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Message from the Guides


                                                     ~~Zacciah Blackburn, PhD


Message From the Guides

We are all Holy Beings.

It is time to take on the mantle of our integrity and worth,

To live a life of worth in our values and actions.

It is the Union of these two which brings us Realization and Liberation,

Our Value (view) coupled with Our Actions.

Receive this appointment,

the Value of the Self.


(The Guides give me a practice to offer with the group in relation to this, receiving these gifts, which we will share 12/22.)


It is time to integrate this in our lives

and live from this point,

The perfect Union of Values and Actions.


To be in the integrity of Self is to be in the Wholeness of One's Being


Forgiveness is key to this integral Nature; 

Letting go of what cannot or has not been resolved. 

Stand in the firmament of the moment, and one's actions, invested in the wholeness of one's beliefs. 

This gives right action, right attitude, and right outcome.

This defines a life of purpose and value.


©2012 Zacciah Blackburn 
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