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  • Sound Healing Consciousness
  • Sound Healing Consciousness

What are our Online Programs?

Online programs are a great way to get introduced the work of Zacciah Blackburn. The programs may focus on sound healing, consciousness or earth energy studies. Sound is always the healing modality Zacciah uses in his practices.

We are offering three types of online programs:

1) Single Meditations

The single meditations are a great way to learn some of the exceptionally powerful sound meditations Zacciah uses as a base for his work with clients and in workshops. These meditations come from a variety of the world's spiritual traditions and through Zacciah's decades of work with sound and sacred channeling.

2) Sound Education Workshops

The sound healing education workshops teach sound healing principles long distance. Through them you can learn how to use vibration medicine in your own life and also how to incorporate sound in your private professional practice.

3) Advanced Programs

Advanced programs are closed to the public. These programs go deeply into the spiritual work of Zacciah Blackburn and his community of sound healers. The meditations focus deeply on developing right relationship and strengthening the collective consciousness.

Current Online Sound Healing Programs

We are working on developing future programs at this time.