way if you are not joining us directly, to assist in this alignment.

Suggestions, Preparations

I suggest, in the coming weeks, look for times you can walk outside, especially when the sun is low upon the horizon.  Imagine behind it, is the Rift of the Great Milky Way, the source of emanation of Light and Creation from the Heart of the Galaxy.  It is spoken of as a great Black Hole, yet it emanates more Light than science can understand how it can generate.  And, specifically, it is emanating that in the Gamma Wave spectrum, the Highest principle of Light known to modern science (the highest vibrational spectrum of light known to science.  This is a clue.) 

Look at these images of two Galaxies to understand or visualize this incredible emanation of light from within their core.  The upper spiral galaxy is a representation of our own Milky Way.  (Do you know, the term "Milky Way," is, literally, a leftover, from the ancient traditions of Egypt, where it was seen as the milk of the Great Cosmic Mother Hat'or, nursing the universe into creation, pouring that vital life force, then, into the Nile to nourish the people of Egypt?  Thus, they, also, saw this Great Rift as the life force of the Mother pouring into our World.

The sun is coming into alignment with the heart of these emanations from the core of our galaxy during this coming period.  It will be in direct alignment Dec 21-22.

Imagine as you walk outside, that the sun is a beacon of, and a gateway to, that incredible outpouring of light, life force, the binding love that holds all life in harmony and existence, in the Cosmos, coming from the Heart of the Mother of the Galaxy... imagine the sun as a beacon of that light, amplifying it through the window, the threshold, of it's own heart.  Imagine the Heart of the Sun is a gateway into the Heart of that Galaxy.

Walk in the light of the Sun as if you were walking in these emanations of that Light of the Galaxy, the Light of the Mother of Creation, pouring upon us, amplified by the Sun, asking us to take this mantle, to recognize we are, and are ready to Become, One with All Life.  Feel the unconditional love and joy of Creation pouring out through that Light Principle of the Great Mother.

Do this as often as you are able.  Do it in meditation times as well.  Imagining, feeling, sensing, the light of Creation pouring through the sun, amplified by the sun, pouring into your heart, and entire energy spectrum, into your cells, tissue, and being.


This will begin the preparations for you, to align with this infusion of Light during the Grand Alignment, wherever you are, during this Gateway of 2012, December 21-22. 


WHEREVER YOU ARE, spend time during these days (esp Dec 21-22) aligning with, and receiving these incredible spectacles of Pure Light emanating from that Heart of this realm of the Universe, for you, for us, for all Humanity, for All Living Things.  When you feel full, or whenever you feel overwhelmed, imagine you are pouring it out into the world around you, into the hearts of others, for the benefit of all.

We hope to provide additional suggestions on preparing and aligning during this time.  Watch our newsletters.  It is the mindful alignment and receptive state that will truly assist.We suggest you read the two practices on solar alignment, in our articles section, if you have not, and how to allow the vital solar energies to charge your field and consciousness.  This may, also, help tremendously to understand, to feel, and receive these emanations of the Heart of the Mother through the Gateway of the Sun.  (These are in the top section and in the Earth Mysteries section of our articles.)

Receive these gifts.

Feel the worthiness of them.  Then, come into reverence and right attitude in your views and actions (see next article, Message From the Guides) to learn the Art of pure manifestation.

Join us if you can, to Vision the New Reality, to manifest it, in this time, in this place.  May it be so.

And So It Is.