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An Article
                       ~~Zacciah Blackburn, PhD


This is one of a series of articles which are intended to be educational in nature, as well as provide simple sharings of my life experience.  Of growing importance, of that, to share, is how we can enter valued and nurturing relationships with the elements of the Earth and Sky in our own 'back yard.'
However, these articles, also, will tell the story of the unfolding of the "Awakening of the Dragon," what this means, how and what has been revealed, and in what way it is guiding us today.  We shall also, time permitting, go into explanations of the "LionsGate," a rich star vortex near the peak of Mt Washington, as well as explanation of some of the other 'wonders' of New England which have revealed themselves to us, including, perhaps, most powerful of all, the "City of Light" residing in the subtle realms, accessed through powerful natural portals of this region, and the "Crystal Cathedral", one of the many stone chambers of Vermont, and the mysteries infused therein.

This is followed by other articles on "Elemental Consciousness," which can be seen on our articles page.  The next article in this series is here.

[On Aug 16-23 we will perform ceremonies which comprise the “LIONSGATE:  Awakening the Dragon” program in Northern New England.  These practices are the culmination of my life’s work with the Living Energies of the Earth, and Cosmos, to this time.  They bring together a remarkable union of indigenous teachings of North and South America, as well as collaborations with many others I have worked with, yet, have evolved into far more.  The participants learn explicit practices for self-empowerment, but, equally, are called upon to engage with the Living Energies of the Earth and Sky in pristine energy and awareness exercises, to awaken and harmonize these precious energies and our relationship with them, which are replenishing to ourselves, and, the Earth.   (And more--read on!)]
Taripay Pacha 
While I can not say that these practices are critical to this moment of evolution in the human epoch, they are some of the most meaningful and transformational experiences the vast majority of people whom have taken part in them, have reported they have had in their lives...   And, some of the teachers from whom the work evolves, such as the Q’ero Indians of S. America, would say it is just such practices which are critical for us to manifest this “Taripay Pacha,” this prophesied time of meeting ourselves again.  
Matrix of Heaven on Earth 
The extraordinary Holy Beings, StarBeings, and others, who guide this work from the subtle planes, have made themselves known to many within the work.  They call upon us to collaborate with them, to reseed the “Creative Matrix of Heaven on Earth.”   To re-awaken, re-till, re-seed this vital place.
Prayer Wheel 
We do this through enlivening, a ‘prayer wheel,’, which is created through an electromagnetic field (in effect, a tube torus,) which extends over 80 miles across the circumference of the Earth, and is ignited by the interrelationship of the energies of 3 mountains and 3 lakes, which create a perfect star tetrahedron across this landscape of New England, in collaboration with human intent and interaction. 

A number of you have engaged in this practice with me before. 
This time, we shall more distinctly awaken a ‘portal’ of energy, amidst the sacred landscape of Mount Washington, NH, the highest mountain in New England, to collaborate with those high holy beings, and seed primal star light and star seed primed with the ‘Original Instructions’ of Creation, from the highly charged celestial realms just above the mountain.  Some of you have been with me, when we opened a ‘City of Light’ above this mountain, peering into a vast complex of energy, charged, and inhabited by extraordinary luminous beings of the subtle worlds.  These, like so many beings around the world, are in service to Creation, to assist humanity in this time of its Great Awakening.   They are available to us when we call upon them.  Yet, they, too, have called upon us.

It seems like a grand task.  It is.  Yet not beyond any of us who choose to come.
This program has been called “Awakening the Dragon,’ for several years, though its sub-title has changed.  That came about when we awoke a great Dragon of the region atop a distant and remote mountain in N. Vermont.  Yeah, dragon.  I know.  I did not have that much understanding of the nature of dragons, their reality, or role in Elemental Consciousness, until after that time, when I devoted some time to research the historical context of dragons after our experiences there.  My understanding shifted greatly when I came to realize many of our most sacred traditions hold fast to key understandings of the nature of, and role of Dragons in the Creation and Manifestation of Reality.  See more on this  below. 
The story of what occurred that day, remains to this day, about as immense and magical an experience as most of us might imagine ever could occur in our lives.  And yet, through the years of this work, it has become just another revelatory day of magic and inspiration amidst the Great Mystery which reveals itself to us over and over, in ever more meaningful ways, during these practices based in fundamental understandings of ‘how’ to come into ‘Living Relationships’ with the “Living Energies” of the Earth and Cosmos.  Much is based in indigenous teachings of North, South, and Central America, but much comes directly from the Living Stones, Mountains, trees, and waters of the Earth where we live.
We should not be surprised that the practices work.  Nor that they have an evolutionary nature to them, when we work with the real magic of the Great Mystery, in sincere communion with Her. 
It has taught us that, no matter where we live, we can enter, and have as deepening and rich a relationship and experiences with these sacred energies as we can by traveling to the historically significant landscapes of Ancient Europe, Egypt, Peru, etc. 
Just this week I have been ‘awakened’ by the Great Stone Beings we lovingly call “Grandfather and Grandmother,’ whom reside atop Mt Mansfield, VT, the tallest mountain in Vermont.  We have collaborated with them to call forward the medicine tribes of that region for years, since they awoke me to their relationship with the Medicine Allies of that area, sometime before.  They sit atop a rich crystalline enriched matrix of energy on a granite slab atop that mountain, where we do ceremony with them.   I spent several hours with them this past week, from my bedroom in Southern Vermont, as they awoke me, took me to their home, and taught me how to enter ever more enlivened relationship with them and the Medicine Beings of their region.  Indeed, this is much how the Mountains, Lakes, Stones, Trees, and Waters of this region have been teaching me for over two decades, how to engage in Living Relationships with the elemental energies here, to collaborate in these amazing rituals which awaken ever deeper symbiotic relationships with various aspects of Elemental Consciousness of the Earth.  Once they completed their tasks with me, they took me further up the mountain, to enter deeper awareness of other aspects of the mountain we have come to work with, a star vortex, next to a crystalline ‘solar hitching post’ atop one of the sub peaks of the mountain, and the “eye of the dragon,” a point which is at the “third eye” of a part of the mountain which unmistakably takes on a very reptilian appearance.  Please do not imagine this has anything to do with anything ‘sinister’ which might be referred to as ‘reptilian.’  It does not.  Quite the opposite. 
It is no ‘co-incidence’ that “Dragon energy” is part of a practice that is intended to awaken relationships with the Elemental Energies of Earth, and Creation.  The Book of Enoch, of the ancient Hebraic traditions, distinctly speaks of the visions of the great prophet Enoch, who saw the 4 streams of consciousness, descending from the “Throne of God,” into manifest form, as “4 great, 6 winged fiery dragons.”  This book was intentionally kept out of the modern Bible, though one of the many traditional books of the Hebraic Liturgy, because, as the Christian Church Fathers stated, in historical documents, as they chose which books would compose the ‘modern’ bible, it gave ‘too much information about angels,’ in it. 
What is too much information about angels?

