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Many ask 'why dragons,' or, what is the significance of Dragons, in this practice?  

This article is a compilation of notes, letters, and explanations of our experiences and current understanding of the nature of 'dragons', and why they are referred to in this program.  Watch for additional materials, or sign up for further information via our newsletters.
Program information is here:  The Sacred Seal:  Awakening the Dragon 

This work is about developing or furthering dynamic relationships of the Living Energies of the Earth, the Cosmos and our selves.  These energies, in our experience, and in the experience of most indigenous peoples of the Earth, are living, conscious beings, and may include the living Earth herself, the fundamental/elemental forces of the Earth, the Spirit Beings of all aspects of Nature, the Ancestral Beings, especially of the land we live, the Wisdom Keepers of Sacred Places, the Medicine Allies of the land where we live, the Star Beings, and other celestial allies and guides.  See Living Earth, Living Relations, for more. 

In Taoist mysticism, the 'dragon' is both the keeper and protector of the elemental forces of nature.  It is, literally, that fundamental force.  Thus, the 'dragon' may be birthed of air, water, fire, earth, ether, or aligned with that element.
In Western mysticism, the dragon's deeper significance is somewhat lost, but it is this elemental force which the 'dragon slayers' of the early Christian church, St. Michael, St. George, and St. Patrick, (driving out the 'snakes' of Ireland,) were trying to stamp out, as well as why they were 'staking' their churches and spires at elemental points of ancient sites where the 'serpentine earth currents', the 'dragon currents,’ they were called, moved and conjoined (what many today call ley lines, though this is an incorrect use of that term.)  Wrapped into these early Christian actions, was the repression, not only of living earth currents, dragon currents, but, also, of living relationships with the Earth as a living form, and equal consort of the Heavens in the unfolding of a Divine Creation, of our bodies as sacred vessels, and of human sexuality as a natural and sacred act.

By awakening these dynamics of living relationships of the spiritual aspects and beings of the earth, and aspects of living earth consciousness, we are directly accessing higher octaves of celestial and star beings, as well as activating higher aspects of our own consciousness.  They all interplay, one with the other.  None is lesser than the other. <>

This is what the work is about.  And, as we align with our own higher self, and the living forms of these other holy beings in our environment, we awaken and deepen relations in ways that feed into our innate ability to co-create for this planet.  As we re-activate these sacred relationships, we activate higher relationships to the collective field of human consciousness and all sentient beings.  We then can work to assist in the unfolding of all beings to step more fully into their pure form.  We, literally, are assisting in the unfolding of Heaven on Earth, as it is, and as it has always meant to be.  However, at this time, we are being given an opportunity for humanity to collectively step into this role, as co-creators, as recipients and dwellers in Heaven on Earth.  This is in alignment with fundamental universal laws, as are the methodologies used.  But it is high art, and requires the highest integrity to work within these realms.  Thus we ask those ready to come into their higher power, with clear intention and integrity, to join us in this work.  We shall assist each participant to understand their own part.  The sincere wish to be of service to the planet, and to reach one’s own high ideal, or true self, is what is most important, far more important than the level of ‘adeptness’ one may have, from prior experience.

The work with Awakening the Dragon, and the "Star Seal", the Star Tetrahedron, is truly profound.  The main page regarding the Sacred Seal program has information on what the Star Tetrahedron is, and, at this time, I will not delve further into it. 

The work serves to understand how to, and is furthered by our entering sacred relation with aspects of Earth consciousness, learning right attitude for approaching sacred sites with reverence and respect, and in aligning with, and awakening deeper senses of one’s authentic self.  We are extraordinary beings of grace and power.  When we authentically come into alignment with this, humbly, and reverently, with elemental consciousness of Earth and Sky, all Mystery can unfold, and often does.
Our pages are full of experiences which have unfolded to us in the past.  We have not yet shared the stories of Grandmother Spider, and so many other allies whom have spoken to us on these journeys, outside of our other classes and lectures, etc.  For the time being, I simply will have to say, it has been profound.

And, I do not suggest it is unique to this territory, region, or our own body of work, but simply part of the mysteries ready to unfold, which we, among any others who may be opening to it, have come into resonance with.

 We will be working with these energies in the months of June and August (see the program notes, link above.)  But, I believe there is an even greater significance to this, as the 
energies of the Earth awaken in relationship to our own awakening.  This is occurring, worldwide, as part of this re-emerging of more complete, awakened consciousness within the human spectrum of consciousness.  But, also, to remind and inform us of how we must each, in our own way, engage with the living consciousness of the Earth and the Elemental energies herein, as part of our own individual, and greater collective awakening.  As we engage in right relationship with her living energies, and holy beings of the subtle realms of the Earth kingdoms, they are, and shall, more and more awaken and come into greater conscious living relationship with each of us, as they have, always, with many indigenous and wisdom based cultures of the Earth in the past.
I will share more as time allows.
In the meantime, we ask all of you to consider how you can enhance your living relations with all the Earth, her Spirit beings, Ancestral ones, and Living energies.  Find a place to honor your own spirit within that, as a living Keeper of the Wisdom, of the Heart and Fire of the Earth.

Many blessings.