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Center of Light News 10.08.08.   

To see a greater truth, dreaming the new dream:

We come from a subtle time. 
We have knowledge and awareness beyond our current beliefs, even beyond many of our imaginations.
We are so much more than we think we are, or have been taught to be.
How do we see, and access awareness of the worlds and understanding beyond our common bonds?
We must let go of the illusion of the Veils we cling to, which keep us from seeing our own greater Truth.
They are called obscurations in many tongues...that which obscures us from the Truth.

They are self-induced, the Veils.
If we were to peer into the Truth, we shall see into Pure Mind.  Pure Creation.  Pure Reality.  To do so, we must see beyond all Fear and Illusion.  
We must see beyond All we have made up, to believe, to protect us, to survive in a world we have perceived or experienced as hostile, violent, shameful, not intact, not at One with the All That Is.
We have come to believe we are separate from the Greater Reality.  Many of us have not even perceived it..
All the great teachers have told us we suffer from illusion of separation, that, in reality, we are One, not living in a world of isolation or suffering, but a great and benevolent Truth (we are the Buddha; the kingdom of heaven is at hand, or within....)
How do we see beyond our suffering to recognize that heaven within?

What is beyond the Veil we call death?
Why do so many masters teach us we create our own reality, springing from, as the Hindus say, the "Cave of Brahma", (behind the third eye region of the 'upper brain centers?')

What would happen if we chose to peer beyond death, beyond all that we fear the most.
Why do so many cultures offer allies to accompany us through the portals of death?
What allies would be beneficial to call upon?  Why, how, can they help us to not linger, but to make safe passage through the portals beyond this reality?
Can this understanding help us to bridge into the greater Realities at this time, to Peer Beyond the Veils?

If we cling to reality, we cannot pierce Reality with our breath or vision.  For it is free and luminous, not contained or held.
("neither Real nor unreal, both existing and non-existing, self luminous, and self-liberating")
We must let go of how we imagine we perceive reality, let go of all of our beliefs of how Reality is constructed, in order to perceive it as it is.
Even then, it is as free as every thought we create.

We must let go of all fear, illusion, death, grief, doubt, anger, shame, fear, guilt, remorse, all judgement, yes, all fear.

We must be able and willing to perceive ultimate purity.
Face it without pre-conception.
And be willing to let go impurities in order to perceive it.
And be willing to understand, to face, ourselves as ultimate purity.

We must be able and willing to embrace the incontinence of our own Divinity (not contained.)
The beauty, richness, and durablity of our being beyond all current fathomable belief.
All we perceive, we are.

All we perceive.

We are the Buddha, the Buddha tell us.
"Greater things than these shall be done."
All else is illusion.

What would happen if we do project our own reality onto the great matrix of life?
What if our beliefs did create our reality?
Then, whatever we believe can project onto that screen.
Thus, we must learn to contain our beliefs within the matrix of harmony of All Life.
Not just contain, but purify.
Move beyond duality, to pierce the Veil of Unity.

We are living in the time of the "Lifting of the Veils".  This is the nature, the actual meaning, of  both, "Revelations," and, 'The Apocalypse."
We are living in those times.  Let us create the reality anew.  In harmony with All Life, as we have been given to do.  Let us re-enter the Garden.
Let us Dream the New Dream, and enter relationship with the sacred dreamweavers of this earth to weave the fabric of creation in harmony, beauty and balance.

 As we come to the portal of release of how we believe reality is constructed, to witness it as it is,
we must come to pure consciousness, or all fear will be projected upon that screen.
Thank goodness our power of perception is limited.
But, as we purify, as the Veils thin, our ability to see more distinctly into the worlds beyond illusion grows more distinct.
If we hold one thread of impure thought, of fear or obstruction, that is the thread we will last perceive before we move into the construction of reality based upon pure thought, pure perception, pure being, pure reality.  This is the nature of the "Bardos" the Tibetans so vividly assist their patrons through at times of death, accompanying their comrades beyond the self constructed illusions, back to the "realms of pure light and sound."

It is by facing this level of consciousness, at the deepest level of our being, that we shall be able to move through our current states of confusion and suffering, and into an individual, and collective state of Awakening.  The new world, the new dream, which is unfolding during this time of "Revelations, of 'Lifting of the Veils.' "
Every great saint and teacher has passed through this great portal, whether it be Gautama facing the Lord Maya, to Yeshua facing the Deceiver in the desert.

We each have the perception, the wisdom the courage and knowledge within us to make this safe passage.  
Yet, keen understanding of methodology for holding to awakened states is most beneficial to assist us.
Collective prayer also can generate states of synergy further assisting us to move beyond the most common yoke.

Let us face our thoughts, our obscurations, our impurities, by focusing upon our pure being, as a source of understanding, of harmony, or tansmuting fear and illusion.
Let us move our awareness into the well of emptiness, the void of creation, from which all life springs.

Let us slowly learn to weave the threads of a stronger creation, based upon the universal principals of harmony, of balance, of pure perception, of pure being.
And join together, to collectively weave those threads into a matrix of beauty, balance, wonder, joy, ecstasy, harmony, generated in the love of and for all beings, all universes, 
working with the DreamWeavers of this Sacred Earth, in service to all creation.
Let us:

Be of Pure Mind.

'Place all your awareness upon the One True Source of Being.
All else is entanglement.'

If you feel called, please, join with us in world service next weekend, Oct 18-19, see below.
Also, see 'final note' below, on the current dissolution of the economy.

Many blessings to all.
Zacciah Blackburn