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  Living Earth, Living Relations 

                                                                                                                                    ~ Zacciah Blackburn, PhD
Having a symbiotic relationship with the Earth as a living Conscious Being is an every day part of life for most indigenous and wisdom based cultures of the world.  Whether it is the Hindus who state that “all is consciousness” (that which has the ability to directly perceive,) the Tibetans, who say, “all is mind” (and, “the mind is in the heart,”), or the Qero Indians of central Peru, direct descendants and wisdom keepers of the Inca, who say, “all is living energy,” indigenous cultures of the world honor and engage in living symbiotic relationship with the Earth, its elements, its stones, its waters, its trees and vast plant and animal life, in dynamic ways that defy the logic and normal sense of the Western rational view of the world.  But even modern science has now been peering into the sub-atomic quantum world for decades, mystified that thought and expectation effect matter.  The popular new science of  Dr. Maseru Emoto, which suggests water either is conscious, or at least holds and is effected by consciousness, proves to us that the world is more than we imagined it to be in our modern pursuit of happiness according to the current consumer based society. 

The reality is, that practically every culture alive today, still based in its ancient wisdom roots, is telling us that the Earth and Cosmos are vital living energies, and that we are in the midst of a vast awakening of human consciousness that is unlike anything this world, and possibly the universe, has seen before.  This awakening is being made possible, in a large part, by the great re-alignment with the truths of the Divine Feminine, hidden and dormant through its suppression, primarily, by systems of male-based faith and logic of the past several centuries.  The wisdom, intuition, and deep mysteries ready to reveal themselves to us, through the uncovered treasures of cultural wisdom and the Divine Feminine source of life itself, is here at our threshold.  Since 1987, and the foreseen “Harmonic Convergence,” (part of Maya prophecies,) the alignment with, and awakening of, the Divine Feminine aspects of consciousness have, especially, become more readily accessible to human consciousness.  

One aspect of that Feminine mystery and wisdom not yet fully understood or embraced, is in the Earth herself, and, in all manifest creation.  At all levels of our ‘physical’ existence, from elemental consciousness, (earth, air fire, water and ether/space, which compose all matter,) to our sub-atomic structure, our DNA, and every cell, tree, rock, bird, earth worm, and human being on the planet, our body, and ‘bodily’ consciousness are waiting to engage us in a symbiotic relationship of living consciousness, breathing vital life and energies between all forms of life in harmonic, resonant relations, in which we all can easily engage.  

These also stretch into the ethers, and energies of ancestral wisdom keepers, ascended ‘holy beings’, saints, and teachers of all cultures, all those of higher light vibration ready to assist us in this living earth; to raise us (assist us) to our higher ideal, in alignment with the Divine Harmonic Principals of All Life, and All Life as One, All Life as arising from One True Source of Being.  Greater than the Big Bang, Greater than any single religion, or name of ‘the One True God or Goddess,’ more in alignment with the Taoist way of expressing, ‘he who thinks he knows the name of the Way, does not know the true Way.’
In Earth, in stone, in the waters, lakes, vapor, air, clouds, and all animal kind, there is a living symbiotic consciousness, that is in relationship to the One True All That Is, what many First Nations Tribes call, ‘The Great Mystery.'  They call it this, in understanding, as the Taoists do, that it is a great mystery, beyond the normal cognitive functions and definitions of human logic.

It behooves us to consider this, and to open communication with, if not deep communion, with that life, in All Living Things.  As it turns out, our Great Mother Earth is a magnificent part of the Great Life, or Great Circle of Life, a rich local guide and teacher into the “Harmonies of All Life,” or, living in harmony with All Life.  

Through simply being in nature, incredible harmonic resonances of creation cascade through one’s life.  If one sits quietly, listens, meditates, attunes, or allows one’s deep self to come into alignment with this resonance, one literally enters living relationship with the living consciousness of the Earth.  This happens readily through the law of entrainment, where natural vibrations seek to come into resonance one with the other.  It is a well known principal of science, music, and magic. 

