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Online - Igniting the Crystalline Matrix - Earth Mystery School - August 21-22, 2021

Online - Igniting the Crystalline Matrix - Earth Mystery School - August 21-22, 2021

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Online - Igniting the Crystalline Matrix

Introduction To Earth Mystery Work

August 21-22, 2021

With Zacciah Blackburn and Dorothy Stone

2-5 PM Eastern US time each day



This program will be held online over Zoom.

This program is an experiential study of the nature of Earth Wisdom, as given by our ancestral wisdom keepers of Earth and Sky, the Elementals, our Earth Mother, and the nature of Divine Grace herself, as she presents herself to us through natural and right relationships within her natural kingdoms, and in ancient ceremonial sites of New England. We will teach elemental coherent practices based in indigenous wisdom of how to connect with the Living, Vibrant intelligence of Earth and Sky, enhance our relationship, enter sacred sanctuaries, connect to elemental energies including the coherent wisdom of stones, trees, bodies of water, etc.

It is through right relationship we come into harmonic resonance with the All That Is. Each aspect of earth and sky shall respond to us when we enter right relationship. The mysteries are unfolding. They are ready to speak to us, with us, through us, if we are ready for them.

There is a special relationship we are being asked to engage in with the living consciousness of various elements of Earth and Sky. As we have entered these relationships through the last decades, the living beings of Earth and Sky have responded in truly magical and remarkable ways. We are being asked, at this time, to renew, reawaken, and reinvigorate ancient living relations with Earth and Sky, just as the ancients and living indigenous peoples of the world have always done. This re-awakening is serving to create a deep alignment for all humanity, to lift and shift the vibrational field for all sentient beings, to serve the greater cosmos.  

Sacred sites, sacred earth energy currents, sacred Earth geometries, exist right here in our own lands. It is not necessary to travel to far distant lands to experience the invigorating and life transforming experiences we often seek in other cultures and times. And, we have a responsibility to engage, to enliven, to witness, and to build these living relationships with the living consciousnesses of the vital, elemental, and ancestral beings of this realm of the Earth, where we live.

The Elders of many cultures tell us the Awakening of Humanity can only occur when we are in living, vital relationship with the consciousness of the Earth, her Elements, Ancestral Keepers, and others. They are engaging in, and have engaged with us, in ceremony to assist in the re-awakening, and re-alignment of the Earth's sacred energies and vital living networks, often called 'the grids' of the Earth, including the Ancestral Grid, 'the Christgrid', and other similar names. They have specifically asked to continue this awakening and activation of Right Relationship with the Earth and her many cherished Keepers. This program is steeped in deep personal ritual and ceremony to tap into our own awakening, and assist us to bring forward a True Awakening within this world.




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