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Online: Creating Your Sound Healing Practice II - November 18-21 2021 - School Of Sound Healing

Online: Creating Your Sound Healing Practice II - November 18-21 2021 - School Of Sound Healing

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Creating Your Sound Healing Practice - November 18-21 2021

Part II in our Online Training Series:

The Principles and Use of Sound as a Healing Modality

With Zacciah Blackburn and Dorothy Stone

Online Seminar

Thursday through Sunday

November 18-21, 2021 from 1-4 PM ET daily


school-of-sound-healing.jpgThis will be a continuation of our Sept 2020 and Jan 2021 programs viewable in this program guide.
It will incorporate many aspects of our Sound, Healing, and Consciousness programs.

One must attend either of these programs to participate in this Feb 2021 program.

We will extend our studies into more explicit principles, techniques, and experiential practices of how to use instruments, voice, awareness, intention and understanding dynamic principles of neurophysiology, consciousness, and the subtle energy system of the human body to facilitate subtle healing and wellness practices for therapeutic work, as well as integration into an existing professional therapeutic practice.

Most prior participants in this work find it extraordinarily rewarding, and more in depth than they imagined.

Sound can take us deep into a subtle healing experience, far beyond most of our awareness and expectations.  Zacciah and Dorothy are master teachers in this work.  We will be working with new science and contemporary understanding as well as ancient wisdom and awareness practices in this course.

What is authentic healing?  What are the chakras and how do we create balance and restoration?  What are more advanced techniques and methods for establishing a path of healing in our lives and practice?  What are our responsibilities as practitioners?  What is and how do we create Sacred Space for our practice?

Attendance in these two courses (Sept 2020 or Jan 2021 and Feb 2021,) will be eligible for additional extended on line courses.

This is a high quality, in depth program offered for novice and experienced practitioner to gain wisdom, insight, and experience to create or further your practice as a sound healing therapist, whether for personal or professional use, as well as to integrate sound into an existing therapeutic modality.

Zacciah and Dorothy have a combined history of over 70 years in world music, sound healing, and holistic program1.jpgpractices. You will receive in depth understanding and experience in the principles and use sound therapies, as well as use of primary sound healing instruments such as Pure Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan bowls and bells, chimes and gongs, Native American drums and rattles, tuning forks, and more, as time allows.

From this program, you can expect to explore

  • Experiential and cognitive advancement of our understanding of fundamental principles and utilization of techniques of sound healing therapies
  • Exploration of the nature of Authentic Healing
  • Experiential practices and esoteric understanding of the nature of human consciousness
  • Utilize sound practices from Vedic/Yogic traditions, Tibetan Buddhism and indigenous cultures
  • Experiential practice in sound techniques with applications for personal development and the professional setting
  • Scientific research and contemporary sound therapies
  • Use of voice, ancient and contemporary instruments including, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls and bells, Native drums, rattles, and tuning forks in wellness and therapeutic practices
  • Practice of sound techniques to enhance personal and professional therapies (Psychotherapies, Yoga Instructors, Massage/Body Therapists, and other complementary therapies) Where time allows, we will go into these areas of study, but will have a follow up program focusing more on Creating a Sound Practice
  • Balancing and clearing techniques for the neurophysiology, chakras,etheric/subtle energy and endocrine systems
  • Using sound and consciousness practices to provide pathways to awakened states of wholeness and well being.


z-teach.jpgThis program offers a skilled approach to the nature of sound and healing designed to be of benefit to novice and practitioner. We approach a broad understanding of major sound healing modalities. With this foundation of understanding with the nature of sound, and the use of instruments, we begin to explore ever more deeply the use of voice, also, for personal and professional use, for practice in clearing, aligning, and energizing the human energy field, the nature of and use in invocation of allies and teachers in the subtle worlds of understanding, and much more. How is sound used as healing tool? Why is it so effective? We each have the creative capacity to utilize our voice in healing, every day. By setting proper awareness, and intention, we can, by speaking our truth, voicing our wounds, and touching our Divinity, and alliance with subtle realms of being, spark healing in ourselves and others.

Daily Itinerary

Daily Schedule


Program Starts

When a program starts, this is the time that we get to know everybody attending, and come together as a community in this work.

Opening Meditation


Educational Programming

Break between 1.5-2 hrs

Closing 4 PM




Date and Online Access

- This program is online, November 18-21 2021, 1pm-4pm EST

- This is an online course on the Zoom platform. You will need to make a membership with Zoom at in order to participate in the meetings. The day before each meeting you will receive an email reminder for the meeting, including information for how to join the meeting

What To Bring

Please locate yourself in a quiet, comfortable spot.

- Headphones are most helpful for your full experience.

- By the time we begin this practice, you may find it beneficial to have some instruments to practice with.
  - Dorothy and Zacciah and our Sunreed staff are available to guide you through useful instruments and potential purchases, see for instrument ideas.

Question and Answer Session

There will be a question and answer session during the program.  

Purchasing Instruments

- Any instruments you see in our online practices are available for purchase at

Registration Information

- Registration is open for anyone who wishes to join.