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These Times;
The Sounds Of Spring!


AUGUST 25-30, 2020
These Times; & Things You Can Do
These are indeed extraordinary times we are in.
Our prayers and heartfelt compassion go to every one effected by the global health crisis. 
There is much that can be said, and much that has been said.  Today we will be brief, but intend to send more in depth messages, hopefully to comfort and inspire you, as well as offer free online prayers and broadcasts.  Watch for announcements.
During these extraordinary times, many of us have new opportunities for time to ourselves and with those we are close to.
Let us take advantage of this, and find means to reflect, gain insight, deepen our own wisdom, feelings of worth and connection, and find methods of being of service to the greater community, even if sheltering in place.
We encourage you to learn or strengthen your meditative skills.  We have devoted our lives to this work, and will share more in coming weeks.
Where possible, spend time in nature.  Nature itself has a way of restoring and rejuvenating us, making us feel whole and connected.
Whether you are able to be in nature or not, take time to develop your own practice for deepening pure awareness, restoration and rejuvenation, and developing ever deepening awareness of our connection to the greater Web of Life.
Many are with us.
And, in these times, we have an excellent opportunity to do even more work in these ways.

You may want to review our insightful articles and meditative practices in our articles sections.
We some have some prior podcasts, free sound meditations, and more offerings there.
You may find some of our more in depth sound meditations and sound healing training of benefit to you, available by CD and mp4 downloads.
Watch for future announcements, world prayer practices streamed online, and more.
Join us on Facebook for this also.
New Programs & Learning Opportunities
JOIN US Remotely!
We are not providing in person services for therapy or training during this time. However, we are offering private consultation and training by phone or skype.  Set up a time with us.
We are developing new programs to offer in August, September, and October/November, and hope to create web broadcasts and meditations during this time as well. 
Visit our Programs page regularly, or
Sign Up to our newsletter for most advanced notices.

We will be announcing a global webcast with many well known and astute teachers in the coming week. 
Zacciah Blackburn
Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies 
Your Source for Sound Healing
Phone: 802.875.8111
Fax:  802.875.8111
982 Old Stage Road,
Chester, VT 05143 USA 
©2020 Zacciah Blackburn
The Center of Light
All Rights Reserved
You may copy or send these articles in their entirety, without revision, as long as this acknowledgement and contact information is included.
New Sound Healing Training!
Sound Healing and Consciousness
Leyden, MA
August 25-30, 2020
An in depth introduction to Sound Healing as a Therapeutic Practice or tool
How to use Sound in a Healing practice:
For your personal or professional practice!!

Sunreed Instruments
Your Source for Sound Healing™

New Sunreed Site coming soon!

Respectfully due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we are not accepting visitors in our new retail and educational center at this time. However, we are still open for business.
In these special times, it can be extraordinarily valuable to find a practice to relieve stress and anxiety, to find center, and ground, within oneself, and a practice to develop mindful awareness, insight, and connection.
Their is ample evidence that the use of Crystal and Tibetan bowls, Native American style drums, tuning forks, and many other simple instruments, and simple meditative practices relief stress and anxiety, build a sense of well being and connectivity to the greater Whole.
We are available for consultation for instrument choices, as well as in depth private consultation, therapeutic work, or professional skill development to enhance your practice or state of well being.
Please Call us to assist you, or contact us to schedule a virtual shopping experience and or a Private Therapy or Study Time with Zacciah Blackburn, our owner, and practitioner of over 40 years.
Expert assistance in selection of the tools and instruments to enhance your life and practice:
Native American drums and rattles;
Crystal Singing Bowls and Tibetan Singing Bowls,
each with their own sound file. 
Tuning forks, didgeridoos, bells, chimes, gongs,
& more.
We are available for free consultations on their selection and use.
Virtual Shopping Now Available!

While at the Center of Light we focus on therapies and education, our sister company, Sunreed Instruments, is a Premier Resource for Sound Healing tools and instruments.
We have an incredible selection of Pure Quartz Singing Bowls, Chakra Sets, Tibetan and Himalayan Singing Bowls, Bells, Chimes and Gongs, Native American Shamanic Frame Drums, Rattles, Flutes, Tuning forks, Didgeridoos, Books, CD's, and accessories.
While our retail space is closed, you can make an appointment for a virtual shopping tour, to let us help you see and hear the instruments you might wish to choose for your practice.
We can also create a private training time with Zacciah to help you learn how to use your instruments, whether you are at a novice, intermediate, or advanced level of practice.  Zacciah has been working for over 40 years, and is a very well known and respected educator, with special techniques for bringing people into understanding the relationship and use of sound and sound healing instruments in a private or professional practice.
Empowerments for Healing and Transformation, Germany; May 21-24
Empowerments for Healing and TransformationWe still hope to offer our 
Empowerments for Healing and Transformation
retreat in Germany,
May 21-24,2020
We realize with the current world situation, this may not be possible.
See info at this link on line.
Watch for updates.
Zacciah Blackburn - The Center of Light Institute of Sound H  •  P.O. Box 389  •  Ascutney, VT 05030
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