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A Study of the Nature of Reality and How We Shape It.
One of an ongoing series of Articles  
                       ~~Zacciah Blackburn, PhD


We are not the victims of our lives.  We are the co-creators of our lives.


We are mistaken if we believe life is hard.

It is not hard to attain to self-realization, self-fulfillment.

What is hard is to continue the path of self-denial, of not acknowledging the True and Divine origin and nature of our existence.  It appears easy to do continue the path we are on, of self-denial, judgment, blame, and victimhood, but it is just an appearance.  It is an illusion.

We have been taught well to believe in our lessened existence, to believe we are less than we are, to not believe in, or to allow ourselves to imagine the beauty and dignity which we inherit, as Divine Souls.

It appears easy to continue believing in the wounds and voices of separation which bind us in this illusion.  The world of bigotry is all around us, reinforcing the wounds and appearances of separation, segregation, isolation, hardness, and victimhood.  But, it is just an appearance.

Wholeness is not hard.
It is the victim whom binds itself to the harsh realities of a lesser and hard world who is having it hard.
It is a binding that causes it, and it is our grasp to this belief of wounded-ness that causes the binding.  And, this binding is far more difficult to sustain than the freedom of consciousness that arises when we step out of the binds.  When we let go of the illusion of separation and wounded-ness, of victimhood, and lesser-than-enough, to stand in the Light of ultimate Wholeness and Truth of our Being, we allow the subtle consciousness and life force of Creation to become our guiding tools, and resources of nourishment, replenishment, and abundance.

We have become familiar with the victim.  We may not realize how much we accept the victim’s harsh sense of hopelessness and oppression.  We may, unconsciously, choose to continue to nourish the wounded warrior, so that we do not have to kiss the feet of our own sainthood.  It appears hard, to believe in our own sainthood.  Me, a ‘saint?’  It is not possible.  Perhaps we could use a lesser term.  Perhaps we could call it a ‘realized being of grace and spiritual dignity, walking in right action for the benefit of all sentient beings…’  Or, perhaps we could simply call it a ‘saint,’ our true nature.  Perhaps we are not focusing our attention on those right qualities of awareness or action in our lives.  Yet, once we choose to do so, the saint within ourselves rises out of our heart of compassion, to be the guiding and illuminating force in our lives.  All of the saints whom have walked before us have shown, and told us just this.

If we do not believe it, it may be because we have so attached to the lack of vision the wounds have produced within us.  They tend to self-determine their belief and fate of victimhood.
“I am wounded, I am not whole, look at all the injustices served upon me, look at how lacking and not-enough there is in the universe around me.  Look at me!  Look at all the horrible injustices around me!!”

We do not belittle these truths.
What we offer, is liberation from the wounded-ness, and isolation of self sabotage.

By proclaiming the Great Light within, we can focus upon that illumination, and allow it to uplift, burn away, and transform the shadow of victimhood we have ‘thrived’ in.  We allow it to become our Guiding Principle.  It shall lighten the load.  Just by proclaiming it, having faith in it, and learning how to focus and manifest it in our lives.

Our weight is cast off.
Our burden is let go.

Or, are we so attached to the outcome of victimhood?
Does it allow us to walk in a way that brings us pride, or prejudice, it gives us the right to bear arms against the oppressors, to raise judgment against all the wrongs and harms of humanity around us, to live in shame of never being enough, never being good enough, never having enough in our lives?  The guilt and oppression of that shame can drive us into the madness of never having enough.  And, eventually, we believe it.  Especially, if it is all we have been shown by the fools in the world around us.  Or, shall I simply say those living in similar ignorance?  The oppressions of the world have a fascinating way of being passed down to child from elder.

It may be so intoxicating to believe in the world of oppression, the world of not-having-enough, that it seems far easier than walking the simple and lowly, even lonely path of the saint, of the mindful one within us, seeking to do good through all of our thoughts and actions.  We may not be right on, with every thought and action, but it is our will and intent to do so, and which shall seed our garden with good soil, over time, that the seeds of goodness may grow and ripen within our lives, and upon the path we walk, wherever we choose it to take us.

We are all saints here, born of the Good of the One Vision and the One Mind of the Godhood that conceived all creation (formless, genderless, a vision of light and love beyond the wounded’s imagination.  It is all and who we truly are.)

We, as victim, cannot conceive of the beauty and majesty we inherit.

We are Whole.

We invite you into it.

Into the world of Wholeness.
What does it look like?  What does it feel like?

It is the essence of the majestic Creation as conceived in origin, and continues to be conceived in the world around us, if we just abide within its garden, within us.

We are Saints. We are Goodness conceived at the highest potential, of Pure Being and Essence, without taint of wound.

We are Whole.

There is no other choice.

There is no in between.
Either we struggle and slave in the world of the victim,
Or, we step into the Light of Illumination of the Wholeness of who we truly are.

We are One.
We are Whole

We are Real.

We are all that is.

We are Beings of the Absolute, creating an amazing drama of heaven.

It is up to us to determine if it is a joyous comedy, celebration, or a tragedy of dreams.

What do you choose?

Many blessings,

Zacciah B