Join Our In Depth Training And Certificate Course, The Foundation Of Sound Healing
Preparations for the Tree of Life Practice


                                                      Zacciah Blackburn, PhD


 Each day of this practice will be an important one.
We ask you to come fully prepared for this work.
It is generous and grateful work, but it is work, the Great Work, the ancients call it.
This is not your normal shamanic journey.
You will have a tremendous opportunity to learn to connect ever more deeply with living energies of the Earth in living relationships.  You will be given the opportunity to step forward to assist in creating tangible work to enliven and awaken the earth and all its relations at this time of incredible planetary awakening.  We will share with you during the practices much which has come from this.

In the course of this work, we shall be called upon to come into our highest potential, to the clearest ideal of Self, in order to complete this work.

The first 2-3 days of this program will offer tremendous opportunity to dive into the layers of our being, to purify and clarify who we are, that we may bring forward our highest potential, to set our personal intention & vision for the work, then collectively, and to discover and integrate the personal power and resolve to come forward as a true human being to ally with the hosts of heaven and earth, which we shall meet each day of this journey, to come into complicity in sacred relationship, to enter and seed the Creative Matrix of life.  This will be fully explained during the journey, and has much information contained in the links below.

IT IS WHAT YOU DO to prepare, and what you bring, to this practice, which will create the greatest benefit for you, and the Whole, during, and after this work.  We cannot stress enough the importance to bring a clear and positive attitude, to receive the highest gifts and nourishment, to prepare for this Great Work.  We highly suggest taking time to mentally and emotionally prepare yourself, to be a vehicle for the greatest good, during this work;  to prepare for the greatest good for your self, but also, as a vehicle for healing for this planet.  The entire body of work is focused on these two principles.  To prepare ourself, and to be a vehicle for the acceleration of, and seeding of energies for the benefit of all sentient beings on this planet, and the Earth Herself.

Great things are occurring, more and more!
I have said it before, but I become increasingly aware that this work is far more important than I had earlier realized.  Everything occurring around us is suggesting this.  Do not be mistaken when you see the tension, distress, and chaos in the world around you, that is the building of polarities which end in sacred union of the forces of creation to build new realities.  It is so.
The End Times are upon us.  The New Reality is emerging.  Be a part of it.
Hold fast to your own principles of coherence and integrity, and this alone will bridge you into the new paradigm, whether you understand the greater picture at any time or not.

My time with the elders in recent years, the continuing evolution of this work, with new mysteries being quite constantly revealed, especially in our outdoor work, the gathering of new allies in the subtle realms, the amazing stories and medicine gifts of those such as Grandmother Spider, hummingbird, Eagle and Condor, the Hawk, Owl, Buffalo, Big Cat and Bear clans, the deeply penetrating work of the advanced group laying the foundation for this practice, with the, literal, Awakening of the Dragon, as well as practices we have completed elsewhere in the world, inspires me tremendously about the import of us each taking part in creating right relationship with all living energies, but also taking part in creating the new paradigm.  This is what we are undertaking.  It is not that it is new information.  But, that it is SO PERTINENT, and that the elders WORLDWIDE are stating exactly the same thing, asking us to do the same thing, engaging in these same ceremonies, if in their own way.

The Earth is CALLING US, beseeching us, to enter ever deeper aspects of relationship with her.  And, she and her allies are responding.  They are waking up.  Becoming more present and available to us, just as we are to them.  They remind us that entering into harmony with the earth is an incredible catalyst to opening the doorway to ever greater realities.  It is coming into harmony with our bodies, our selves.  It is embracing the very nature of the Divine Feminine, which must be met, as we all know, to enter fully into the Sacred Embrace, the Sacred Yoke, the Divine Union.
She and her spirit allies are so ready, and SO THANKFUL each time we enter into this divine relationship, and divine contract with her, and with them (the allies) (what the Q'ero (Inka), call Ayni, (the contract,) the Law of Reciprocity, what others call the Law of Attraction, you receive what you give, what others call simply Karma.)
They Respond, they sing, they open the skies and clouds to us.

Releasing our fears and illusory beliefs not built within those greater realities can allow them to reveal themselves to us.  By opening our veils to those greater realities, to the states of consciousness beyond our own normal, daily way of being, based in beliefs not always anchored in the greater reality, we open the door to so much.  
When we come into our authentic power, we also find that the Universe responds so readily, so vividly, to our Being, our wishes, our beliefs, and requests.  We literally take on the role of Co-Creator.  Yet, with this, comes an immense responsibility of affirming the Highest Integrity, in alignment with the Harmonious nature of Universal Truth.

This is the time of the "Lifting of the Veils."  They continue to thin, others worldwide continue to report their experiences, the greater ease of aligning with the deeper truths, opening the doorways ever wider, and coming into more immediate sequence within the matrix of creation (what we might have earlier called instant karma...instant reckoning, more instantaneous manifestation.)  All it takes is a moment of mindful awareness to shift into alignment with this greater Reality, and unfolding Truth.
Aligning with the Earth, the ancient ones, the elementals, the Allies, and the holy ones of the subtle realms, all is bringing us into deeper and deeper awareness which will serve us, all, during this time.

Come prepared to explore your own being, your own wellness, your own authenticity.  And realms of light many of us may have not yet touched.  But, also, to be of service to the Creation, in these times, of profound awakening, to Seed this Creative Matrix of Heaven on Earth into being.
We will alternate  practices, between preparation and creating living relations, to entering states of completion in which we can step forward as co-creators, and engage directly with the living energies, and come to a place of world service.  We will develop and utilize skills, the relationships we develop, and our personal authenticity, to weave the threads of being in this Sacred Star of Creation, to activate and open it more deeply, and now, to more directly seed it with the pure matrix, for all to touch and see.

It will be each, our collective, and unique individual abilities which weave the threads of creation together, into a tapestry, to open this doorway we call the Sacred Seal, or, Star Tetrahedron, of this region.

Prior participants in this work, as well as our advanced class members have been deeply moved by the potency of what is offered when coming into this relationship with these unique beings and energies associated with this work.  Many are joining us again in this work.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to introduce each of you to this body of work, welcome you, and dearly look forward to join with you in this great endeavor. 

We each hold a key ingredient to bring into play.  May we each find the ability to discover it, to wield it with authenticity and integrity, and utilize it, for the good of all creation, to open this sacred door.

We hope you may join us in this world service.
In a sacred way, I make this offering, to each of you.
Many blessings.

Many blessings,
Zacciah Blackburn