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TheLight of Healing

                                                     ~~Zacciah Blackburn, PhD


We are witnessing the reality of the New Paradigm emerging.

In the midst of this new birthing and growth, there is evident distortion and chaos around us.  Many are feeling and reporting what appears to be a growing level of stress and dissonance.  (Some of this may have dissipated since the last full moon two weeks ago.)  Many are having trouble holding integrity or coherence in their field of experience.  This is one reason so much distress is evident in the world around us.


There is always chaos experienced, as one system crumbles, and another evolves.


I have focused, perhaps more than usual, in recent articles, on the chaos and disruption, as so many are experiencing it, and the waves of evolutionary understanding, and knowing, are pouring into our our reality in greater and greater bursts.  We (the Council of Holy Beings whom guide me, and I,) have sought to bring greater illumination to this process, as so many are experiencing this 'compression' of time around them.

These waves moving in, make those things which are not founded in the Greater Reality, compress, stress, and, eventually crumble and fall. 


As the Elders of the (10,000 year old) '6 Moons Prophecy' have stated, "All structures which no longer serve us, will crumble and fall away."


We are witnessing this in the structures of society many of us have come to depend upon, but also in our internal structures, core beliefs, emotional states, etc.


We are being asked to release those things which do not serve us, and to align with that which is our true essence, being, and power.


In the pathway to healing, ultimately there is only this one path.  One must take responsibility for what one perceives and encounters in one's life.  By so doing, one is able to take control of the outcome of one's path, perceptions, choices, and destiny.  These are deeply interlinked.  When we look around us, this may seem less than obvious.  There appear to be so many forces at play, so many powers to overcome. 


"I am helpless, how can I possibly counter the powers of......(fill in the blank ________________ = (getting a worthy job, having enough income, finding a worthwhile relationship, feeling good about myself in a world of perfect pretend models and/or family or societal expectations, not to mention:  corporate greed, wall street/others controlling the finances of the world, corrupt politics, corrupt dictators causing havoc among their people, disruption in religious fanaticism, and back to:  challenges at home, in my life, work, family, relationships.......) 

How can I possibly change all this, or in the midst of all these swirling forces?"


(notice your feeling states as you read this; if you feel depleted, or energized..... if depleted, there is work to be done.....and, we shall offer solutions here; if you are energized, you may have found or understand those solutiions....)


But, we are great creator beings, incredible beings of light, with great compassion and power to transform and create that which we choose.

In reality, we have been doing this all along.

It is just becoming more evident.


How many of us are not seeing the outcome of our choices increasingly come into fruition, into manifestation, in 'record' time?   This has always been so.  Yet, we are just experiencing it from a different perception, as the veils of illusion & separation are lifting, becoming more thin, merging the inner and outer realities, even the Quantum and Newtonian worlds the more physically dense and spiritually evolved aspects of our selves.  Science is even sharing with us, more and more, the greater truths of mystical realities, that our thoughts impact reality, even our very presence in a room impacts the nature of reality at a Quantum (subtle) level; that every atom is 'conscious.'

What does that mean?  Consciousness is that which perceives.  There is a constant flow and interchange of information between us and the unseen worlds at all times. Between us and the cells of our own being, the atoms & elements of all creation.  It has always been so.  The great masters of all traditions have advised us of this, have even shown us how.  We simply have not imagined, we simply have not believed we have the power and compassion to do all they have done.


How can we engage in this?

Our last practice, Turning the Wheel, actually taught us this, the nature of our choices creating our own future outcome, our destiny.

The next practice, the Matrix of Creation, will take this even further.


In reality, there is no separation between inner and outer, gross physical, and subtle,quantum and dense.  It is simply a matter of frequency and perception.  What we focus upon, we perceive, and create.

This is a seemingly complex subject, (and in part, why I offer these references above, to offer more in depth insight than I am able to in a simple article.)  But it, at the same time, is very simple.  This is much like what appears as the great paradox of life, what the Tibetan Buddhists call 'The Highest Tantra.'  Simply spoken it, is:' 

all is form

emptiness is form and form is emptiness.

neither real nor unreal, both existing and non-existing.

by nature, self luminous, and self liberating.

This last statement of this "Highest Tantra," an expression of the Heart Sutra of teachings, is clear, distinct, and purposeful.

By entering the awareness of pure perception, pure consciousness, beyond the matrix of belief and its intonation of reality, the paradox melts, the light is seen, one is freed, or liberated, through the luminosity that pervades all things, when one rests in one's true nature, pure consciousness.  This is beyond all of our own beliefs, expectations, and perceptions which are not based in absolute consciousness.


If this does not make sense, we shall more deeply into it next week.  But, realize it is some of the most profound philosophical wisdom and understanding available to us.  And in the heart of it is this.

We create our own reality.

We are creating it right now with every thought, perception, word, deed, belief.  How we are reacting to these words that only exist in bits of encrypted information embedded in a crystalline device, create a new reality emerging in our next breath, our next thought, our next moment.  How we carry that forward creates an even more in depth reality.  If we sit with this, we may see new meaning to our ability to perceive, and create.  If it does not make sense, I ask you to sit with it over the next week, and we will follow up with more complete explanation, and further exploration into the power even to self heal.


What follows will be a more complete understanding of how our 'knowing' and 'will' can (and does) intermix to create the reality we choose.  (If it is not our the power of our 'knowing and will,' then it is the power of our 'doubt and will,' and this leads to the confusion and chaos we experience in our life.


With more complete knowing, and direct use of our will, we enter the more direct potential for healing ourselves, claiming our power and will.  We can use many combinations of the template of 'knowing,' the power of forgiveness, and gratitude, the claiming of our divine authority and dignity which ignites that deeper 'knowing,'  as well as our relationship with the Divine, the greater Cosmos, as well as our luminous (light) body, which co-exists within our phyical reality right now.  We shall look at how to dissolve Karma, step into our authentic power.  Let us move this new paradigm forward, together, in this new reality emerging.  We each have our part, and our own power to do so.  Have you determined yours?  Are you ready?  Are you aware you already know how?Watch next week for continuation/completion of this article!  (and more in weeks to come.)


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I look forward to seeing you, and speaking again with you soon!

We wish you many blessings



Blessings to you all.