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                                                     ~~Zacciah Blackburn, PhD
 Here is where we began this article last week:

We are witnessing the reality of the New Paradigm emerging. 
In the midst of this new birthing and growth, there is evident distortion and chaos around us.
We are being asked to release those things which do not serve us, and to align with that which is our true essence, being, and power.

In the pathway to healing, ultimately there is only this one path.  One must take responsibility for what one perceives and encounters in one's life.
We are great creator beings, incredible beings of light, with great compassion and power to transform and create that which we choose.

There is a constant flow and interchange of information between us and the unseen worlds at all times. Between us and the cells of our own being, the atoms & elements of all creation.  It has always been so.
The great masters of all traditions have advised us of this, have even shown us how.  We simply have not imagined, we simply have not believed we have the power and compassion to do all they have done.
By entering the awareness of pure perception, pure consciousness, beyond the matrix of belief and its intonation of reality, the paradox melts, the light is seen, one is freed, or liberated, through the luminosity that pervades all things, when one rests in one's true nature, pure consciousness.
We create our own reality.
We are creating it right now with every thought, perception, word, deed, belief.
How we are reacting to these words that only exist in bits of encrypted information embedded in a crystalline device, create a new reality emerging in our next breath, our next thought, our next moment.  How we carry that forward creates an even more in depth reality.
Excerpts from Part I



The Light of Healing II

How we create.  How we heal.How are the two intertwined?

The nature of healing is elusive until we get a firm grip on the end outcome.What is healing?What are we yearning for that creates the sense of complete healing or wellness in our life?

By focusing on the true meaning of healing, and what our deepest soul experience yearns for, we can create an entry point, and outcome to focus on.
When one realizes the nature of how we create what we yearn for, and focus upon, this becomes paramount to the healing process, and experience!
For, where we focus our attention, we create an experience, and outcome.  The greater we focus on the desired, or imagined, outcome, the greater the likelihood it will become our experience.When we blend in the nature of our own knowing and empowerment, we create an ideal platform for our desired outcome to materialize.
To many the nature of healing is a very subjective understanding.  To many, it is a lack of physical pain, discomfort, illness, or disease.  In allopathic medicine, it is fundamentally, a lack of presenting symptomology.  In alternative or holistic medicine, it is primarily a state of perceived wellness.
If we trace the root origin of healing, it, literally, arises from the word "wholeness." 
That, in itself, should give us a clue about the authentic nature of healing.  But, it is not enough.By tracing back further, the root origin, the root meaning of "wholeness" is "holiness."  Now we have a word without further derivation, but which means, "that which is not violate."  That which has not been violated.

When we truly understand this, and determine the nature of our healing to be our wholeness, our holiness, we discover the nature of Who We Are as Divine Beings.  And, once we truly experience and realize this potential, we discover, this aspect of ourself was never wounded or traumatized in the first place.

We discover that absolute truth, promulgated by master teachers the world over, from Shakyamuni ('the Buddha,') to Yeshua (Jesus,) to Padmasambhava (the father of Tibetan Buddhism,) to the Great Prophet(s) of indigenous cultures.We discover we are part of the Whole.  We are part of Creation.  We are descendants of the manifest Creator, the Great Mystery, however, and whatever we design or phrase the origins of life to be, or to mean.

By discovering our true essence, and the nature of this Greater Reality, we enter union, deep communion with the Divine, as it expresses to us, and through us.  It becomes a continual exchange of energies (life force,) and consciousness.  This, as we discover along the path, are the inherent nature of reality, expressed through the origins of the Divine Feminine and Masculine natures of reality, now expressed through and to us in perfect union, balance, harmony, and creative expression.
Only through this path of wisdom, no matter which wisdom tradition (spiritual path) we embrace, do we discover our true essence, and our true, complete, and authentic healing, no matter how we define it, describe it, or imagine it to be.

