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Time of the Sun
Time of the Sun
New: Sound Healing Training
6 day retreats W.MA, April 2020/Sept, 2019

  Empowerments For Healing and Transformation
The Hidden Treasures, Heaven and Earth, High Tantra
In depth advanced level 4 day retreat in Canada

Dorothy, Raphael, and Zacciah at Yoga Roots, Williston
Time of the Sun
It is the Time of the Sun.
This time of year offers us an extraordinary opportunity to enter deep relationship with qualities of the sun that can clarify, nourish, vitally charge and align our inner core and our physiology.
The sun is representative of the Divine Masculine aspects of consciousness, of the Cosmos, and of our self.  So, there are greater lessens to be learned in this as well, as it is a part of all of us.
  •  This Sunday, June 16 is Fathers’ Day. 
  • Zacciah will be joining sound masters Dorothy Stone and Raphael Groten at the Williston, VT, Yoga Roots for a special Fathers' Day Sound Temple, and will offer a practice to honor and activate the solar/Divine Masculine aspects of ourselves, which we all carry, and which can be very healing, transformative, and nourishing.  (see details below.)  
As the Sun approaches Solstice each year, its clarity, warming, and nourishing properties become quite evident.  

mtascutney.sunstar1.40cr.75.jpgWhen you can feel the Sun on these peak days, when it is highest in the sky, especially on charged, clear atmospheric days, you can literally feel the electric charge of the Sun.  If you enter into a meditative collaboration with it, you can easily feel its photonic energy cascade through your bio-field and cells, stripping away excess energy (heavy energy,) clarifying, then nourishing and charging your entire field and physiology.
Recognize the Sun as a living being, and life force, a part of the Living Cosmos, here in service to our life form and life force on Earth. 

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Our Next Training in Sound, Healing, and Consciousness, April, 2020
Sound Healing TrainingsOUR NEW Spring 2020 TRAINING in W. MA
Plan now!  This program fills every year!
This is our premier Sound Healing Training program offered again
in April 2020.
You can take our first 6 day retreat for in depth, high quality preparation or integration as a sound healer. 
But, you will also be able to continue through our full first year level I course once you have completed this 6 day program in Sound Healing and Consciousness.   
  Limited Registration. 
2) IN DEPTH, 6 Day retreat in
Sound, Healing, and Consciousness:
April 7-12, 2020
Leyden MA
This program fills annually, sign up soon.
Participants may continue in our Full First Year training if they desire. 
3) MODULE II, 6 Day retreat in Sound, Healing, and Consciousness:
Leyden MA
PRE-REQUISITE:  Open to anyone who has completed the first program in Sound Healing and Consciousness, or other 5-6 day Sound Healing training retreats we have offered.
Those who complete the first two modules can continue in Module III and IV in 2020 for our full first year training in the School of Sound Healing
All Programs Here
We co-create one on one INDIVIDUAL PROFESSIONAL SKILLS TRAINING for you, tailored to your specific needs in therapeutic sound, for your self or professional practice. You can participate in person, on line, by phone or skype.

EMPOWERMENTS for Healing & Transformation - Advanced Level Practices
For those in our advanced program, and those looking to advance their own studies in the Evolution of Consciousness, and Self Realization, we highly recommend you join us in one of our fall retreat:
Ottawa Canada October 17-20, 2019
Heaven and Earth,
High Tantra
Near Ottawa
Watch for news on the Conscious Sound Concert weekend, Labor Day, near Ottawa, September, 2019
A Special Father's Day Sound Temple at Yoga Roots, this Sunday, Williston, VT
Dorothy and RaphaelJoin Dorothy Stone and Raphael Groten in Yoga Roots
Sunday April 28, 2-3 PM in Williston.
02:00 PM – 03:00 PM
Sound Temple on Father's Day!
Zacciah will also make a Special Father's Day Offering at this gathering.  Join us!
Join us this Father’s Day for a special celebration of the sacred Masculine. Dorothy and Raphael will weave a tapestry of sound using voices and a variety of instruments to encourage greater peace and balance within. Ancient chant and contemporary lyrics will allow you to relax deeply in a restorative pose while the voices of the crystal bowls, guitar, harmonium, flutes and bells surround you with higher frequencies of light and sound.

Sign up at
Star Lullaby, Raphael GrotenAlso, see Raphael's new sacred music CD: 
Raphael is a master of guitar and sacred intention.  This extraordinary blend was created with master Grammy award winning artist Will Ackerman and many others.
Sacred Music Festivals!
Joy Fest CanadaZacciah and Dorothy, Raphael, Rick, Cynthia, along with many major artists in Sacred Music will be offering their work in celebration in the Ottawa area Aug 31-Sept1, 2019
Carp Ridge Ecowellness Centre
near Ottawa CAN
HYPERLIGHT Sound Healing Festival
August 2-4, 2019, at
Sunray Meditation Center, Lincoln, VT
Watch for details!!
Download CD's, Practices, and Trainings
The Three Jewels - Jan 29, 2019 - Online ZOOMWe have a number of our Sound Healing CD's and on line trainings now available for download.  We should soon have a full 3 day training in Sound Healing available.  Contact us for add'l information.
See details here.
There may be a few more on our sister Sunreed Site.
SUNREED INSTRUMENTS - Your Source for Sound Healing Tools & Instruments
There are so many options!    How To Select and Play Crystal Bowls
How do you choose your crystal bowl,
or, add to your collection?
Free consultations from Masters of Sacred Sound
Watch our free 50 min video!
Sunreed InstrumentsYour Source for Sound Healing 
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      • HEAVEN AND EARTH 9 bowl set here
        • provides the practitioner with enhanced multiple possibilities for working with the magnificent sounds of crystal bowls musically, harmonically, meditatively, and in advanced chakra and other healing practices, whether working with one’s own healing paradigm, a client based practice, musical performance, or groups.
      • New Patented Technique Mineral Fusion Bowls here
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    • CD's
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We are experts in the field.  You can call or email us and consult with us about our products and services, and what the best options may be for you or your loved ones. 
Let us know how we might help you.
See details at Sunreed Instruments
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