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Morning contemplations:  The One Mind
A Study of the Nature of Reality and How We Shape It.
One of an ongoing series of Articles  
                       ~~Zacciah Blackburn, PhD


How does reality work?

In an infinite universe, there are infinite possibilities.
Thus, reality will support one’s expectations and beliefs, no matter what they are.
However, in this infinite universe, there are multiple wisdom schools which promote the reality of the One Mind, of Pure Consciousness, Purusha, that is revealed through the Atman, the realized self.

In this wisdom understanding, one realizes one is but one unique imprint of an unfolding dream, of the infinite mind of all creation, pervading a play of reality through us, a great, lucid dream.  From within that dreamscape, we can participate at as awake of a level of being as we wish to, or we can play along.  
From within that infinite mind, all possibilities are supported and created, when given the impetus of energy and consciousness, the brew which manifest thought and energy into creation.

Within that one mind, from within that one mind, infinite reality springs forth through the mind of every being in creation in every infinite form.

We are but one part of that infinite mind, that infinite being, that infinite Pure Consciousness.
While we are part of it, there is that part of us, through which, when we let go of the veils of all reality, of what the Buddhists call all constructs of reality, we become a living stream of that Pure Consciousness, and, we see, live, and act from the perspective of Pure Consciousness.  In that moment, we are that Being, all One Being, or we see all beings as infinite beings aroused from within the same Pure Mind.  We are reflections, or emanations of that One Mind, each going about our own unique lives, most of us thinking we are separate from that.  This belief of separation is what creates the illusion of suffering we focus our lives in.  Either way we choose to act, we remain, all aspects of that One Mind, that One Being, which is the infinite creator of all life.  

It is not so complex.  We are part of it.  Yet, there is a place where we are that, in its completeness.  When we let go of all pre-thought, all form.

This is the paradox, like the highest tantra of the Heart Sutra of Buddhist wisdom.  It states, in its infinite wisdom:  neither real nor unreal, both existing and non-existing, by nature self-luminous and self-liberating.

It is self-luminous, and self-liberating, the One Mind.
It is up to each of us to determine it, to allow it, to realize it, to understand we are a manifestation of that One Mind of Pure Consciousness.  Until we come into complete realization, being that One Mind, like the Buddha (“Awakened One,”) or Christ (“Anointed One,”) we are part of every mind, every being we witness on the planet.  We are connected.  More deeply than most of us can imagine.  More than the small mind, which believes itself separate, and part of a primarily physical universe, and little more, can possibly even conceive.

And somewhere within that mix, within the Heart of that consciousness of that ‘every other’ being we perceive around us, is the Infinite Mind from which we all spring.
When we TRULY realize this, viscerally understand this, we come into a place of illumination, that we are all one, or all of one source, to such an extent, that it thrusts open, wide, our heart of infinite compassion, wonder, and unconditional love for every being on the planet, whether they are large or small, and whether they get it or not.

The incredible complexity, simplicity, and magic of how this Creation unfolds is so magnificent, so beyond our smallness, we have to let it go in pure joy, gratitude, and wonder, for the Beauty of it all!

The reality is, from the wellspring of the Infinite Mind, if the others don’t get it, they are, in fact, only manifesting some part of our own small self which does not get it, which keeps them separate from us, and, thus, us separate from them; which does not recognize or accept them as yet another parcel, another spark of the One Infinite Mind of which we are a part, of which we are the Same, of which we are One Emanation, the Ocean of Pure Consciousness which inspires, and manifests, through all life.

It brings to mind the story of Quan Yin, who, came into complete realization of the Oneness of All Life upon the shores of the Great Ocean of life, where she lived.  It is said she was crossing back into that threshold of Oneness, of formless consciousness, when she heard the cries of suffering of those left behind upon the planet, and chose to step back into her individual (indivisible!) form, to be of service to the All, as a Heart of Compassion and Inspiration for those still suffering.  Yet, within the Buddhist path, it is said that every one we see suffering, is a reflection of our own suffering.  Every one we see not enlightened, is a reflection of our own non-enlightenment.  And, this is part of what is meant, when it is said, “There is nothing to be done.”  As long as we see it, we are creating it.  Once we see this ultimate truth, all are part of this ultimate reality.

Once we get it, we understand we are the One Mind, bathing in the brilliance of our own dream, our own cosmic play of wonder and beauty.
NOW, we have choice, and power to do something about it.

What do we choose?

This is a powerful question.
Please, think long and hard before responding.

What do we choose to create?  How do we choose to act in the world of compassion, of beauty, of harmony, of oneness with all life?  How do we choose to act differently when we see those who ‘do not see’, are but a reflection of our own smallness, waiting to blossom and flower in the infinite joy of the Universe?  

What do we choose?


I once had the “Mother of the Universe” guide me through multiple aspects and dimensions of infinity, till I seemingly had passed through it all.  She then had me stare back upon what we had just passed through.  And, the infinite universes appeared before me, like a giant crystalline spherical matrix, one wrapped within the other hand me the universe, all universes, one within the other, hovering in the space just before me.  She handed this to me, this matrix of the infinite spheres of all universes, wrapped one within the other.  The handed me this, and said,

“Here, how would you hold the universe?”


Now I pass this on to you.


How would you hold the universe?

What would you do with it?
How would you bathe it?
How would you care for it, love it, nurture it, or use it as a toy, for your own advantage?
But, here we are, advantage over what?
Just another parcel of your self.

With deep love, dear daughter, sister, brother, son, father, mother, husband, wife of the universe, here is my gift, and our destiny.

May we each choose wisely.

With great care, and many blessings, I send this on to you.


Many blessings,

Zacciah B