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Love is All You Need 

                       ~~Zacciah Blackburn, PhD  

It’s been said a thousand times, a thousand ways before, but love is all you need.

We can speak forever about the healing process, the nature of reality, of the self, and look and look for the pathway of our own evolution.  But, in the end All is Love, Love is everywhere, and we need but have it to realize it.  Without love, we are lost children in the wilderness.  Without love, we cannot grasp it, the simplicity and beauty of it. 

Please don’t under estimate the power of this simple but time honored insight.

Its wisdom is carried through the ages, because it is real, known, understood, and implemented as the foundation of the fabric of the universe, of all being, of our very essence and core.

We need but look at children playing in the sand, or pups of any kind doing the same.  The inherent joy and beauty shared by all creatures, are but an act of the underpinning love that created them, and which manifests through them.

Love is all we need.

If we but realize it, cherish it, carry it, and walk through every step of our lives with love generating through our hearts and minds, in our actions, and kindness to others, it will be the fabric of our reality.

May you be blessed with it, realize it, and thus see it everywhere.

Many blessings in all that you do.

Many blessings,