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                       ~~Zacciah Blackburn, PhD


Planetary Council II: 

A Simple Light Activation

Most of us understand the need for, and honor, the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine. The Feminine path of Knowing, and Way of Wisdom, has been honored and cherished by many traditions throughout time, though we all know the West, especially, has distorted the equal footing of the feminine, at all levels of our culture. Where such distortion is still carried on in some parts of the world, is indeed, troubling.
Yet we know, in all aspects of Nature, and, indeed, in all of Creation, the Feminine is a primary Principle of Creation and Manifestation. Those who know my work, have experienced us consistently working with this Principle.
However, we also need to bring forth the Divine Masculine aspects of consciousness, in balance, within us, as well.
We would be hard pressed to say that the Divine Masculine is in place, in balance, as a normal aspect of our lives in modern society. Indeed the Masculine is deeply wounded within our society, and it is the Wounded Male which wounds the Female, and others in his existence. It has brought us close to the precipice of destroying our species.

In balance, the Masculine is the activating principle of Light and Consciousness, while the Feminine is the receptive, magnetizing, and germinating Life Force of All Sustenance. It is time we work with both Principles more readily, to insure our integrity and harmony in life, especially as we claim our co-creative role as Divine/Human Beings.
Here is a simple light activation ceremony offered, from the Planetary Council, which focuses more fully upon the Masculine Principle of Light Consciousness.
It is freely offered, and shared.


Find a time to rest comfortably, preferably outside during sunlight hours.

If possible, find a quiet, secluded place, whether in your own yard, neighborhood, community park, or more isolated place in nature.

Come into a restful, preferably upright posture.

Rest with awareness building in your heart center, being mindful of your environ, and all you are perceiving, within, and without.
Slowly bring that awareness more intently to inner mindfulness, watching your breath arise, and recede, resting within it likes waves of the ocean, breathing in, receding out, entering a calming state of tranquility, peacefulness, or mindful coherence (or, positive feeling state.)

Build your feeling states of this within the heart center.

If you are able to rest in direct sunlight, do so, and, feel it directly upon you, as we continue.
If not, imagine you are being bathed by direct sunlight, and use your imagination gently to build the feeling senses as if this were directly happening.

Feel the potential of the sun bathing your body.
How do you experience it? Is it warm, soothing, transcendent, transforming, electrifying?
What are the principles of the sun as you perceive them?

Rest in that sunlight, allowing it to penetrate, gently, like your breath, ever deeper into your internal environment, eventually bathing every cell of your body and being, awakening, enlivening, germinating every cell of potential within you. Invigorating you.
Rest within this ‘matrix’ of enlivenment, or creative potential.
Then slowly listen to this voice activation, or read it if you prefer.

I magnetize, and draw to me, that which I choose to manifest and create in my life at this time.
(Spend some time to think about this… what is the highest potential that will serve you, the planet, all life, for the highest benefit at this time?.... Do this step several times until you feel complete in what you wish to bring forward to manifest.)

I choose to magnetize, and draw to me, that which I choose to manifest and create in my life at this time.
I do this for the benefit of All Life.
And so it is.

Rest in this awhile.
Then continue.

I call upon me, and from deep within me, the Principles of Light which shall germinate and activate this request at this time.

(Bathe in, or feel and imagine the Light of Sun illuminating every thought and feeling that arises within you as you continue this practice.)

I call upon me from the Highest Realms of Creation, the Principle of Light which shall seed and germinate within me, the Highest Will of my Highest Essence, that will serve the greatest potential, for myself, and All Life, at this time.

I call upon the Great Principle of Light to clarify and energize this Will, full, and completely, at this Time.

I call upon the Greatest Principles of Light to manifest and energize the Divine Joy, Abundance, Beauty, Clarity, Purity, and Blessings I choose to manifest at this time.

In a Sacred Way, in a Sacred Way, I do this.
With Sacred Purpose, and Intent, for the benefit of All.

I call upon the Universal Principles of Light to clarify and Magnify my own unique imprint of Light, until I am fully able to recall and sustain this Principle at will, fully, within my own Source Point.

In a Sacred Way, in a Sacred Way, I call upon this Principle.

I stand firmly within my own Light Principle, and Unveil that which is hidden to me, that will benefit myself, and all I meet and know, upon my Path, from this Time forth.

In a Sacred Way, in a Sacred Way, I call forth this Principle of Light.
In a Sacred Way.

May it be so.

And so it is.

A men