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                       ~~Zacciah Blackburn, PhD

 I am, literally, just landing from an incredible three week tour of sacred sites and landscapes of Spain, working with an extraordinary people, with an extraordinary culture to embrace, and who, also, are all so eager to embrace this work.Coming from these three weeks, I bring a growing sense of our immensity, essence, power, and being, our purpose in being here, and the wisdom of how to approach this path from a place of deep wonder, reverence, joy, humility, hope, and preciousness that exudes and permeates through all life.I hope you have been able to read some of my mails and inspired teachings arising from this time.

My guides, and the Earth her self, continue to inspire such deep experiences, reverence, and treasures of wisdom, I hope to continue to share with you.
Since last week, I have been carrying these messages from the 'others' I work with.  I share them with you with simplicity, humility, precious appreciation for the wisdom offered, and, hopefully, the grace of these teachings:
Holy Beings
We are all Holy Beings.Why do we keep sharing this with you?
Because it is a truth you need to hear until you have fully awoken to it, and realized your innate nature.
Because every day, for centuries, for eons, you have been told something else.  Embedded deeply inyour inner psyche, deeper still in your cellular memory, and in your collective memory, are an abundance of  mistruths and misinformation given to you by your society, family, leaders and elders ,often not aware themselves of this universal principle, who, themselves, often, have been taught nothing more than what theyteach you.  Many of you have been ‘entrained’to these fields of misinformation.

It is very beneficial to understand that the way in which our consciousness works is not simply by electrical imprints of thought, but through vibrational fields of resonance, through which we tend to seek a common alignment, or understanding, with those around us.  Part of this is explained through the mechanisms of what is known as 'entrainment.'
And, when one understands this vibrational nature ofconsciousness, one understands how the scientific principle of “entrainment” encourages us to align with the vibrational fields of those we trust, embrace, and evengiven over our power to, in our relationships at all levels of our existence.  Indeed, as children, we fully entrusted our care to those who may have simply known no better.  Our society still indulges, as a whole, in gross distortion of our greater reality, and neglect of these greater truths most of us reading this page seek to inspire and to align with more deeply within ourselves.
You are Holy Beings.   You are nothing else, nothing more, and nothing less.
If you seek realization of your deeper nature, your deeper essence and truths, if you seek healing of any kind, you must eventually come to thisrealization; for the very nature of healing, the very origin of the meaning of the word, arises from the discovery of your Wholeness, and from within that, of your Holiness, which is the very root and essence of the word.
The path to awakening and healing, the path to wholeness, is the path to discovery of your Divinity, your Holiness.  For many, the path is one to greater awareness that you are worthy of this truth.  For many, it is hard to grasp at a visceral sense, because we have been so bestowed with mistruths and misinformation, that we cannot conceive, or hold within our clarity, that YOU ARE WORTHY OF THIS TRUTH.
You are a child of All Creation; there is nothing more, nor less, than you.  All you hold as beautiful, as sacred, as Divine, as Holy, you are that, or equal to that, a part of that.
You have infinite power and wisdom, andinfinite access to all the beauty, truth, and wisdom, around, and within you.  

You are a Holy Being.  
Only you can realize this truth.  No matter what we tell you, in the end, it is up to you to truly determine, realize, and hold this truth in the abundance of your own essence and being.  
And, when you do, you will realize you are, and always have been, part of the Greater Whole, connected to the All That Is.

Even the Buddha said this; 
You are already awake, already a Buddha, and part of the All, an expression of the All That Is, of Pure Consciousness.  And, that the only thing that separates you from this Greater Treasure, this Greater Realization, is your own illusion that you are less than, separate from, all of this. 

If you do not feel whole, if you do not feel complete, if you do not feel the literal connection to All Life and an immediate expression of that through your own consciousness, you have not yet realized it, you have not yet been born to your true, or greater essence, or identity, which is exuding through you at this very moment.  All you have to do is turn your attention to it, and claim as yours, as the greater You.
The Buddha goes on to say, that this illusion of separation is what causes all of your suffering, and dissatisfaction.
Your awareness should be, at all times, empty ofDissatisfaction.
If it is not, all you have to do is focus on this GreaterTruth.  By placing the focus of your attention upon this Greater Reality, it comes intoRealization.  You begin to manifest yourHoliness, your reverence, your Essence, in your thoughts and deeds, (and, through them.)  You begin to realize your luminosity, your visceral field of living energy emanating from within your being, pervading alllife.  You begin to feel the reverence state of essential being pervading all live around you.  You begin to see this luminosity in others, and honor and cherish more deeply, the preciousness of All Life.
You begin to realize, (not just cognize, but come into essential, experientail realization,) that, you are more than this physical form in this physical plane of existence; this infinitely small aspect of yourselfwhich we have been taught to focus upon as the ‘only’ reality.
It is not.  It is far from this.  There is a greater Truth.  You know this.
But do you REALIZE IT?
Is it your essential, experiential, every day reality?
We are far greater and more luminous beings than most of us have begun to understand, to manifest, orawaken fully to.
We are more than that.  'More than we can imagine,' as Grandfather don Alejandro, of the Maya High Council of Elders speaks.
As we realize this, we begin to assume our divineinheritance, our spiritual power and authority, dignity, and truth.   We step out of this shell we have made for ourselves; this cocoon ready to manifest our holy beauty and being. 
Allow it to manifest and benefit you, and all those aroundyou; indeed, allow it to spread througout the Entire Earth and complexity of inter-dimensional realities pervading your own reality.  Now.

She is awaiting you.