As the Tibetans would say, 'it is beyond cognition.'
It is pure essence, pure consciousness, flowing through us, through the Matrix of All Life.  Again, this is expressed to, and through us, in a deep revelation of consciousness and life force intertwined, in a union of creative potential, and real life.
To attain to this state, it is really about alinging with our higher essence, our (own) higher power, and manifesting it.
There is an interesting correlation to "power."While much of our modern society places emphasis on 'power' as an external force in our lives, its origin is actually in one's own ability to do, to accomplish, to perceive, to be.When we trace it back to its root origin, its original meaning, it, also, has a common origin to "know."While to "know" is to directly perceive, they have a common root in "to be able."
The source of power and knowledge intertwine in this way of knowing, this way of perception, this way of doing, this way of being, the ability and empowerment through direct perception.  "Knowledge is power" takes on an entirely new perception.
It is not an outside authority, not an outside power, which gives us either power or knowing.
It is an internal process, both.

Every other meaning is secondary to these.To "directly perceive" enables us to accomplish that we need or desire in our lives.
To truly believe, also, allows us to perceive.All ancient cultures wrap this knowing, this way of perceiving, believing, doing, being, this way of empowerment into the internal conscious union of thought and feeling.  Because I say it, it is so.
In reality, at another level of meaning, these ARE the union of the Divine Masculine and Feminine, for the masculine is consciousness (Shiva in Vedic terms,) and the feminine is life force, the power behind all life (Shakit, in Vedic terms.)  In all traditional societies, it IS the union of male and female, consciousness and life force, which brings all life into Divine origin, or manifestation.  It is, equally, our consciousness and life force, our KNOWING and POWER, our thoughts and feelings, our intentions and emotions, which bring about the ACT OF CREATION in every thought, word and deed we participate in.
For those who do not know, this is the meaning of the ancient Aramaic word, "Abra cadabra," which most of us played with so fervently, and, as it turns out, so realistically, as a child.  Some part of us knew as we stood there with our magic wands commanding:
"BECAUSE I SAY IT, IT IS SO!"THIS, is its true meaning.  And, obviously, those who originated this word phrase understood the root meaning of it.
It is the power of belief, the lack of doubt.
One great teacher told us we, literally, could move mountains, "IF, you have NO DOUBT in your heart...."
It is the power of Knowing, of proclaiming, of making it so through the perfect egg, the perfect union, of male and female powers, consciousness and life force, thought and feeling, intent and emotion.
It is this quality of knowing, of empowerment, of declaration, we call upon, in the final process  of healing.Declaration, to declare, 'to make clear,' root origin:  To Make Visible.
I declare.

In the process of healing, there are two forms.One is resolution.
The other is alignment.
One must resolve all shadow, wound trauma, but one must align with one's own greater truth, origin, essence.
One must embrace, embody, and manifest that greater truth, that greater essence.
The quality of resolution, unfortunately, is the quality of healing that most talk about and focus upon.And it is why there seldom is complete resolution.
Because we are not understanding, focusing upon, or attaining to the Greater Truth.
This is the nature of resolution, or what needs to be resolved, in the manner many of us approach it.
Let me step back a moment, and look at how I define healing in these two levels, or layers of meaning.  Most people focus on the wounds and tragedies, the suffering and persecution, the judgement and shame, the loss and anger, the grief and tragedy (did I say that twice?)
Many of us focus on the victimhood of the world around us, which is more powerful than us, the forces in the world, the forces of our familial origins, relationships, bosses, government.

The wounds and tragedies.
I am wounded, I am not healed.I need to heal this.
We focus on what needs to be healed, not on the outcome.
Therefore, we GIVE LIFE FORCE to the tragedy, the wound, the loss, the grieving.

When the shadow self arises, many of us do not understand how to dissolve or resolve it.  Many of us have not aligned with the principles necessary to do this.
In my next newsletter, I will continue this series and continue with the art of healing.
I will, also, offer a free sound practice you can listen to and participate at home.I encourage you to discover and empower yourself with your own authentic healing.
Join us in our many practices to participate deeply in this rich awareness, with authentic teachings and practices which can bring you into these illumined states of our own authentic Knowing and Being.

Please take time to focus upon that which will assist you if you are impacted by this incredible tragedy in Boston.Reflect on my article in the next column on this.
I will give more meaning to this, through these coming newsletters.

I pray for your wellness.

Learning the Art, and the Heart of Compassion, also, are intertwined in this.
The ability I speak of in my companion article (Boston, What's It All About?) to heal through the art of compassion is real, and qualified when we understand these principles.

Blessed Light of All Creation.
I call upon all Powers that heal!In a Sacred Way I do this,
for the benefit of All.

More shall follow.