The Highest form of Angelic Being, the Seraphim, those closest to the Throne of God, take on the form of ‘4 great 6 winged flaming dragons.”  This is a quote.  (Find an older version of the Bible if your copy uses any word other than dragons or ‘dragones.’) 
Now, reference Taoist wisdom.  Dragons are the embodiment of Elemental Consciousness.  Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Space!  They manifest as Dragons.  Thus we have fire dragons, earth dragons, water dragons, etc.  They are the Elemental Consciousness of Creation.  So, as above, so below.  We have dragons as the first streams, or, manifestations of consciousness beneath the Throne of God according to Jewish tradition.  And, we have dragons as the manifestation of the fundamental, elemental forces of Creation on the Earth Plane, according to Taoist tradition.  They have revealed much more to us directly through this work.  Yet, these beliefs are reflected in the ‘winged serpents’ of Native traditions of the Americas, as well as other traditions worldwide. 
 In old Europe, they were the carriers of Life Force across the surface of the Earth, known then as “Dragon Currents,” now, (mistakenly,) often called the ‘Ley Lines,’ and which carry life force between ancient sacred sites.  This has been mapped out remarkably by modern dowsers and geomancers, whom have shown how the ancients knew well how to work distinctly with the Living Energies of the Earth as they created all of their ancient sites.  The same is true in Egypt, Asia, really worldwide.   In Peru, the priests learned techniques of pulling these energies along specific lines to ‘weave and tie’ the sacred sites together in energy currents.  This is known as ‘Seqe’ Lines. 
In European wisdom, the dragons, also, protected the ‘great treasures’ of the Earth.  Exactly what does that mean?  Not as that might be depicted in stories that may have survived hundreds of years of mis-interpretation in an oppressed society regarding anything magical or mystical regarding the Blessed Nature of the Earth as a Living Being, but in truth, itself?  What are the “Treasures” of the Earth?  I am reminded of the “Hidden Treasures,” which have been revealed to us, for instance, at the Ancient Library of Knowledge in the Ancient Stone Chamber in Woodstock Vermont, where we work during the practice, to gain access to Ancestral Wisdom.  (See “Hidden Treasures for in depth article on this subject. 
The Dragons (& ‘Dragon Stones’) of Vermont have been teaching us how to move and connect these streams of living energy between the sacred sites of this region, and we have been doing this for several years, though they awoke an even deeper understanding of this last year, and our group did this in a sacred Stone Grove atop Mt. Ascutney, the tallest mountain in this region of Vermont, in a way most likely not experienced in this region of the world for quite some time, certainly in modern times.  
The Dragons are awakening even deeper symbiotic relationships, and energetic exchanges, for us to engage in, this year, just as the ‘eye of the dragon’ atop Mt Mansfield was teaching me just this week. 
Equally, the protectors, and caretakers of the LionsGate atop Mt Washington, and now the star vortex atop MT Mansfield, have been teaching me how to assist others to help them, to open and ‘pull’ the energies of the Cosmos through these powerful portals atop highest and most potentized mountains of each region of Northern New England.  This is done with great integrity for the care and well-being of the Earth. 
This is paramount to the work of “Seeding the Creative Matrix of Heaven on Earth.”  We are, in service to Humanity, and all of Creation, re-tilling the Garden, to enliven it with the energies of the Original Matrix, the “Original Instructions,” as our Living Elders of Indigenous traditions share with us.  Indeed, they have been at one of the sites, re-awakening the “ancestral lines,” the “Dragon Currents,’ between their ancestral homelands.  I have participated in ceremony with them for this purpose, and been told our work is doing wonders, from their perspective.  One elder told me he was able to journey more deeply into his ancestral lands than ever before, due to the work we were doing there.  He is one of several elders whom has asked me to continue this work of re-connecting the ancient ‘grid lines,’ the “seqe lines’, the Dragon currents. 

We are doing just that, but doing even more, of our part, in enlivening this new Epoch of Creation, this New Emergence of Humanity, this Great Shift in human consciousness.  This work is meaningful, real, and calls upon those with the highest integrity to join us.  It is an incredible time of re-emerging of the Living and symbiotic relationship with the Earth and all upon, or within her, as well as the greater dimensionality of the Cosmos, of which She, and we, are all a part.

We welcome you into this Circle of Life. 

Many blessings