When one comes into entrainment, alignment, or resonance, with the Earth, one comes into resonance with all life.  For all life is in harmonious resonance together; or, I will add, it is resonance together, unless we choose to step out of that harmonious resonance (the Garden.)  Now, we can go into great detail and even argument over this principal, but, for now, I am going to simply state, that all nature, in natural rhythm (not tampered with by human ‘development,’) is in harmonious resonance together.  If we do not feel that, we have stepped out of that natural harmonious resonance, and we can step back into it through simple awareness practices.  One simple method is, simply to step into the harmonious field of nature.  (We can do this pretty much any where nature is, for the most part, left alone, though one can feel it rather easily in a corn field bathing in the late summer sun, bending ever slightly to the breeze, and one can feel this in the rotting dump of any metropolis on the planet, if one lets go of one’s biases and beliefs that this is not in harmony.)
By going into any natural area, one can feel it.  The more majestic and pristine, usually the easier it is to feel.  By stepping into, by allowing, by breathing into, by trying to feel the beauty (not forcing, but allowing,) one can easily come into harmony with the Earth, and, by nature, with all that is.  One may have to drop all the drudgery, chaos, anxiety, grief, or wounds one may be feeling at this moment, to some extent, if they are in the way, but if one will go into any natural feeling place, and move one’s awareness into feeling the beauty of that place, it is an extremely easy and precious tool to enter natural harmony and resonance.  To add a feeling state of appreciation, to enter communion, prayer, sacred chant, mantra, etc., are powerful tools to help. 
Now, any good dowser, and most of the rest of us, knows that many places on the Earth simply ‘feel’ better than others.  Waterfalls, mountaintops, great stone cliffs or outcroppings, walls, or faces, ocean sides, certain forests, trees, just ‘feel’ better than another.  And, while these can be very individualized experiences, the dowsers have a tool to explain, the dowsing rod or pendulum, which can ‘read’ subtle energies.  Different natural phenomena emit varying degrees of energy, or may be located at a point where one or more energy currents surface, intersect, or exhibit other like phenomena.  The Earth has vast moving currents of energy that move living vitality across, or just under the surface, of the Earth, much like our ‘meridians’ (used in Chinese medicine, acupuncture, etc.,) and nadis (a Hindu term for subtle body energy vessels, much like a subtle nervous system.)  When these currents surface, cross, dive, or do other things, there is often an energy anomaly which occurs.  Researchers are, more and more, going into the field to read these electromagnetic anomalies with modern devices.  These anomalies can spike the energy field one experiences there, and, as this is the same vital energy (chi, life force, prana, sekhem,) which moves through our body, it affects us.  It often heightens our conscious experience.  We feel it.  We may experience it as elevated feelings of wellness, beauty, joy, appreciation, etc.  We may not even know it until we leave the spot, and we start to ‘come down’ from the natural high, back into a more ‘normal’ state of consciousness.  
Geomancers, Earth Healers, and others who work with Earth Energies call these ‘power spots,’ places of inherent natural energy or power which influence or enhance our experience.  The Chinese might call them ‘dragon points,’ as they are places which enhance, or are enhanced by, the elemental forces of nature (the dragons,) just as your meridians in your body, have points which cross, intersect with, or enhance other aspects of wellness.  These ‘power sites’ can be used to enhance particular consciousness, awareness, or wellness practices, rituals, and ceremonies. 

Likewise, ancient ceremonial sites are often placed where these natural energy phenomena occur, to enhance the ceremonial/inter-world practices of the indigenous/wisdom/shamanic cultures of the world, who built them.  They knew, understood, utilized, revered, and honored these sites, and, often, still do today.  They often built their most pristine temples on such sites.  
Temples such as Stonehenge, Avebury, the Giza pyramids, Machu Piccu, Chaco Canyon, Angkor Wat,the Acropolis & Delphi temples, Chartres Cathedral, and so, so many more, would be among these.  There are so many world renowned sites.  Yet, many are lesser known, some hardly known at all.  (This includes some right here in New England we will speak about later.) 
The enhancement of consciousness/awareness/spiritual/magical/shamanic practices on these enhanced energy sites, enhanced the energies even further, as the stone temples they built, designed themselves to enhance the energy and experiences via sacred geometries and architecture, are also designed to carry, store, or amplify the energy through time as well.  Stone holds and transmits energy.  Modern ‘crystal’ computers, radios, and other devices, work in this way. Many modern teachers are finding the ancients, who knew far more than we have been led to believe, actually stored keys to their ancient wisdom and mysteries in these very temples, for future generations, knowing we were entering the dark stages of human consciousness over the last several millennia.  They knew by storing them in the temple complexes, they would, in the right time and place, when were ready to re-embrace them, that they would be discovered today, to assist us through these magical times of great transformation.
So, by utilizing sacred sites, and ancient ceremonial sites, one can enhance one’s consciousness practices, even more.  One can actually access ancient wisdom through these sites.  This leaves out a great body of information regarding the ancient wisdom keepers of these sites, who have dedicated themselves to hold the integrity of the sites, in the etheric worlds, ancient ancestral and elemental beings living in natural ‘power’ sites, and how to enter these sites in right relationship, honoring the energies and wisdom keepers of these ancient cultures, stored and alive today, which can literally be tapped into, or invited into sacred relationship, to assist to open us to the mysteries contained therein, or tap into all levels of energies and consciousness imbued in these ancient sites. 
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Join our tour of sacred sites, both natural power sites, and ancient little known ceremonial sites, (stone chambers, standing stones, and more,) this summer. These sites are known as the “Calendar sites,” because of their celestial alignments to solstice, equinox, lunar and key astronomical alignments. Some have ancient languages as a part of them.  
3 special mountains, and 3 special lakes, compose a Sacred Star Tetrahedron, here, in New England.  We will journey to each of these sacred sites and enter shamanic experiences, ceremony, and ritual at each of them, and other special places along the way. 
It is important that we engage in sacred relationship with the living earth and wisdom keepers of this region of the world.  Come, and see the beauty and vast richness that is revealed to us as we enter these sacred relations.
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